Cody Jon Announces New EP 'DEATH WOBBLES' & 2000's Inspired Track "Shoot!" Out Now

CODY JONRETURNS WITH BUBBLY NEW SINGLE“DEATH WOBBLES”LISTEN HERE Sydney-based triple threat Cody Jon returns with his latest single accompanied by a music video, "Death Wobbles", the first single from his upcoming second EP out later this year via Saint Lucky Records. Fans can stream "Death Wobbles" here:"Death Wobbles" is about a passionate but fleeting relationship, filled with the highest of highs until things start moving too fast and get out of control. Cody Jon wrote "Death Wobbles" with what he calls "the Lily Allen effect" - writing sad lyrics over a bright, energetic track, in this case, a speedy "drum n bass, 2000s car-chase beat".Cody Jon shares, “Death Wobbles is the sudden shaking of your skateboard as you zoom down a hill so fast you lose control, an amazing rush of adrenaline, a feeling like no other, but you know you're going to crash at any second. Who is gonna fall first? Who will jump off? Who will crash? Either way, this won't be pretty.”Written with "dirty dancing" collaborator Charley and Australian producer Taka Perry, the song explores the downhill turn in the relationship, moving into a sudden tempo change for the resolution after the climactic crash. Rounded out with a funky, laid-back outro, contrasting the high-speed nature of the track. A sonic ode to 2002 movie and video game soundtracks, "Death Wobbles" features special easter eggs hidden in the production. The snares, hats, and transitions are made from the wheel and trick sound effects in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, one of Jon's favourite games growing up.The Melanie Or-directed music video fits very much in the same world, with Cody Jon starring as our very own Chad Michael Murray, replete with Motorolla flip phones, chunky camcorders, blow-up pool toys and a teen bedroom only befitting of Freaky Friday's Anna Coleman.Since first debuting his temporal mash with "dirty dancing", and "Becky's Plan" in 2022, Cody Jon continues to amass praise across triple j and Unearthed, iHeart Radio, MTV, Early Rising, ELLE Japan and more following his debut 'untied shoes' EP. His dazzling live show which already includes debuts at BIGSOUND and SXSW in Austin was rounded out with his own headline tour following a Tai Verdes tour support, and performances alongside the likes of Gretta Ray, Peach PRC, and more.Follow Cody Jon: Instagram |Facebook | Website 

Lullaboy's "Life with U" Sings A Perfect Happy Ending... Or Does It?

After amassing over 100 million career streams, prolific hitmaker lullaboy returns to serenade hopeful romantics with his stunning new ballad, “life with u”.Reuniting with acclaimed music producer Kevin White (known for his work with Maroon 5, Bazzi,Exo, NCT 127 and Chelsea Cutler), lullaboy is ready to present the next piece to his multi-chapter love story.With the intimacy of acoustic guitar and vocals, before unfurling into an enchanting sonic tapestry - this track is one that tugs at the chest.“When I wrote this song, I made a promise to myself that I was going to propose with it one day. I really hope people connect with this song enough to want to get married to it. I want couples to remember the journey that got them where they are, and I want people looking for love to believe that they can have their own love story”, lullaboy states.Showcasing lullaboy’s artistic depth and growth, “life with u” is equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring, personal and relatable - further cementing American-born Bernard’s status as an indisputable force in the world of SEA-Pop.The song is also paired with a music video in collaboration with Malaysian diamond and fine jewellery brand ZCOVA, inviting us to uncover the layers that hide underneath this gem of a pop ballad.Listen to lullaboy’s latest single “life with u” now on your preferred streaming service, and hang tight for its music video scheduled to drop on the 8th of September 2023.With a global and growing fanbase, lullaboy continuously crosses borders with his music.Having just made consecutive festival debuts at Good Vibes Fest in Malaysia and Road to Sonic Bang in Thailand, lullaboy is currently en route to Indonesia to complete the last leg of his campus tours - expanding his footprints one country at a time.“life with u” marks lullaboy’s fourth single release under RedRecords, an innovative joint-venture between Universal Music Group and AirAsia.Connect with lullaboySpotify | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Twitter | Facebook

