The Daily MAG Show
Coming back fresh from the pandemic, MAG returns, bringing new life into her show on The DAILY MAG Show. With a new time slot, get ready for casual conversations from food to entertainment, love, women, business and passion, all rolled into one. With quick nuggets and bites along the way, rest assure that MAG will leave you entertained as you hit the desk at work.Keeping things real, live and relatable pretty much sums up The DAILY MAG Show. The Daily MAG show comes to you LIVE, Mondays through to Thursdays from 10am to noon only on AFO Radio!
Seriously ... KAM is a weekly show airing every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, devoted to promoting female empowerment and humor. The program features guests who are at the forefront of 'fempowerment' in their respective fields, fostering discussions from a female perspective. Its primary goal is to establish a platform for women to connect, inspire, and mutually support each other.Adding a touch of humor to the mix, Malaysia's Comedy Queen, Joanne Kam, will infuse her rapid wit and a hint of cheeky naughtiness into the show. Alongside entertaining features, she ensures to elevate your mid-week Thursday, gearing you up for the approaching weekend.
One Man Show
One Man Show是Ryan重返电台的节目。内容:以嬉笑手法大谈男人话题。职场甘苦,企业家思维,身心灵成长,让你知性,知趣,知自己。You are not alone in One Man Show.如果你中意我D节目,记得share 哦!
Agnes- “欢乐时光
< 欢乐时光 - Happy time >你的欢乐时光是什么呢?每个人对欢乐的定义都不同,有些人觉得听听音乐,有些人觉得吃一餐好吃的,有些人觉得去一趟旅行✈️或静静看一本书都可以是欢乐时光。所以 Agnes Wang 王柔霖 主持人希望透过音乐、生活、运动、旅行等等的资讯和大家分享,希望收听到节目的你,就像享受欢乐时光一样的开心。
“美” 的定义是什么呢?对于我而言,内在美,就是无比的美。每个时代对美拥有不同的定义现今这个时代,大家更懂得如何运用美妆、护肤品、美甲,护发、整形和微整形来呈现和提升美。使自己变得更美。而现在的社会男女老少都会拥有它们,只是他们拥有得多或少。这些物品是协助我们延迟衰老也同时保持住有良好的身体内体力而不能帮助永不衰老的功能。它们也同时是我们的隐形守护者来协助我们所需的“美”。
 About Pop-Up StageAFO Radio’s Pop-Up Stage gives exposure to the pool of talented Malaysian Artistes. It is a brand new approach whereby it is not just a radio show, but a radio show with LIVE on-ground performances held in Quill City Mall every month. The Pop-Up Stage aims to shine a light and promote current as well as up and coming bands and their music, while bringing together Malaysians from all walks of life to get to know these bands. The Pop-Up Stage will also be the perfect choice for those looking for an evening out to chill with family and friends in a place that provides good music & entertainment. Hosted by MAG and An Honest Mistake's frontman, Darren Teh, the Pop-Up Stage will go on LIVE on radio every Friday at 12noon and the LIVE performance from Quill City Mall will also be broadcasted on Social Media once every month. 
The No.1 DJ Talkshow in MalaysiaAFO Radio’s fresh new show that brings you the latest happenings in the Deejay scene which ranges Trending Music to Hot Remixes and complemented with Street Fashion News to add on the hype.Each week the duo will discuss various topics that will enable the listeners to get a glimpse of what's trending in the industry. Featuring guest DJs, emcees and streetwear brands, this show is bound to tantalize your tastebuds with awesome music, exclusive interviews and interesting deets!The show aims to provide a platform for seasoned DJs to share their experience and a Tip or 2 for upcoming aspiring DJs.Tune in to The Hot Cue On AFOWith our Music Curator & Industry Deejay Specialist CLIFFORD SUN & JOHEL D’SILVA.Monday 8pm-10pm only on AFORADIO.It’s As Real As It Gets~
Sepetang bersama David Low
8 tahun menyepikan diri dari corong radio akhirnya kembali atas permintaan ramai?,David Low bila nak keudara lagi?Segmen David Low akan saya salurkan berita-berita terkini baik dunia hiburan?gosip,tip kehidupan mahupun lapuran trafik ke? temubual pun bakal ada, janji kita kongsi bersama.Simple je dengarkan suara budak Cina ni yang fasih dalam berbahasa Melayu celoteh itu yang saya harapkan.
Big Reel Conversations is a fun review show, hosted by 2 of Malaysia’s funniest comedians, Joanne Kam and Papi Zak, about what people are watching in the cinemas and at home. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster, or THE TV series to binge watch. They will discuss, analyze, and critique past and present films, most hyped TV series, and blockbusters to independent films. They will occasionally have guests to talk to and have them share their on-set experience. Big Reel Conversations is Joanne and Papi’s love and passion for film and TV, this is their views and their own colorful opinion on the review. Tune in every Thursday at 6pm on AFO radio to get your dose of film and TV entertainment.
HANGOUTS with Jeremy
HANGOUTS with Jeremy happens every Friday from 12pm to 2 pm.And it’s exactly what it sounds like – a hangout with Jeremy. Get ready as he catches you up on things happening in and around the world of tech, entertainment and whatever lifestyle-based comings and goings that’s caught his eye.A little irreverent, and occasionally tongue-in-cheek; the show is gonna be your favourite Friday hang!
The Wellness Hour
At the forefront of wellness and healthcare is KL Wellness City. The first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare. Pioneering a comprehensive ecosystem embodying healthcare and wellness living, KL Wellness City’s concept is uniquely modeled by its declaration to redefine, strengthen, and broaden our experience of health and quality of life.Sharing in this vision, AFO Radio is proud to be partnering with KL Wellness City to bring you The Wellness Hour. Focused on journeying with you towards attaining a healthier mind and body, The Wellness Hour will feature a myriad of topics ranging from health and wellness that will cater to your every need. Hosted by KL Wellness Executive Director Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew and MAG, The Wellness Hour will come to you LIVE, every Wednesday from 10am - 12noon. For more info on KL Wellness City:
Enter Web3 WonderlandBuckle up and get ready to explore the world of Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse – where the digital and real worlds collide! We're talking virtual reality, digital art, and decentralized finance all rolled into one. But here's the kicker: these innovations aren't just for fun and games – they're creating real-world opportunities for people just like you. So let's dive in and discover how you can harness the power of Web3 to make your wildest dreams a reality.
Sunday Grooves Chillout Sesh
Welcome to "Sunday Grooves Chillout Sessions," your sanctuary of tranquil beats and uplifting vibes each Sunday.Devoted to highlighting the remarkable talent within our local DJ community, we share the sounds and stories of the DJs shaping our vibrant music scene. Immerse yourself in their musical journeys, exploring the influences that mold their unique styles, and discover a space to unwind and sway to laid-back beats. "Sunday Grooves Chillout Sessions" guarantees a thoughtfully curated playlist, blending soulful melodies and rhythmic beats for the ideal Sunday soundtrack.Tune in not only for the latest tunes but to connect with the personalities behind the turntables. This show pays homage to the local artists who make Sundays extraordinary. Join us every Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm for "Sunday Grooves Chillout Sessions," your exclusive invitation to relax, connect, and groove together.Follow us on : InstagramSubscribe on : YouTube