The Wellness Hour

At the forefront of wellness and healthcare is KL Wellness City. The first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare. Pioneering a comprehensive ecosystem embodying healthcare and wellness living, KL Wellness City’s concept is uniquely modeled by its declaration to redefine, strengthen, and broaden our experience of health and quality of life.

Sharing in this vision, AFO Radio is proud to be partnering with KL Wellness City to bring you The Wellness Hour. Focused on journeying with you towards attaining a healthier mind and body, The Wellness Hour will feature a myriad of topics ranging from health and wellness that will cater to your every need. 

Hosted by KL Wellness Executive Director Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew and MAG, The Wellness Hour will come to you LIVE, every Wednesday from 10am - 12noon. 

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A seasoned announcer with close to 20 years of experience, MAG is your down to earth host that can keep you entertained all day.

A versatile talent with the passion to deliver only the best on-air and in-person, MAG is able to hold a conversation on-air that will keep you hooked all through. Be it music based shows to serious talk interviews and live coverages, MAG has done it all and will always be ready to rock and roll, on call!

So come experience for yourself, a truly fun, real and relatable show on The DAILY MAG Show, Mondays - Thursdays 10am-12noon!

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Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew - Co Host

Dato’ Sri Dr. Vincent Tiew, the KL Wellness Executive Director is no stranger to the property world. An active speaker, writer, host and producer for property shows and conferences in Malaysia and abroad, Dato' Sri Vincent has successfully been awarded various prestigious awards and recognitions for entrepreneurship, business and property. 

With a clear vision of what he hopes to achieve through the KL Wellness City, there is no stopping Dato' Sri Vincent from his hopes to redefine, strengthen and broaden the health and wellness experience for everyone.