South Korean Actor Lee Jong-Suk Holds Long-Awaited Fan Meet In Singapore

South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk announced his 2023 ‘Dear, My With’ Fan Meeting Tour, kicking it off in July and continuing through to October across 11 Asian cities. Brought in by Hatchery and 54 Entertainment, Lee Jong-suk's fan meeting in Singapore will take place on 4 October at the Esplanade Theatre, with ticket sales officially starting from 27 July onwards on SISTIC. Fan benefits are only applicable to those who purchase their tickets before 31 August.Lee, a highly productive figure in the South Korean entertainment realm, first gained widespread recognition for his role in the television series School 2013. Following this, he embarked on a successful journey in the world of dramas, featuring in prominent shows such as Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, and Romance Is a Bonus Book. Moreover, Lee showcased his exceptional acting skills on the big screen, earning critical acclaim for his performances in Korean films like Hot Young Bloods, V.I.P, and Decibel.Thanks to his captivating onscreen presence and remarkable acting abilities, Lee has garnered numerous awards and recognitions, including his most recent inclusion in the 2023 Forbes Korea 'Power Celebrity' List. Over the years, he has also clinched Grand Prizes (Daesangs) at various prestigious award ceremonies.‘Dear. My With’ Fan Meet in Singapore Details: Date: 4 October 2023Admission: VIP - $248, Cat 1 - $208, Cat 2 - $168, Cat 3 - $128Time: 8pmVenue: The Esplanade TheatreNote for fan benefits1. Goodbye Session and Group Photo Session will happen after the fan meet event.2. Those who purchase tickets before 23:59 on 31 August 2023 will be eligible to join thefan benefits draw3. The fan benefits are randomly selected.4. The result for all benefit will be announced on 15 September 2023.5. Fan Benefits are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable.6. Exclusive Photo Card will be given at the venue.7. The organizer reserves the right to make final changes and any amendments of this event. *images from Instagram/ @jongsuk0206 & Applewood. 

On this occasion of ASEAN Day, AirAsia has collaborated with Malaysian synth-pop artist Sam Lopez, also known as Lost Spaces, to commemorate and display the rich diversity of Southeast Asia.

As a brand that connects all 10 countries of Asean and their various cities, airasia has brought together more than 700 million people in the region, celebrating our differences and similarities. This ASEAN day, the airasia play team hit the road to take our guests on an audio journey through Southeast Asia. Presenting Sounds of Asean, a music project with a line-up of tracks featuring five songs from five cities - Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and Singapore, each track is based on field recordings and features audio bites from these eclectic destinations.Pictures takes from Warner Music MalaysiaFor this project, airasia enlisted Malaysian indie synth-pop artist Sam Lopez (aka lost spaces) to visit these cities, mingling with  the locals, embarking  on adventures, capturing the  sounds and sampling the vibes of Asean along the way.Inspired by the heritage buildings, hawkers, jeepneys and tuk-tuks, train announcements, temple bells and even local cats, Sam has created the Sounds of Asean for airasia, an audiovisual experience that brings the listener (or viewer) closer to the rest of Asean, allowing them to immerse themselves in the region’s rich, intricate tapestry. This project features a full playlist and an upcoming travelogue series on Sam’s guide to his favourite places in each of these cities.  “Bangkok is one of my favourite cities, I call Kuala Lumpur home, Singapore is just so well-planned and walkable. I love Jakarta’s music scene, and this project also brought me to Manila for the first time! Before this project, I’d never thought about how different yet ‘same same’ we are in Southeast Asia, and it’s been fun to work on this project and come up with these tracks. I hope the vibes of each city inspire more people to get out there and explore the world,” said Sam.Citybells (Manila)Manila was filled with history and culture which I had never experienced before as I was visiting there for the first time. The cathedrals were majestic and the people were so friendly. I decided to make the track with church bells in mind, having sampled the bells of the Manila Cathedral.Garden Futurama (Singapore)Singapore felt like a blend of a garden utopian city with beautiful futuristic city planning and connectivity. I loved their MRT lines, being able to travel from one side of the city to the other within minutesNADA KOTA (Jakarta)In Jakarta, I managed to travel to one of the oldest parts of town and it felt like I was in a mini art and music festival at Kota Tua. Stumbling upon so many buskers and artists that were performing in the middle of the area, I wanted to have more of a live instrument beat for this track.Initially, I wanted to track live guitars but then opted to approach the song with my signature synths and pads. I also sampled some angklung, an Indonesian musical instrument, and used that as the main melody and built it around the song.I also managed to meet up with some friends in Jakarta and they showed me around the art scene at M Bloc Space, which was so cool. It made me feel like I was in an “Indo city pop” music video.GOLD RIVERS (Bangkok)Check out the full music list on Youtube by local pop musicians Sam Lopez!

