Enter Web3 Wonderland

Buckle up and get ready to explore the world of Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse – where the digital and real worlds collide! We're talking virtual reality, digital art, and decentralized finance all rolled into one. But here's the kicker: these innovations aren't just for fun and games – they're creating real-world opportunities for people just like you. So let's dive in and discover how you can harness the power of Web3 to make your wildest dreams a reality.


Sangeet Singh a.k.a FomoKingz is the founder of WU Dao a decentralized brand built through its community to create mainstream values and opportunities in real life and uniting the ideals of Web3 technology. He is also the regional SEA brand & lifestyle marketing lead for GoPro. With 16 years of regional experience, and always striving for the best; his forte has always been “I make things happen and get things done!”. Through his work, he also hopes to bring a positive impact for the community with ‘The WU Show” to educate, create awareness, bridge the gap to Web3 and making waves towards a new movement.. Very FOMO!

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Desmond Tey a.k.a Bubblegum a co-founder of WU Dao a decentralized brand built through its community to create mainstream values and opportunities in real life and uniting the ideals of Web3 technology. He has been in the media industry for over 10 years. An enthusiastic entrepreneur with curiosity to constantly explore and develop, he steps into this world to now develop a digital world. Guru in his field! Through his work, he also hopes to bring a positive impact for the community with ‘The WU Show” to educate, create awareness, bridge the gap to Web3 and making waves towards a new movement.

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Artist Evolution: Exploring the Opportunities of Comics, Toys, and NFTs

Buckle up, in this episode of The WU Show, we’re featuring the versatile artist, Michael Chuah. Join us as we dive into Michael's captivating journey and the exciting possibilities that lie at the intersection of comics, toys, and NFTs.As a talented character designer and comic book artist, Michael Chuah has left an indelible mark on the art scene. His creation of the first vinyl figure in Malaysia based on his comic series "Gengkey" showcased his innovative approach to storytelling and design. Michael's foray into toy making further demonstrated his boundless creativity, with "Yuurei Neko Sama" garnering widespread acclaim in 2018.In 2021, Michael embraced the NFT platform, releasing the captivating collections of "Kodekkusu Brothers" and "Yuurei Neko Sama." Through these NFTs, he expanded his reach and engaged with a global audience, showcasing the potential of digital art and collectibles.In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into Michael's artistic evolution, exploring how his diverse body of work reflects his passion for exploring new creative avenues. We discuss the possibilities that Web3 and NFTs offer to artists like Michael, including ownership, direct engagement with fans, and new revenue streams.Join us as we uncover the opportunities and potential of comics, toys, and NFTs in the Web3 era. Discover how artists can leverage this technology to reimagine their creative processes, connect with a global audience, and build sustainable careers in the digital age. Get ready to be inspired by Michael's journey and gain valuable insights into the exciting realm of NFTs and the convergence of traditional art forms with the digital revolution.Tune in to "Artist Evolution: Exploring the Opportunities of Comics, Toys, and NFTs" and embark on a transformative journey with Michael Chuah as we explore the dynamic landscape of art and the possibilities that Web3 brings to artists worldwide.‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.Follow Michael Chuah for amazing updates:InstagramTwitterProjects & Info

The Decentralized Wave: Rise of New Media with Pukecast

Buckle up, in this episode of The WU Show, we bring you the dynamic duo of Puke Rainbow and Meave from Pukecast, part of the Rug Radio Asia ecosystem via Rug Radio which stands as the premier decentralized web3 media ecosystem, with a reach of approximately 40 million and growing. It serves as a vital platform that bridges the gap between web2 and web3 ventures and partnerships, fostering a secure and influential alliance in the region.Puke Rainbow and Meave, hosts of Pukecast, are at the forefront of Rug Radio Asia's captivating shows. Pukecast offers engaging discussions with industry leaders and community representatives from various web3 sectors, including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more. With their infectious energy and insightful conversations, Puke Rainbow and Meave keep listeners up to date with the latest trends and innovations within the web3 space.Join us as we dive into the exciting world of NFT projects and explore the transformative power of new media. With Puke Rainbow and Meave guiding the way, we uncover the opportunities, challenges, and success stories that define the rise of web3. Get ready for enlightening conversations and a fresh perspective on the decentralized wave sweeping through the digital landscape.Tune in to The Decentralized Wave with Rug Radio Asia as Puke Rainbow and Meave share their expertise, interview industry luminaries, and navigate the ever-evolving realm of web3. Together, we'll explore the limitless possibilities and groundbreaking advancements that shape the future of NFT projects and new media.‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.Follow Pukecast, Puke Rainbow & Meave for amazing updates:Twitter:PukecastPuke RainbowMeaveInstagram:Pukecast

