Seriously .... KAM  is a show every Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm, dedicated to female empowerment and comedy with guests that are spearheading ‘fempowerment’ in their own field, bringing the conversation from the female perspective. It will aim to provide a platform for women to connect, inspire and support each other.  

Not neglecting her funny business, Malaysia’s Comedy Queen Joanne Kam will also be bringing about her rapid witty sense of humor with a dash of cheeky naughtiness with an array of entertaining feature that will have you pump up your mid-week Thursday to get you ready for the weekend. 

Joanne Kam

Joanne was also Esquire magazine's Sex columnist since its insurgence till 2015. She also champions women and is the first to produce an all-female stand up comedy group SUPER KAM that toured all over Malaysia and open twice for the Singapore comedy fringe Festival.  

In 2020 Joanne led Queens of Asia combining Comedy Queens from around Asia in a massive comedy special that saw Aditi Mital (India), Sharul Channa (Singapore) and Yumi Nagashima (Japan) on one stage partnering with AFO Radio & Deromp. 

Her talents also led her to the world of comedy festival being the first Malaysian female comedian to toured for both Adelaide & Perth fringe festivals with 5 stars reviews & earned her the hosting realms to the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL stage for Comedy zone Asia.  

Connect with Joanne : 





Life Sdn Bhd: What It Means To Be Malaysian? on Seriously KAM

Join us as we mark Malaysia's 66th Independence Day with a special treat! From September 1-3, immerse yourself in "Life Sdn Bhd: What It Means To Be Malaysian? Tune in to discover more about our journey on this meaningful occasion with Joanne Kam!Life Sdn Bhd has enjoyed a very long and exciting journey since 2004, a year after The Actors Studio @ Plaza Putra underneath Dataran Merdeka endured the floods.After much thinking – Where Do We Go From Here – It dawned upon us that these are the trials, tribulations and challenges of life. You guessed it. Joe & Faridah gave birth to the Life Sdn Bhd series, beginning for the first 3 years with “What It Means to be a Malaysian”.Of course there were many more pressing issues and so, Life Sdn Bhd went on to breast cancer, refugees, abuse, HIV, human trafficking, mental health. Each time, featuring real people with real stories on stage.It has been 30 years since the floods and Life Sdn Bhd is going back full circle to “What It Means to be Malaysian?” with a mix of original storytellers and some newer voices offering differing viewpoints and personal stories on this heartfelt issue.“Life Sdn Bhd: What It Means to be Malaysian?” will premiere at the Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival (YSDAF) on 19 & 20 August 2023 in indicine, klpac and will enjoy an extended run after the festival from 1 to 3 September 2023 in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia Day celebrations.Featuring: Xavier Chen Wen Xuen, Mark Beau de Silva, Melor, Shamaine Othman, Li Yang, Tin RamanFor more info : Tickets : Online Purchase: https://www.cloudjoi.comNo phone sales and over the counter sales. E-tickets only.

Seriously Kam with HAPA TV & AWARDS FOUNDER Jennifer Ong

Joanne admiration for this this woman is beyond words, as part of her Strength to Strength series on inspirational empowering women.29 years ago, Jennifer Ong founded Hospitality Asia – the region’s premier industry-specific Hospitality, F&B and Travel magazine – which paved the way for her entry into the world of publishing. Her devotion and insatiable zest towards raising the benchmark within the hospitality industry has successfully steered her company into one of the most established and recognised hospitality platforms in the industry, encompassing Media, Awards, Events and Training. Jennifer is also the mastermind behind the much sought-after and widely acknowledged HAPA Awards, an industry benchmark awards programme which recognises and rewards outstanding establishments and passionate individuals who have shown commitment, drive and passion for excellence in the hospitality and culinary industries throughout Asia. Her own unwavering dedication to this cause was rewarded when she was nominated for the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Award for “Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” and “EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Malaysia” by Ernst & Young. Being a firm believer in service excellence, Jennifer has in addition introduced service quality, customer experience and skills training programmes aimed at uplifting service standards in the hospitality and service industry. Jennifer believes that the power of the mind plays a critical role in cultivating a commitment to personal growth and success, and shaping ourselves to live out our true potential. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner as well as a HRDF certified professional trainer, Jennifer conducts training together with industry and subject-matter experts, to enforce this belief. Her main focus is to address what mindset is about and how it impacts people’s daily lives. She enjoys working with companies and the workforce, speaking on and addressing issues of mindsets across all platforms in life, to shift mindsets in an effort to embrace new culture, goal setting and empowering the workforce with ways to adopt mindset growth to achieve the results they desire.

Seriously Kam talks to MELUR THE MUSICAL

Legendary Tria Aziz & Shafeeq Shajahan gracing us with their presence and also to chat with us on their latest musical MELUR THE MUSICAL that will be happening from 16th Feb - 26th Feb at Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre - PJPAC.Brought to you by the award-winning creators of Sepet The Musical, Liver & Lung’s brand new production Melur The Musical retells the harrowing story of the Pontianak: hell hath no fury like a Malayan woman scorned. Set in Colonial Malaya during the Malayan Emergency, the musical chronicles the lives of two women, Melur and Cempaka, bound by love and friendship but separated by conflicting values.Namely, they have married the most different of men. Cempaka’s husband, Sir Wilson, is the British High Commissioner, tasked with keeping Malayan order. Meanwhile, Melur’s husband, Si Aman, is a Silat warrior involved in the anti-colonial rising. As tensions escalate in British Malaya, Sir Wilson reigns terror on Si Aman and Melur, savagely murdering them both. Months pass and Cempaka bears her first child, a beautiful daughter. All seems fine until Wilson and Cempaka slowly experience the wrath of a supernatural deity, Melur, now a scorned Pontianak, thirsty and determined for revenge.Directed and Written by Shafeeq ShajahanMusic by Shafeeq Shajahan, Badrish and Vasilis KonstantinidesProduced by Su En HohStarring: Tria Aziz, Mila Mohsin, Kai Chalmers and Anwar RusdiniTickets available at :


An interactive ensemble acting workshop where you explore and practise the Malay language for your daily conversations and professional level. Description From the start of the workshop Students will experience ensemble exercises where they learn improvisations and working together in a group through a series of theatrical based exercises that focus on collaboration, partnership, listening while affirming unique creative choices of each individual.Followed by the introduction of Neutral Mask where the students will practice to sharpen awareness of body language and non-verbal communication. It allows students to get in touch with their core being, most authentic and intuitive self. Objectives & outcomes  Throughout the 5 days course, students will have the room to practise conversational, sing, read and write poetry, read and devise scenes from selections of scripts (adaptations and contemporary) in Malay. Students will learn through observations of their peers and attempt exercises themselves. Useful tips to prep an individual in entering the Malay market filming industry. Conductor Bella Rahim is an Actor, fashion show producer, stylist, plus-size model, commercial, print, voice talent, a performing arts educator and a personal acting coach. She graduated from Ecole Philippe Gaulier (France) in 2017, majoring in performing arts and clowning. She is a partner of SRIKANDI SENI – a broadcasting & media production company.Bella has collaborated, devised and performed “Didn’t Know That About You” in 2019 supported by Arts Council Norway and was seen in “Train To Busan Presents Peninsula” (Korea) in 2020. Workshop information Venue  : Now Theatre,  THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN POSTPONE TO JUNE 2023