情歌王子 Kenny 与大马第一饶舌女歌手 Elva - 强强联手推出跨风格新单曲《想你到这里》

情歌驻唱王子 Kenny 刘国晖和大马第一饶舌女歌手 Elva 苏妍首度合作,合力操刀一首跨风格单曲 “想你到这里“,并于 8 月 8 日 正式发行。这次的跨风格合作,《想你到这里》从词曲到 MV 都由 Kenny 刘国晖和 Elva 苏妍亲力操刀,也是马来西亚中文音乐界里罕见的轻摇滚情歌。为何轻摇滚?《想你到这里》这首情歌选择使用轻摇滚作为该歌曲的曲风,是为了通过直接和情感化的歌词,表达个人的情感和内心世界,刚中带柔的编曲,细腻宣泄着处理情感问题那种内心的挣扎。图片1:KENNY和ELVA现场演唱《想你到这里》《想你到这里》是在诠释着每段感情结束初期的无助与绝望,同时传达了思念和离别的情感,无论结局是可控或不可控,它向听众传递了要学会从受伤中自愈,思念的终点即是新生的深刻含义,要去接受、找回最初的自己,然后继续坚强的生活。一段感情的结束不是结束,而是为了更好的开始。随着生活压力增加,抑郁倾向普及,歌手希望这首歌在成为有共鸣的宣泄以后,也可以提醒和鼓励别人 ,为自己的思念画上一个仪式感的句号,让想念止于这里。跨年代、跨风格合作图片2: 主持人与KENNY ELVA访问时段Kenny 刘国晖觉得在完成《想你到这里》的过程中最具挑战的部分是与合作搭档Elva 苏妍之间的年龄差距。根据 Kenny 所说,他所听的歌曲都是 90 年代或 2000 年代的流行歌曲,加上他们的歌唱风格也有差异,所以一开始还蛮害怕会与 Elva 有代沟。直到作品出来的那一刻,他才意识到原来之前自己所担心的都是多余的。Elva 则认为整部作品的制作都由他们亲力亲为去参与,除了在各种细节要求更能够尽善尽美,过程中也学习很多。另外,Kenny 和 Elva 两位出色的音乐人都表示自己对于音乐的期待是为了让大家看见马来西亚也有很不错的中文音乐。他们也希望当《想你到这里》正式面市后,可以得到广大听众们的支持,细品这首跨风格的音乐作品,并希望大家在听到这首歌的时候可以想到某个人、在某个时间好好地释放自己的情绪。图片3:大合照两位歌手在发布会同日,也在 Simply Live by Tin Box, TREC Kuala Lumpur 进行了一场售票公演,现场演绎“想你到这里”之余,也现场演唱了超过 20 首曲子,获得 超过 300 名观众、艺人及业界知名人士出席。Kenny 刘国晖和 Elva 苏妍全新单曲《想你到这里》MV 于 8 月 8 日 首播,之后将在各大电台、YouTube 频道及数位平台上架。观看《想你到这里》官方MV :

Bunga Revealed As Coldplay's Support Act for Malaysia!