Game Changers: Unleashing NFT Opportunities in Attractions & Events

Buckle up, in this episode of The WU Show, where we delve into the world of gamified attractions and their potential in the realm of NFTs. Join us as we explore the dynamic landscape of gamified event spaces and their intersection with the transformative power of NFT technology.Our special guest, Sheehan, a young entrepreneur who started her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s. She began as the licensee of an Escape Room and later served as the Chief Operating Officer at the largest VR theme park, The Rift. She then went on to found MYBestBox, an indoor variety game hub. Additionally, she owns a tech company called PREFD, which matches professionals to companies. With her unstoppable drive and ambitious vision, she created Bomb Battle.An expert from the gamified attraction event space, brings valuable insights into the immersive experiences and interactive environments that captivate audiences worldwide. Discover how these attractions are evolving, embracing gamification elements to create memorable and engaging experiences.In this thought-provoking conversation, we unlock the possibilities that NFTs bring to the world of gamified attractions. We delve into how NFTs can enhance user engagement, offer unique rewards, and create a thriving community within these immersive environments. Explore the potential for tokenized assets, collectibles, and interactive elements that can be seamlessly integrated into the gamified event space.Together, we'll uncover the exciting opportunities that arise when gamified attractions and NFTs converge. Get ready to be inspired by the visionary ideas and insights shared by our esteemed guest, as we envision a future where gamification and NFT technology create new dimensions of entertainment and community interaction.Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey into the potential of gamified attractions and their synergy with NFTs, where innovation, interactivity, and immersive experiences unite in captivating ways. Don't miss this engaging episode, as we unlock the secrets of gamified attractions and their exciting potential in the world of NFTs.‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.Follow Bomb Battle for amazing updates: WebsiteInstagram

NFT Renaissance: Exploring the Future of Art with Heritouch Gallery

Buckle up, in this episode of The WU Show, we are thrilled to have Richie, the co-founder of Heritouch Gallery, a renowned art gallery, as our special guest.Join us as we embark on a journey into the evolving landscape of art, with a particular focus on NFTs. Heritouch Gallery, with its rich history and expertise, offers a unique perspective on the intersection of traditional art and the digital realm.In this captivating conversation with Richie, we delve into the potential impact of NFTs on the art world and the future of galleries. Our guest, the visionary co-founder of Heritouch Gallery, shares his insights on how NFTs are revolutionizing the way art is created, displayed, and collected. Richie discuss the concept of a "renaissance" in the NFT space, representing a rebirth and reimagining of artistic possibilities.Discover the strategies and opportunities that Heritouch Gallery is exploring to adapt to this new era of digital art and blockchain technology. Gain valuable insights into how NFTs are reshaping the art market and creating new avenues for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts.Together, we'll explore the potential of NFTs as a transformative force in the art world and the unique perspectives offered by Heritouch Gallery. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and captivated by this engaging conversation on the "NFT Renaissance: Exploring the Future of Art with Heritouch Gallery."‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.Follow Heritouch Gallery for amazing updates: WebsiteInstagram

"Artistic Revolution: Exploring NFTs with Haizeel, the Malaysian Trailblazer"

The WU Show - "Artistic Revolution: Exploring NFTs with Haizeel, the Malaysian Trailblazer"Buckle up, in this episode of The WU Show, we are thrilled to have Haizeel, a professional artist hailing from Malaysia, as our special guest.Having graduated from Multimedia University, Malaysia, in 2013, Haizeel has been an integral part of the local animation industry. However, his artistic journey took an exciting turn in 2021 when he ventured into the world of NFTs with his groundbreaking project, Pelempunk. Since then, he has emerged as an independent NFT artist, captivating audiences with his distinct style and visionary collections.During this episode, we dive deep into Haizeel's artistic revolution, exploring his experiences, inspirations, and the transformative power of NFTs. Haizeel shares his perspective on how NFTs have expanded the possibilities for artists and how he has embraced this new medium to push the boundaries of traditional art.Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey, unraveling the intersection of art and technology, with Haizeel as our guide. Discover the innovative collections he has crafted, including SoDead, Candies, VendX, Dope Growers Society, BroHalla, and more. Gain insights into his creative process, his vision for the future of art, and the impact of NFTs on the global art community.Tune in to "Artistic Revolution: Exploring NFTs with Haizeel, the Malaysian Trailblazer," and be inspired by the dynamic fusion of art and technology, as we witness the paradigm shift in the world of creativity and digital ownership. ‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.Follow Haizeel for amazing updates: TwitterYouTubeInstagram

The Future of Music + NFTs with DJ Alexis Grace and Alan D

Buckle up as we get to know DJ Alexis Grace, the uniquely talented Malaysian DJ first hit the club circuit in 2013, and her music career has been solidly on the rise ever since. Along with piling up an impressive list of gigs in top-tier markets such as the UK, Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, Alexis Grace also hosts her radio show, ‘Mamamia’ on India’s Superhits station 93.5 RED FM, as well live mix stream channel ‘ZOOPHORIA’ on YouTube and IGTV. Having trained as a gymnast, hip hop dancer and vocalist in her younger years, today the self-taught DJ attracts legions of clubbers the world over who can’t get enough of her energetic, uniquely staged live performances. Alexis Grace was named Malaysia’s #1 female DJ in 2017, and #4 Most Influential Female artist by Djane Mag SEA.Still strapped in? Amazing… now meet Alan D, a versatile artist that brings a competitive edge to the music scene by curating and delivering fresh new sounds in his projects. Showcasing his timbre and utility with high pitched fast paced rapping to softer gentle singing; depending on the tenor of the song, he creates distinctive vocals. From Dancehall, Pop, RnB, and New School Hip- Hop, Alan D seamlessly composes memorable moments. He is also a founder of MassMusic.Join us as we talk about their journey in the music industry and explore opportunities of blockchain technology, NFT’s and ‘Enter Web3 Wonderland’.