QUEENS OF ASIA COMEDY SPECIAL POWER OF THE ABALONEIn conjunction with International Women’s Day 2020, we bring together four of Asia’s biggest female comedians in a stand-up comedy showcase like never before! Putting the POWER in empowerment, Queens of Asia Comedy Special will see each of these ladies bringing their unique comedy stylings to Kuala Lumpur for a one-night only extravaganza of hilarity and debauchery!On the 13th of March 2020, join this powerful lineup of female comedians as they grace the stage together for the first time at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul from 8.30pm onwards.Hosted by Malaysia’s Queen of Comedy Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the Queens of Asia Comedy Special features Japanese sweetheart and YouTube sensation, Yumi Nagashima, Singapore’s finest Sharul Channa, and one of India’s top female comics, Aditi MittalJOANNE KAM POH POH (MAS)“Vibrant, loud, fearless!”- New Straits Times, MalaysiaArmed with a distinct style of acid tongue humour, Joanne’s risque material covers everything from sexual misadventure to awkward encounters with rock climbing walls. With close to 30 years of experience in the business, Joanne commands the stage with “the moxie of someone who’s eternally skulling Red Bulls”.“Joanne hits the sweet spot”- The Straits Times, SingaporeYUMI NAGASHIMA (JAP)“A layer of intelligent humour”- She Does The City“Her wide-eyed, gleeful expression … defies whatever stereotypes her audience might project onto her.”- ViceFrom Japan by way of Vancouver, Yumi Nagashima’s sassy stage presence and unique world-view has taken the North American comedy scene by storm! A mainstay in the Vancouver comedy circuit, Yumi was featured in Just for Laughs North West and was afinalist in the 2016 & 2017 Yuk Off Comedy Competition. Besides her work in comedy, Yumi also has numerous acting credits to her name, most notably HBO’s The Man in the High Castle.SHARUL CHANNA (SIN)"One of the funniest comedians to come out of Singapore"- The Citylist"Razor sharp, self-deprecating!"- Buro 247


NEW YEAR NEW HAPPINESS WITH XANDRIA OOIBE HAPPY ALWAYS BY XANDRIA OOI#1 New Release in Family & Quotations Learn To Live With Happiness Every DayLift yourself out of the daily struggles and heartbreaks life deals you. Wading through the trials we face on a day-to-day basis can be exhausting. When we're hit with painful experiences that bring us to our knees, finding joy may seem to be too big a task for us to handle. Xandria Ooi, dubbed the "Happiness Guru," meets readers in those dark and trying places and equips them with the courage to navigate them. Renew the meaning of happiness. Popular phrases like "think positive" and "look for the silver lining" often fall flat on our ears because we've heard them so many times. When life gets challenging, suddenly it's not so simple. Ooi shows us that happiness is more than a feeling by delving into complex philosophies and turning them into relatable wisdom. Find peace and joy within yourself, others, and your life. Joining the ranks of Brene Brown and Gretchen Rubin, Ooi speaks honestly and empathetically to readers searching for answers. Creator of a 30-day happiness program and over 500 motivational videos online, Ooi has traveled far and wide to share her inspiring stories and moving wisdom. Armed with her advice, readers will find practical ways to bring more happiness to every aspect of their lives. Readers of Be Happy, Always will: Find illuminating answers to questions on happiness and unhappiness Take an emotionally resilient and wise approach to life and access happiness within Understand how to cultivate positive relationships even with difficult people Find ways to live each day with joy, hope and gratitude despite challenges If you've looked for answers in other books such as Outer Order, Inner Calm; The Four Tendencies; 52 Lists for Happiness; The Happiness Project; and Better than Before; you'll find more of what you're looking for in Xandria Ooi's Be Happy, Always: Simple Practices For Overcoming Life's Challenges and Living Each Day With Joy.


LET'S WAK THE FUNNY IN KUCHINGKUCHING: The ‘Let’s WAK the Funny’, to be presented by I Laugh KL, will be among the first comedy acts to kick off What About Kuching (WAK) 2019.Featuring an all-inclusive and diverse cast of the freshest faces in Malaysia’s stand-up comedy, these funny folk are ready to entertain the Kuchingites end of this month.Brendan Goh is the ‘debutante of this ball’.This ‘part-actor/part comedian/part-writer and all-out mess’ just wants to entertain. His comedy is deeply personal yet witty and funny.Brendan is not someone trying to be a star – he is a star waiting to be found.The sassy Niamh Spurr, the group’s resident Irish lass, believes that she will feel right at home with the Sarawakians, especially the Ibans. Like the Irish, they both begin with ‘I’ and they both love to drink.Jhonney Athie is a Thai-Sabahan, who is an expert in ‘snail gender identification, Sabahan housing and development’ and most importantly, the ‘Thai massage’.This lower-energy comic maybe a bit more subdued than the rest of the line-up, but he makes up for it with ‘killer punchlines’ that will make the audience roar with laughter and think more after.Juliana Heng calls herself quirky – she is short, but as the ever-optimistic person that she is, she would say that she is a person that is just a little more down to earth.Openly a part of the autism spectrum, she knows how it is to be stigmatised but does not let that deter her from being getting real and delivering punchy jokes.The charming Hindravel is from Klang. Born into the working class but having the charm of a man born with a silver spoon, he brings humour while being so relatable to any Malaysian.A staple in the Malaysian stand-up comedy scene, he has performed in English and Tamil at the Joke Factory.Show headliner Brian Tan has the mind of an acerbic comedian and the face that mysteriously attracts every credit card seller in town. A veteran of seven years, Brian certainly knows how to bring the jokes – whether it is with Funny Business or 1MCB (1Malaysia Comedians Bureau), this funny and charming man has made people laughing out loud and yet, managed to leave them inspired.His one-hour show ‘Since 1982’ has opened to rave reviews in Kuala Lumpur, and this is all just the beginning.‘Let’s WAK the Funny’ will be running a total of three shows, on Sept 27 and 28, at the Old Courthouse Kuching.For tickets, call Juliana on 018-2012986, or book your preferred show via (8.30pm show on Sept 27); (3pm show on Sept 28,) or (8.30pm show on Sept 28).