Along with the announcement of Coldplay’s 2024 Asian Dates, the band have also revealed their support acts for Tokyo (Yoasobi), Kaohsiung (Accusefive), Kuala Lumpur (Bunga), and Jakarta (Rahmania Astrini). Born Noor Ayu Fatini, Bunga started her career in the music industry as one of the finalists of 16 Baris. Performing with her signature baju kurung outfits and a hijab, she made global headlines when The New York Times, and several other international media referred to her as the first hijabi rapper. Ever since her debut, Bunga has inspired young Muslim women to break the stereotype that hijab wearers are not just conformed to a certain field and have the capability to be movers while maintaining their Islamic faith.Since signing to Warner Music Malaysia, Bunga’s career has blossomed further by exploring multiple music genres and releasing chart-topping local collaborations with the Queen of Ethnic Pop, Noraniza Idris (“Intan Payung”) and Amsyar Leee (“Belai”), while dabbling in some acting in several local television dramas. Bunga was also featured on a collaboration with international artist Pink Sweat$ last year (“I Feel Good (feat. Bunga)”), and she performed the song with Pink Sweat$ during his set at the Good Vibes Weekender in Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. Since the Music of the Spheres tour’s first date in March 2022, the band have sold over 7 million tickets - more than any other artist in the world - receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike and picking up accolades including Favorite Touring Artist at the 2022 AMAs and Tour of The Year at the 2023 iHeartRadio Awards.Connect with Bunga : Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Last week, the band issued an update on the tour’s sustainability initiatives, revealing that, on a show-by-show comparison, their current tour has so far produced 47% less CO2e emissions than their previous stadium tour in 2016/17, and that 5 million trees have already been planted around the world (one for each concert goer). DHL is the Official Logistics Partner of the Music Of The Spheres World Tour, supporting the band in their mission to cut the tour’s direct emissions by 50%.  MUSIC OF THE SPHERES WORLD TOUR (ASIA DATES): NOVEMBER6: Tokyo - Tokyo Dome (Support: Yoasobi)7: Tokyo - Tokyo Dome (Support: Yoasobi)11: Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung National Stadium (Support: Accusefive)12: Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung National Stadium (Support: Accusefive)15:: Jakarta - Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (Support: Rahmania Astrini)22: Kuala Lumpur - National Stadium Bukit Jalil (Support: Bunga) JANUARY 202419: Manila -Philippine Arena (Support: TBA)23: Singapore - Singapore National Stadium (Support: TBA)24: Singapore - Singapore National Stadium  (Support: TBA)26: Singapore - Singapore National Stadium  (Support: TBA)27: Singapore - Singapore National Stadium  (Support: TBA) FEBRUARY 202403: Bangkok - Rajamangala National Stadium (Support: TBA)

lullaboy Blazes a Trail For Misfits In His Latest Single “cool”.

Indonesian-Singaporean hitmaker lullaboy, returns to the scene with a hymn for the nonconforming, titled “cool” - his second single of 2023.Not a stranger to SEA-Pop, this Berklee College of Music alumni has garnered over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has toured over multiple countries across Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia). His success in the SEA-Pop industry has reached heights far beyond his humble beginnings as a YouTube bedroom-cover artist, where he nurtured a burgeoning community of adoring listeners.A coming-of-age story, ‘cool’ is the zenith of lullaboy’s beliefs and life values. Hiding brutally honest lyrics in a poised and effortless, synth-ridden cruise of a track, lullaboy creates an anthem for anyone tired of trying to “fit in” just to be accepted by the world. lullaboy lyrically enumerates characteristics of the played-out bravado of the self-sabotaging, peer-pleasing, and carnage-romanticizing youth - the antithesis of what he stands for. He leads the track with a message that shines a light on anyone lost on the path to appeal to the idea of being “cool”. An encouraging message for the misfits, he beckons them to remain grounded in their path, to not be swayed by the pressure of changing themselves, and to stay true to who they are.“The more my career and journey evolves, the more I’ve begun to realise that nothing is more important than following your heart and staying true to who you are,” he says.“cool” was produced by Jacob Attwooll (who’s other credits include Dua Lipa, NCT127, TXT, Enhypen) and co-writer Ricky Manning (who's credits include Carlie Hanson, Lennon Stella, and Why Don't We) and it serves as a reminder that in a society where we’re supposed to be something, just be yourself.“With more young adults now struggling to find themselves, I hope this song empowers listeners to embrace their uniqueness and love themselves”, he concludes.“cool” also marks his third single release under RedRecords following his success with “Shortcut To Heaven” and “van gogh”, available now for downloads on iTunes and streaming websites such as Apple Music, Deezer, JOOX music, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.