NASI KANDAR COMEDY WITH SOME POPODUMS The Laughing Gas is back with a Special Edition show!This time we are featuring (very funny) Penang-ites together with a couple of friends, for this ONE-night only show! At Twenty20Two at PJ old townComedians (from Penang) featured are:Gajen Nad - Malaysia's first Chindian comedian talks about his strict child hood and his awkward background. He is Penang's most successful contribution to stand-up comedy and long-time regular in the scene.Vishnu Vevakanandan - Another young Penangite, this hyper-active, sarcastic, irritable young engineer by day and comedian by night likes to poke fun at being the youngest in the family.Sha Kila aka "Shaq" - Having a perspective of an older lady comic is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise perpetual cheese-encrusted sausage fest that is stand-up comedy. Shaq isn't afraid to talk about hard-hitting topics like marriage and divorce.Abdul Raqib Karim - This Jabba the Hutt sized sharp-mouthed Viper-tongued roast-lord and insult-joke flinging bastard extraordinaire, have been described as both a pompous 'wordsmith' and a vicious tea-spilling drag queen armed with Satan's own thesaurus cross-bred with an evil dugong.... and we have some "Papadoms" to go with them too!Hindravel Chandrabose - Hindra is a hilarious multi-lingual macha tour guide from Klang, which is basically like Penang in the 1980s. The food is good, the ocean isn't that far away and you might get robbed. He is an effortless storyteller, and regales listeners with funny anecdotes about the culture clashes he's encountered.Farid Azmeir - Farid reminds one of an old-timey P.Ramlee actor; spontaneously funny and naturally witty. Effortlessly sarcastic and politely vicious, this talented fellow has been in countless TV commercials and is a talented regular in both the English and Malay stand-up comedy scene.Our lovely HOST! is (Sir) Lancelot Theseira - Melaccan thani-serani hipster batik enthusiast and resident "good boy badly brought up". Lancelot looks like a rempit (and is) but is the only person we know who knows how to use the sociological term 'merchant class' properly.


MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL ASIAN COMICS ROCKS !We talk to comedians from Melbourne : Sonali & Anirban from comedy zone asia & Rahul Subramanian all performing at Chinese Museum 7pm & 8.30pm respectively. COMEDY ZONE ASIA COMICS :Sonali Thakker (India)Sonali Thakker is a Mumbai-based comedian who has been writing, performing and convincing audiences (read: her parents) that she's a stand-up comic for over six years. With an observational style peppered with self-deprecation, Sonali delights audiences at comedy clubs and festivals around India. She recently finished touring her debut show Almost There across India to widespread acclaim, proving to her family that leaving chartered accounting behind was the right choice.'The seemingly sheepish comedian’s deadpan delivery is anything but' Beat Anirban Dasgupta (India)Kolkata-born, Mumbai-based Anirban Dasgupta is a stand-up comedian and writer with a sprawling, storytelling style. Since leaving behind his career as a corporate salesman, Anirban has headlined at major comedy clubs and festivals around India and released his first special Take It Easy on Amazon Prime Video to rave reviews. Expect personal stories, sardonic cynicism and big laughs from this smart, relatable star.'Dasgupta drinks the kool-aid but spits it right back at everyone' BeatRahul Subramanian Is This Even Comedy? (IN)After a stellar 2018 debut in the Indian All-Star Comedy Showcase and his solo hour Kal Main Udega, Indian comedy superstar Rahul Subramanian returns for two weeks only! Oscillating between anecdotal and observational comedy with absurdity a common thread, Rahul is a master of jokes that offer no opinion whatsoever. This ensures he’s at a safe distance from any kind of trouble and can happily go back to living his life after comedy. Or so he thought…Since turning his back on an MBA to take up comedy as a New Year’s resolution, Mumbai-bred Tamilian Rahul has won favour with critics and audiences alike. He’s goofy yet understated, with clever writing underpinning his silly takes on everyday observations. Rahul is one half of the award-winning online sketch duo Random Chikibum.'One of the most recognisable faces in Indian stand-up comedy.' Firstpost (India) 


SHAZIA MIRZA Shazia Mirza is an award winning British stand up comedian and writer.‘But what do awards mean anyway? Everyone’s got an award. You get awards these days just for leaving the house and recycling your yogurt pots.’Shazia’s TV appearances include; ‘Celebrities v Child Genius’ Christmas Special 2018 (Channel 4), ‘The One Show (BBC), ‘Celebs In Solitary’ (C5) ‘Travel Man, 48 Hours In…’ (C4), ‘Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls’ (C4), ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ (ITV), Top Gear (BBC), ‘Loose Women’ (ITV), ‘The Late Late Show’ (RTE) and she is a regular panelist on ‘The Wright Stuff’/’Jeremy Vine’ (C5).  Radio includes; ‘Graham Norton Show’ (BBC), ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ (BBC), ‘The Craig Ferguson Show’ (SiriusXM), ‘The Now Show’, ‘Saturday Live’, ‘Woman’s Hour’, ‘The Robert Elms Show’ (BBC), ‘The Ian Dale Show’ (LBC) ‘Comedy Club Interview with Arthur Smith’ (BBC) and ‘The Frank Skinner Show’ (Absolute Radio).Shazia’s last show; ‘‘With Love From St. Tropez’‘ toured internationally until June 2018, following it’s launch at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2017; “Dry as they come, sharp socio-political sass on Brexit, burkinis & butt plugs”.Her previous stand-up show, the critically acclaimed; ‘‘The Kardashians Made Me Do It’‘, played for 103 nights internationally across the UK, US, Sweden, Ireland and France and completed four sell out runs at London’s Soho Theatre; “A powerful show from a powerful woman…  fearless, brutal and beautiful”.Her parents just want her to get married.∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ THE  TELEGRAPH“Shazia Mirza is provoking laughter and large intakes of breath once again… brave and urgent”∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ MAIL ON SUNDAY“Vital, deftly handled, rammed with provocation… As brave a piece of comedy as you’ll see”∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ METRO“she’s effective at getting under your skin… strikes a blow”


JINX YEO ( THE NERD THAT BURN THE BRITISH ) & NETFLIX'S FAVORITE MACHA KAVIN JAYJinx Yeo is an award-winning Singaporean comedian. His hard-hitting punchlines, effortless delivery, and clever material won him 1st Runner-Up at the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival (2011)... and... Finalist in the America Meet World Global Comedy Competition (2014)."Roars of Laughter" ★★★★ The West Australian Jinx's TV appearances include Comedy Central Asia (where he was “Comedian of the Month” for June 2015)… Channel 5’s “Ok Chope”… as well as ABCTV’s “Comedy Up Late” (recorded at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017)."Left us in stitches... an act to watch for in future” ★★★★ The Wee ReviewBirthed from intercourse between his strict conservative Asian upbringing, and anti-authoritarian Hippie influences from studying in America... Jinx's comedy offers a fresh perspective that hasn't been covered by many comedians, partly because Singaporeans have often been stereotyped as humourless and regimented people.“The standout act was Singaporean Jinx Yeo”- EVENTalaide"The perfect East-West fusion" ★★★★ Herald Sun Kavin Jay is one of South East Asia's most sought-after comedians; an integral part of the comedy revolution in Malaysia, he's a rapid-fire, grumpy, joke telling machine. He may be grouchy but does it with panache that you can’t help but laugh. His intense sense of humor has tickled ribs and charmed audiences of all shapes and backgrounds. A travelling comic as well Kavin has performed in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom just to name a few! Kavin Jay is politically incorrect, intense and shows a warped sense of love, life and liver. Being Malaysian Indian, Kavin Jay has lived life with a severe disability and was always destined to be angry and easily irritated. He was voted Malaysia's grumpiest comedian because he complains about everything so that you don’t have to. You're welcome!

The Human Exhibit : Mental Health

THE HUMAN EXHIBIT : MENTAL HEALTH Like a fine art gallery but with people instead.‘The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth’ is a new performance art style that I’M Entertainment is exploring. Curated by Ian Nathaniel and Dhinesha, this performance art will be themed MENTALHEALTH. As part of the instagram and facebook movement Dear Mental Health(#DearMentalHealth), this human exhibit aims to raise awareness for mental health and to abolish the stigma.What exactly is this? Think fine art gallery. ‘The Human Exhibit’ is one journey that the audience will take to watch different representations of certain mental illnesses. Instead of looking at paintings/sculptures, there will be a human representation of the mental illness in the form of dance, spoken word, dialogue, scene, movement, etc. Each performance will take place at different parts of Twenty20Two (kitchen, toilet, dressing room, etc)***FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.MAY CONTAIN PARTIAL NUDITY, SEXUAL THEMES, STRONG LANGUAGE, BRIGHT LIGHTS, TIGHT SPACES, LOUD NOISES***Audience is to choose only ONE CYCLE. If you want to come for more, you are welcomed to. Each cycle is limited to 15 people/ALL SALES IS THROUGH PEATIX. THERE WILL BE NO DOOR SALES.Details:25th – 28th January & 1st – 4th FebruaryCycle 1 (7pm – 8pm)Cycle 2 (8pm – 9pm)Cycle 3 (9.30pm – 10.30pm)Cycle 4 (10.30pm – 11.30)27th & 28th January and 3rd & 4th FebruaryCycle 1 Matinee (12pm – 1pm)Cycle 2 Matinee (1pm – 2pm)Cycle 3 Matinee (2.30pm – 3.30pm)Cycle 4 Matinee (3.30pm – 4.30pm)Happening at Twenty20Two.In collaboration with Ashvinder KaurAzam Rais of Poet XHelena Foo of Slackline MalaysiaNik Waheeda & Timmy Ong of Green Eyed Monster ProjectNisya AzizSwit Marie of Speak City Asia Warwhorelian A WarwhorelianNana - Poet, Translator and EducatorIn awareness ofVarious mental health aids in Malaysia

COMEDY AFTER DARK with Keren & Reizman

Comedy After Dark (The First Ever Comedy Show dedicated to dark humour in Malaysia)Bored with simple safe comedy routines and corny stereotypical jokes with no bite? Then embrace the dark side and let yourself laugh at jokes that make you go "I'm going straight to hell for this" with a big naughty smile on your face.At Have Pun Malaysia, we've collected the best the comedy scene has to offer, and the worst society has rejected, to give you a delightfully morbid and shockingly amusing evening of humour with so much edge, you may cut yourself.So make like a death sentence and come hang with us at COMEDY AFTERDARK! :DABOUT THE COMICSRiezman Radzlan (host):Acquiring his infidel accent from Bahrain, this zany word-play comic has performed in the open mic circuit for a year and has hosted both the Pun Competition and the Yo Mama Battles. He’s a bad shot but he aims to please.Keren Bala Devan (Headliner):Keren is the angriest comedian alive. How he did not burst into flames years ago, we do not know. His comedy is pointed, fierce and as unpredictable as a prison stabbing when the lights go out in your cell. All audience members beware, The Dark Joke rises.Sim Tong:Sim has been performing stand-up for the past five years, making people laugh at things they shouldn’t. He has appeared in the Astro Awani show “Komediri I”I and the iFlix original show “Oi Jaga Mulut”.Nicholas Lim:"A deadpan comedian with admittedly has zero social skills, this up-and-coming open miccer enjoys exploring the dark and perverse inarticulate and unexpected ways, particularly when they arouse him. Sometimes in public.Harresh A.u:Harresh is a boy only a mother would love. But that mother is not his. He has a mom, but she doesn’t know it. This subtle and clever comic has also been on Astro and is an iFlix alumnus..Aiman Azri:A quietly intelligent and droll comedian, Aiman raises sarcastic apathy to a high art. Having graced many comedy stages, he now can't wait to disgrace the After Dark Show.Faisal Merican:The first Have Pun competition was his stage debut and he would go on to win its third episode. "It goes to show", he says. "even a lame-ass like me gets lucky every once in a while."Abdul Raqib Karim:From stories about fun times at an emergency ward to the virtues of incompetent terrorists, his jokes get so dark enough to suffer systemic racial discrimination. He goes on to say, "I'm perfectly normal. The voices in my head tell me so".Keren Bala Devan (Headliner):Keren is the angriest comedian alive. How he did not burst into flames years ago, we do not know. His comedy is pointed, fierce and as unpredictable as a prison stabbing when the lights go out in your cell. All audience members beware, The Dark Joke rises.Date : Saturday, 20 January 2018Time : 9.30pm Showtime, Seating 8.30pmTicket : RM40 at the door

Ladies of Comedy with Kellyn Lee & Gabe Hogan

Ladies of Comedy Kellyn Lee & Gabe Hogan from AustraliaGabe Hogan is a hot up-and-coming comic on the Melbourne comedy scene.  She’s the girl next door and will win you over with her mischievous charm. Two-time Raw Comedy state finalist, Gabe also represented Victoria in Canberra’s Green Faces Comedy Competition. She has performed in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival every year since 2013, including the sellout shows Five in a Bed and Gabe Hogan, Making Life a Double.She is a co-creator and actor in the web series, Some People are Just Arseholes and in 2018,  Gabe will be joining Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station’s breakfast team. Here are some Facebook webisodes of Some People are Just Arseholes: her new show, Pretty, Witty and Gabe at the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Kellyn LeeSouth Africa’s no holds barred, out and open comic/radio host, is down right hilarious, creating a stir where ever she goes. She’s performed from New York to Singapore and festivals all over South Africa and Australia. You can catch her these days in and about the Melbourne comedy scene.Refreshingly sincere, hysterically honest and honestly hysterical – Kellyn is an established presence in the comedy circuit. Approach with caution… or tequila.