Alan Walker releases Mesmerising Single "HERO" in collaboration with Sasha Alex Sloan

Alan Walker performing at Grand Prix Formula E IndonesiaandHeineken’s Silver Music Festival Vietnam in June.Alan Walker joins forces with vocal powerhouse Sasha Alex Sloan for their hauntingly beautiful new track “Hero”. Listen here:“Hero” is a follow-up to his recent single “Dreamer”, a joint release with NCS and a tribute track to his loyal fanbase. Unlike “Dreamer”, which showcases Walker’s signature EDM sound, “Hero” is a reflection of his softer side. The track is a cinematic blend of melodies and undulating basslines that pair perfectly with Sloan’s incredible vocals. With meaningful and emotive lyrics that encapsulate an homage to the everyday heroes in our lives, the single is definitely an anthem not to be missed.“I’ve been looking forward to releasing this song called "Hero" for a long time. It’s also been a pleasure working with Sasha Alex Sloan and her amazing voice. This track is about celebrating the very dear people we see as heroes. Recognizing the work they’ve put in to make this world brighter and more resilient. I hope ‘Hero’ inspires our listeners to embrace their inner hero, live openly and love deeply.” said Walker.“I was so excited when Alan asked me to sing on this track. I’ve been a fan of his since "Faded" and I’m stoked for our song to be out in the world.” Sloan added.Both Walker and Sloan are no strangers to festivals. They have performed in massive festivals such as Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, EDC, and the most recent Neon Countdown in Thailand. Sloan also performed at Coachella last month. With plenty of festivals coming up this summer, “Hero” is bound to be on heavy rotation for those goosebump-inducing moments in Alan’s sets.Walker will be traveling to Asia again in June, performing live at Grand Prix Formula E in Indonesia  and Heineken's Silver Music Festival in Vietnam. “Hero” is his second release of 2023, with more already waiting in the pipeline. Walker is one of the most successful and influential DJs in the world. He currently has over 50 billion streams across streaming platforms and ranked #17 on DJ Mag Top 100 last year. He is also the second most followed DJ on YouTube, with over 43 million subscribers. He has a loyal fanbase across the globe, especially in Asia, where India , Indonesia and Malaysia are ranked top five in his most streamed countries. Check out Alan Walker & Sasha Alex Sloan - Hero (Official Music Video) : Follow Alan Walker: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook| Twitter| Website


TOP 10 STREAMING CITIES GLOBALLY INCLUDE:JAKARTA, TAIPEI, KUALA LUMPUR AND BANGKOK‘Fictional Illustrations’, the new album from Los Angeles-based independent pop and visual collective Fly By Midnight is out now. The album features a total of 10 tracks that showcase the duo’s signature blend of infectious melodies, dynamic range and smooth vocals.Stream ‘Fictional Illustrations’  hereThe lead single from the album, "Infinitely Falling", is a captivating track that depicts the heightened emotion of finding and exploring someone new, and its music video is a balletic short film that captures the essence of the song through remarkable choreography. Directed by Alyona Shchasnaia & Danny Mitri (previously filmed “Bad Omens” for 5 Seconds of Summer) in Kyiv, Ukraine, this video marks Fly By Midnight's continued foray into unique collaborations. After connecting with the director duo, the band was inspired to move ahead with filming in Ukraine, despite the current war efforts, as they believe it will send a powerful message that the arts will continue to thrive.‘Fictional Illustrations’ serves as a completion to the band’s previously released singles such as “Why My Love (Ain’t Enough)”, “What If I Wasn’t Done Loving You?” and “In The Night” which have earned the band a massive following including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan, which are among their top 10 monthly streaming regions.With over 340k subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Fly By Midnight has been praised by tastemakers such as Billboard, Buzzfeed, Nylon, Huffington Post and MTV, for their ability to pair unique visual concepts with each one of their releases.Fly By Midnight - “Infinitely Falling” (Official Music Video)Follow Fly By Midnight: Facebook |Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |Website