Zen Jiro ( JPN ) at Crackhouse ttdi

ZEN JIRO @ Crackhouse ttdiZenjiro is an award-winning multilingual comedian and actor, who performs in English, Japanese and Korean. He hosted numerous TV programs in Japan, and was also featured in TV shows such as Just for Laughs, Ed Byrne Comedy Gala, and Japanorama (presented by Jonathan Ross) on BBC; US Comedy Arts Festival on HBO; and Raymann is Laat on Dutch TV channel NTR. Zenjiro has performed at various comedy festivals around the world, including Just for Laughs Festivals in Montreal; HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen; Melbourne Comedy Festival; Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Rotterdam Comedy Festival; and Tokyo International Comedy Festival. In Japan he won the ABC Manzai Competition and other prestigious prizes, and in the US he came in second place in the LA Comedy Store Stand-up Competition. More recently he won the Stand-up Bangkok International Comedy Competition in 2015 and in the US he came in fourth-ranking in the Sacramento Stand-up Competition in 2016.ZENJIRO (JPN) feat. AARON AW (MYS)Date : Friday 22nd Dec & Saturday 23rd Dec 2017Time : 9pm Showtime, Seating 8pmTicket : RM40 online / RM50 at the doorIMPORTANT NOTICE:1. Doors and Bar opens at 8.00pm2. By 8.45pm we are required to release all no-show bookings and reserved seats3. We do not accept requests for ticket refunds4. For student purchases, bring your Student ID with you and flash your card upon registration at the door. No card, no entry.5. 18 and above onlyCall +60172603654 or email for more info

Nazeem Hussain at Berjaya Broadway lounge and The Bee Publika

Nazeem Hussain at Berjaya Broadway lounge and The Bee PublikaRacism and prejudice can be a difficult topic to cover but Nazeem Hussain manages to poke fun at the ridiculousness of it with ease. Proving that sometimes the most sensitive of issues are best addressed with laughter. Pushing the boundaries of comedy, Nazeem explores his love/not-so-love relationship with a planet fraught with mistrust. First show:WHEN : 14 DEC 2017 @ 8.30PMWHERE : Broadway LoungePRICE : Online - RM40 ; At The Door - RM50SUPPORTING ACT : Keren Bala Devan (MY)HEADLINER : Nazeem Hussain (AUS)AGE LIMIT : 18 & Above OnlyTICKETS: & 3rd Show:WHEN: 15 & 16 DEC 2017 @ 8.30PMWHERE: The Bee, PublikaPRICE: Online - RM40 ; At The Door - RM50SUPPORTING ACT: Keren Bala Devan (MY)HEADLINER: Nazeem Hussain (AUS)AGE LIMIT: 18 & Above OnlyTICKETS: Hussain has become one of the most in-demand TV and Radio personalities in Australia. Most recently he made his American TV debut as an official correspondent for the hit Netflix program “Bill Nye Saves the World” with American scientist and TV personality Bill Nye (popularly known as ‘Bill Nye the Science guy’), currently in it’s second series. He was also invited to perform at the prestigious Montreal ‘Just for Laughs Festival’ as a part of Kevin Hart’s LOL network.After selling out tours around the world in 2015 and 2016, Hussain capped off last year at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a sell out debut solo show -‘Legally Brown'. Nazeem’s 2017 sell out show “Public Frenemy” garnered his second Helpmann Award nomination for Best Comedy. A busy year for Nazeem he was one of the four celebrity finalists in the 2017 Australian season of Network Ten’s hit reality TV show, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”.Nazeem is bound for international fame. He is known for his boundary-pushing content, has received wide spread critical acclaim and has been nomitated for Most Outstanding Comedy at multiple Awards.Here's a chance to catch up LIVE before the rates of his ticket prices blow up in multifold.“Reinventing Australian Comedy” – Herald Sun (Australia)“And just when you think you have him pegged, he sneaks up on you again, showing society’s conventional wisdom to be little more than prejudice, yet somehow picking out something side-splittingly funny therein” – The Times (UK)“Hussain is a wonderful comedic artist who blends observation with comedy that crafts an intelligent and hilarious show” – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (UK)'Hussain topples preconceptions and highlights social ills not with anger – which is too often dismissed by detractors – but with razor-sharp humour and a playful smile' -

United Nations of Comedy 3

United Nations of Comedy 3After 5 sell-out shows across 2016/2017, The UNC Team makes its long awaited return! This time at the wonderful cabaret room Upstage @ Rendezvous, with a show which once again celebrates the rich diversity of comics in Malaysia. Featuring the best expat-comedians in Kuala Lumpur, as well as locals Luwita and Shaz, United Nations of Comedy promises to unite Kuala Lumpur through laughter.When : 17 & 18 November (9.00pm) (Diners advised to arrive by 7pm)Where : Upstage @ Rendezvous, BangsarPrice : RM35 (Online/Booking)RM40 (At The Door)How: Visit*Pick the day that you would like to catch the United Nations of Comedy Team by selecting the date shown on Peatix.Featuring: Sam See – Singapore (Host)Sam See is part of the region's new wave of stand-up comedians, with the wit, skill, and liver capacity to entertain audiences of all kinds.Based in Singapore, he has opened for comedians like Harith Iskander, Bert Kreischer, Gina Yashere, Kevin Bridges, Dara Ó Briain & Ed Byrne. He has also performed in numerous comedy festivals in Asia, including the Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival, Manila Improv Festival and the Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival.Sam has also been working with Comedy Central Asia since its inception for both live and televised performances, earning him a spot as one of their featured comedians online and on screen. His comedy chops in both stand-up and improv have also led him to numerous overseas performances, entertaining audiences in Melbourne, Taiwan, Malaysia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar and the Philippines.Justin Heyes – United KingdomJustin Heyes is arguably one of the UK’s most lovable comedy exports. A storyteller at heart, his honest reflections of his own experiences never fail to entertain a diverse array of audiences.He has appeared on Malaysian television in the film ‘Cinta Di Gerai’, and sitcom ‘Cakap Melayulah’, and was the first English comic to perform stand up in Bahasa Melayu on Malaysian television when he appeared twice on ‘Komediri’.Luwita Hana Randhawa – Malaysia (KL)Ever since bagging the Best Female Youth Newcomer Award at the 2012 Short+Sweet Malaysia Stand Up Comedy Festival, Luwita Hana Randhawa has made a name for herself in the local comedy scene for her acerbic and understated wit. She is a regular performer at comedy shows throughout KL. She has also performed at shows in Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, London and New York and performed her first solo show, Nothing to be Done, at the 2014 New Zealand Fringe Festival. Luwita was included in the CLEO HotShots 2016 list, a sign of more things to come for this up and coming comic.Dan Tackage – AustraliaDan Tackage has performed in Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. He has also performed at the Crackhouse Comedy Festival and LOLFest in Malaysia. Despite having a fear of flying, only being able to speak English (barely) and being incredibly introverted, Dan's work forces him to mingle with all kinds of people from South East Asia, even those annoying expats. This frequent travel leads to a steady number of misadventures which Dan shares with his audiences, although he sees it more as therapy. So come along and laugh at the misfortunate adventures of Dan Tackage.Yuichiro Kinjo - JapanKinjo is a comedy giant in his own right. Since starting his comedy career in Japan in 2010, he has shot to fame making appearances on both television and radio, while touring the country.In 2011, Kinjo won a Japanese comedy award and in 2015 his company (the largest comedy and entertainment agency in Japan) began to expand sending its biggest stars around the world, flying Kinjo out to Malaysia to perform here.A true performer Kinjo has entertained audiences in KL performing in English and Malay, and has demonstrated his musical and magical talents as well. Kinjo loves Malaysia.Shahrizan Ferouz – Malaysia (Sabah)Shaz has travelled all the way from the far off land of KK Sabah. Since arriving in KL in 2003 he has been involved in TV and radio and has been doing stand up for 7 years, In 2016 he appeared on 'Komediri' and 'Sembang Teh Tarik'. During his set he will educate you on the basics of Malaysian geography. Lesson 1: Sabah is part of Malaysia. For 'Lesson 2' come and watch him perform!Zainal Bostaman - BruneiSince first taking to the stage in Singapore 4 years ago, Zainal has performed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, United States (LA and NY) and UK (London). He now runs the BruHaHa Comedy Club in Brunei where he is ranked as one of the best comics in the country! Well at least top 3! There's only 3 comics, total...Aaron Barber - USAAaron fled America to Malaysia as a refugee following Trumps election victory. He figured the two counties flags are almost identical so it seemed like the logical destination for a new home. The big Texan will be making his debut for United Nations of comedy. He is a regular performer on the open mic comedy circuit in Kuala Lumpur.

The Laughing gas 1st Anniversary showcase

The Laughing Gas 1st Anniversary showcaseGoodness gracious me! Has it already been a year?! It feels like it was just THAT day when we had our first show. We are very very VERY grateful to all who had supported us!A year ago, we were approached to bring the stand-up comedy open mic scene to the land of Subang Jaya. Morningwood MY was gracious enough to host us. Down the road we also have had shows in other venues like Good Friends Cafe and AMPM Cafe. All of which we are grateful for.The Laughing Gas is a no-holds-barred stand-up comedy open mic show and we welcome ANYONE who wants to give stand-up comedy a try. It's also a place for regular comics, veteran and even international comics to test out their materials.To celebrate that, join us for our very special anniversary show! We have a star studded line up just for you and it's not even going to hurt your wallet!We have some of the guys from MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) who have made a name for themselves in their own way, the guys from One Mic Stand, a finalist from Lawak Solo 2016, up coming comedians in the scene, even an Australian from the United Nations of Comedy - Malaysia! and a Kuala Lumpur International Comedy FestivalOpen Mic winner as the host of the night! psttt... there will be a guest comic as well, from the land of the kiasu! So hope to see you soon!So quickly email us at for reservations.Show is rated 18+Tickets are RM15 inclusive of ONE (non-alcoholic) drinkHost: Vishnu VevakanandanStar studded comics:BalBrian TanDan TackageFarid AzmeirJason Say Keong LeongNizam Jentik JentikPhoon Chi HoPrakash Daniel

Ahmed Ahmed : Double Trouble @ PJLA Theatre 28th Oct

Ahmed Ahmed : Double Trouble in KL 28th Oct Egyptian-American actor, comedian, producer, and director Ahmed Ahmed is one of the most diverse, multi-faceted talents in the entertainment industry today. Ahmed gained fame with the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, a highly acclaimed comedy tour aimed to stop prejudice towards Middle Easterners thorough comedy. He has featured in a selection of films including ‘Swingers’, ’Iron Man’, and ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’. Currently, he can be seen starring as “Ahmed” on the hit comedy series ‘Sullivan & Son’, produced by comedian Vince Vaughn.In 2011, Ahmed made his directorial debut with his groundbreaking documentary Just Like Us. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, and went on to be selected at 30 international film festivals, winning several “Best Director” and “Best Documentary” awards. The documentary, a celebration of culture and comedy, follows Ahmed and ten American comedians through Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, performing in front of over 20,000 Arabs and Muslims across the region. Just Like Us garnered Ahmed attention on the political front, and he was invited to The White House to have dinner with President Obama, and was also invited to The State Department to have dinner with Hilary Clinton- as they commended him on creating a project that made an effort to break down barriers and encourage cross-cultural dialogue. Ahmed is currently in post-production on Just Like Us Too, which takes place in Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Oman.Opening for Ahmed Ahmed in KL will be non other than Andrew NettoAndrew Netto is one of the hottest comedians in the Malaysian circuit achieving considerable success in the local and international comedy scenes. He is described as a comic with more spin than a high speed turbine, with his twists and insights in the daily workings of the average Joe. The Malaysian is a regular feature in The Comedy Club KL shows and has performed at or emceed dozens of the highly popular comedy show. He does his routine alongside seasoned international comedians and holds his ground despite his young age.His ability to do comedy and double up as an emcee gives him the extra edge making him a real favourite with corporations. Andrew Netto has been busy with performances in Australia, Singapore and numerous shows with The Comedy Club KL. He was also the emcee for the 15,000 strong St. Patrick’s Day celebration and is in the Malaysia Book of Records for “The First Stand-up Comedy Performance on a Plane”. The ambitious young man has been quoted as saying that life is full of little pleasures and laughing is just one of them. Andrew Netto is primed to be the next Malaysian comedy superstar. He lives with his life quote “Live life to the fullest. There’s plenty of time to be dead”.Date:28-Oct-2017 To 28-Oct-2017Time:8.30pmLocation:PJ Live Arts, Petaling jayaAdmission:RM90, RM120, RM150Phone:03 7931 0840Website: 

Laura Davis Ghost Machine

LAURA DAVIS in GHOST MACHINESharp, charming and delightful, Laura Davis is an Australian Comedian who has been earning praise and acclaim for years. Recent winner of the Golden Gibbo award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Laura is a rare and truly unique experience for the comedy savvy. She's collaborated and toured the nation with the industry's finest and appeared on SBS's Stand Up shows and ABC TV.  BOLD, BOUNDARY SHIFTING STAND-UP.A show about life, performed by a ghost.Winner of the prestigious Golden Gibbo Award for Best Independent Show at Melbourne International Comedy Festiavl 2015, Laura Davis’ Ghost Machine is a truly unique experience for comedy lovers. Described by critics as “phenomenal”, “bold and extraordinary”, “fiercely funny” and “totally hilarious”, this is a constantly surprising show from a compelling comedian.Ghost Machine blurs the lines of conventional stand-up and theatre into the realm of live, interactive performance art, and has toured the country to sold-out audiences in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne.Venue: Five Arts Centre, 27 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 6000 KL Dates: Wednesday 27 September - Saturday 7 October, Tue - SunTimes: Tuesday – Saturday 9.00pm; Sunday 8:00pm (Show runs 1 hour)Tickets:   Previews Wed 28- Thu 29Sep, RM20; All tix Fri 30Sep - Sat 8 Oct, RM30 Bookings:                                 


THE LAUGHING GAS SPECIAL EDITIONHeadlining our first Special Edition show is Aaron Aw! He's so full of energy, so filled with adrenaline that he's considered the Lance Armstrong of Malaysian stand-up comedy. We're kidding! Aaron's not banned... yet! He's a china-man who plays the guitar, writes songs and will charm and cajole you to sing along with him! He has done countless gigs - in English, Malay AND Cantonese, comedy competitions, and tv shows. This will be his first time headlining a stand-up comedy show; so come on over to AMPM Cafe and bear witness to this moment in history!Sulaiman Azmil is our host for this show. A lawyer by profession, he is inspired by the penglipur lara of yore. He does stand-up comedy in both English and Malay and has performed in open mics, corporate events and comedy festivals within and outside the country. He was also one of the writers for the critically acclaimed talk show Obviously Harith Iskander. Check out first-hand the comedic stylings of this Penglipur Lawyer!We're also showcasing Gajen Nad, Malaysia's first Chindian stand-up comedian. He's been in the stand-up comedy scene for many years now and has performed in more than 350 shows locally and internationally. He is also one of the very few Malaysian stand-up comedians who was chosen twice to perform for TEDx. Come by and experience the funny Gajen!Then there's Brian Tan. Brian started off with brilliant one-liners but has since evolved to crafting bits, often unique, that invoke thousands of light bulb moments. He was the first Malaysian to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 22 consecutive nights, all sold out! Together with his partner-in-crime, Prakash Daniel, he runs and curates the LONGEST weekly stand-up comedy open mic show in Malaysia, One Mic Stand. This is not an act to be missed, so come and catch him in action!Hurry on, gather your friends, parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents...etc to the show! Email us to reserve your seats for a laughing Saturday night out!Date: 30th Sept 2017 (Saturday)Time: 8.30pmTickets: RM 30 at the door OR email for reservationsVenue: AMPM Cafe USJ 21 (top floor)Address:11A, Jalan USJ 21/5, Usj 21, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaLRT Station: USJ 21 StationALSO THIS WEEKEND AT CRACKHOUSE COMEDY CLUB @TTDI .....GB LABRADOR (PHI) IS BACKGB LABRADOR feat PAPI ZAKDate : 22nd Sept (FRI) & 23rd Sept (SAT)Time : 9pm Showtime, Seating 8pmTicket : RM40 online / RM50 at the door As seen on Comedy Central Asia and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016, the multi-award winning GB performs live around the Philippines and Asia. His first headlining act abroad was in 2011 at Comedy Masala Singapore. 2012 he was featured at The Comedy Club Asia together with Imran Yusuf (UK) and Allyson Smith (CAN).Gb is also one of the writers of ABS CBN’s GOIN’ BULILIT and he continues to organize Open Mics in Manila as the founder of Comedy Manila – to make sure there is a mic and stage available to all aspiring Filipino comedian.

Ladies of Laughter : Who Runs the World ?

The week it is all GIRL Power as we bring you an ensemble of female comics that will have you raising your hands and cheering for these women. So,  to all the independent, feisty, strong, courageous and beautiful women we know and love ... Happy International Day of The Girl!Speaking of which, we're gonna have some of our favorite funny girls on stage this weekend.Don't forget to catch Sharul Channa, Neeti Palta and Luwita Hana Randhawa this Friday 14th Oct and Saturday 15th Oct at Live House Kuala Lumpur. Get your tickets online at http://lolwrtw.peatix.comHere is some information on our Ladies who will be on stage : Neeti Palta ( India )Neeti brings to the English stand up comedy scene in India what it sorely lacks – a female perspective. Therefore she has the unique advantage of being able to present a female point of view on a variety of subjects from the life of a woman in India, Indian idiosyncrasies, to daily irritants, current affairs, etc, while indulging in a spot of poking fun at men (ok, a lot of that!).She was voted as the best Stand Up Comic at the Oz Fest and was India’s first Stand Up to perform at Melbourne for the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013.Neeti has done shows for varied audiences and corporates across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Pune, etc.Neeti established one of Delhi’s oldest and most successful comedy outfits – Loony Goons – in which she organizes shows for corporates, pubs and private parties. It’s a pioneer outfit that flies in the best comedians from across India to give comedy night a truly complete ‘Indian’ feel.Sharul Channa ( Singapore )A trained actor from La Salle College of the Arts, and a Communications Graduate from the University of Buffalo, Sharul is one of the most sought after talents in Singapore today. She is also Singapore’s first ever Indian female stand-up comic and a versatile event emcee.She has also been on TV regularly for various series on Channel News Asia, commercials on AXN and also for documentaries on MediaCorp Channel 5. A brilliant comic actress, Sharul has been seen in productions like Rafta Rafta and We are Like This Only (HuM Theatre) and Rub My Antenna (Complete Communicators). As a comic, Sharul has shared the stage with some of the top comedians in the world. She was the opening act for Papa CJ (India), Irene Ang (Singapore), Raju Shrivastava (India), Jojo Smith (UK) and many others. She has performed with Reuben Paul (USA) at the MGM Macau and also headlined shows for The Comedy Club KL, Comedy Kao Kao, PJ Laugh Fest 2013, One Mic Stand, The Comedy Lounge in Perth and Sydney, amongst others.Sharul has also performed at the Georgetown Festival in Penang 2013 and Weirdass Pajama Festival 2014, India’s largest comedy festival. She also produced and performed a sold-out two-man show in Singapore titled The Rishi and Sharul Show. In recent times, Sharul’s work has been featured in The Straits Times, The NEW Paper, The Mumbai Mirror, The Indian Express, and The Economic Times IndiLuwita Hana Randhawa  ( Malaysia )This English-born lass has studied film and theatre in New Zealand, and has honed her improv skills in New York City. Now, Luwita’s making waves in the stand-up comedy scene right her in Kuala Lumpur. You better pre-book your tickets to one of her shows quick because shows are selling out fast for the new It girl in comedy. 

Victor Anastacio From Philippine at the Crackhouse

Victor AnastaioOne of the top Philipino Comedians to watch out for and he will be coming to our shores namely CRACKHOUSE Comedy Club in Taman Tun this FRIDAY & SAT 24th & 25th March 2017.One way to describe Victor’s comedy is 100% original. It does not feel copied or rehashed or fabricated from some obscure internet meme or comic. Good comics are funny. The great ones are also funny, but they also show you something else: their actual point-of-view. Every topic he gets into feels like you are seeing it from a completely different perspective.Also, The way he seems to also weave self-deprecation into his jokes is a treat in of itself. The trick is to say enough so that the crowd is on your side and roots for you, but not too much that the crowd just ends up feeling sorry or sad for the comic. Victor walks that thin line masterfully, and you are always left wanting more. He is able to keep any audiences attention because he is unique and he writes good jokes. Do you want to know what the future of stand-up comedy in the Philippines looks like? Watch Victor Anastacio and spread the word.Come on down to catch Victor Anastacio and spread the word!Book early to avoid disappointment https://crackhousevictoranastacio.peatix.comFriday 24th March, 9:00pm | Doors Open for Seating 8pmSaturday 25th March, 9:00pm | Doors Open for Seating 8pmRM40 (RM10 OFF for students)IMPORTANT NOTICE:1. Doors and Bar opens at 8.00pm2. By 8.45pm we are required to release all no-show bookings and reserved seats3. We do not accept requests for ticket refunds4. For student purchases, bring your Student ID with you and flash your card upon registration at the door. No card, no entry.5. 18 and above onlyFor inquiry, call +60172603654 or e-mail

Rex Navarrete

The Premier Filipino American comedian Rex Navarrete was in town last week and we manage to steal his precious time for an interview with us. Join us in our inaugural episode of Seriously Kam and you can also be treated to a video of Rex and the rest of the comics that performed on Fri & Sat at LOL Livehouse, Kuala Lumpur's premier comedy club. Prakash Daniel was the host and we were also treated to our very own Dr Jason's comedy routine and to bring it home ...Rex Navarrete. Tune in tomorrow as we talk to Rex on his comedy, live and everything in between. REX NAVARRETEMany claim that college is the turning point in one’s life, when one finds his or her future. This was the case for San Francisco Bay Area comedian Rex Navarrete, when Navarrete’s college professor told him he was wasting his talents.“He told me, ‘Get out of my office-we shouldn’t be joking here, you should be taking those jokes to the stage,” recalls Navarrete of his Asian American Studies professor Dan Gonzales, the teacher who encouraged his dream to be a comedian in 1989.That spring, 19 year-old Navarrete was baptised by fire, entertaining a crowd of 800 at the annual Asian Pacific Islander Student Union conference at UC Santa Cruz.“I was looking for my identity then just as everyone else was at that age,” says Navarrete. “Much of my material was very serious, it lacked comedy. I figured that I had some important stuff to say, so say it in the format of stand-up. This is where I started to take comedy as a vehicle seriously.”By the early 1990’s, Navarrete began seeing his routine evolve through the use of characters, many of whom were struggling underdogs. His portrayals, which ranged from his ESL teacher Mrs. Scott to his Uncle Boy and to Maritess the domestic worker, gave him the voice to air his thoughts on issues and speak about things that otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned.Navarrete gathers all of his material from what he calls “real Rex moments,” reality and shared life experiences. “I think everything has humor; you will always find humor. I don’t always make stuff up. Even though most of my material is geared for a Filipino audience, if you’re smart enough you’ll understand the universality of it. Look at the comedy traditions of Jewish and African American comics, which are now the mainstream througNavarrete remains to be a one of the hardest working, relatively unknown American comedians today though he’s performed alongside notable national headliners as George Lopez, DL Hughley, Paul Mooney, among others. He does plan to release a number of other comedy albums on CD and DVDs under his label for fans to enjoy.The future seems to only give him the chance to connect with a larger audience that is now finally getting the opportunity to experience the changing face of American stand-up comedy.h Seinfeld, Bruce, Allen, Rock, Pryor and Murphy. Our struggles become our comedy.”

The Trouble Makers of Comedy : Keren Bala Devan & Haikal Idris

KEREN BALA DEVANKeren Bala Devan is a stand up comedian who loves to share his unique views about everything wrong with modern culture.Usually by complaining.A lot.His specific brand of comedy stems from years of observing how ridiculous things that are part of everyday life have come to be. From strange modern cultural habits to the annoying behaviour of the general populace, he always find something to say and rant about. As part of the next generation of comics in Malaysia, his almost three year journey has lead to him headlining various venues around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, opening for International comic Paul Ogata, and performing in shows with Harith Iskander as well as at the International Comedy FringeFestival in Singapore.He is now one of the new producers for One Mic Stand, Malaysia’s premiere comedy openmic venue and can be seen frequently performing there and at The Crackhouse Comedy Club in Kuala Lumpur.HAIKAL IDRIS  The 25-year-old is best known for his dark humour (or otherwise known as black comedy), a comic style that is often viewed as offensive or cruel to some as it makes light of themes that are generally considered taboo or sensitive.While the comedy scene is already used to Haikal’s shenanigans, Twitter wasn’t. He first joined the social media network in June 2016 and within a few weeks, his joke about Kelantan received so much backlash that he was invited on OhBulan and Astro Awani.Haikal isn’t just a stand-up comedian. By day, this Finance graduate is the head of Business Development and Investor Relations for ParkEasy, a Malaysian startup and smartphone application that helps you find parking quickly in shopping malls. After running a beta for several months, the application has now been officially launched and is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of watching Haikal and other local comedians “live” during One Mic Stand at PJ Live Arts. The next day, I had a sit-down with Haikal and asked him about his journey into comedy and his opinion about the negative reaction he received after a week of curating @twt_malaysia..It all started three years ago when Haikal was hanging out with some comedian friends who encouraged him to take the stage. His first show was completely unstructured. He could have easily given up the first time, but when asked what motivated him to keep going, Haikal said that most comedians who are dedicated to the art form do so for the validation.“A lot of us are lonely and we’re usually introverts,” he says, “so comedy is an outlet for us to take out our frustrations. It’s nice knowing that you can make people laugh.”