LENKA "One Moment"

Australian singer-songwriter and actress Lenka is back with her post-pandemic and first track of 2023 “One Moment”. The song is a catchy and whimsical pop tune that celebrates love and togetherness after overcoming the difficult times of the pandemic as well as encouraging everyone to cherish the people around them. Listen to "One Moment" here: line with her message of celebrating love and connection, she will embark on her Asian tour, which will kick off in Indonesia followed by Malaysia and Hong Kong.Lenka was inspired to write this track after watching her child sing at his school choir on Grandparents Day last year; she shares; "After two years of it being cancelled, this was the first time the parents and grandparents were able to come and see all the wonderful things the kids have been up to as they learn and grow. There were lots of happy tears in the audience and I just found it so touching. Watching all these families reunite and have hugs, it was the best!."“One Moment” features the vocals of the Berry Public School choir, where the kids lend their voices to enhance the overall dreamy tone of innocence and warmth to the single. "We recorded them in their school library, amongst the books and cushions and crafts for better sound quality. The kids felt so comfortable and sang like angels! They learnt the song so quickly, I was really impressed,” she said.Known for her chart-topping hit singles “The Show”, “Trouble Is A Friend” and “Everything at Once”, Lenka's musical style has evolved from being acoustic to more atmospheric, but her song structure and lyrics have remained, "For me, it's always a therapy - working out my problems and desires through the journey of the song." she added.Since the release of her album in 2008, Lenka has put out five albums and two EPs, gaining a tremendous following in Asia where her top streaming countries include India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition, Lenka is currently working on her sixth album which is slated for release later this year.Lenka Asia Tour 2023April 28th - Bali, Indonesia @ Atlas Beach Fest, BaliTickets : April 29th - Jakarta, Indonesia @ Club V Gatot Subroto,Tickets: May 1st - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ Zepp KL, Kuala Lumpur Tickets: - Kowloon,Hong Kong @ Music Zone @ E Max,Tickets: Check out Lenka - "One Moment" (Official Behind The Scenes Video) : Follow Lenka: Instagram | Facebook |Twitter | Website


“That’s Not How This Works (feat. Dan + Shay)”RELEASE ACCOMPANIED BY NEW MUSIC VIDEO FEATURING SABRINA CARPENTERTHE NEW TRACK FOLLOWS THE ANNOUNCE OF ‘THE CHARLIE LIVE EXPERIENCE’ TOUR KICKING OFF THIS SPRINGGRAMMY-nominated and multi-platinum singer/songwriter/producer, Charlie Puth, joins forces with three-time GRAMMY Award-winning and multi-platinum duo Dan + Shay for their new song “That’s Not How This Works,’ out now via Atlantic Records. Known for giving a glimpse of his creative process to his more than 21 million followers on TikTok, Puth recently teased the track while fans speculated about the song's official release and collaborators. Click HERE to listen to the full song.Produced and written by Puth and co-written with Dan Smyers, “That’s Not How This Works” opens with soft solo vocals featuring Puth accompanied by only his piano, narrating the back-and-forth of a relationship at its end. The track continues its soft momentum as it integrates the soulful vocals and harmonies of Country duo Dan+ Shay.Directed by Phillip R. Lopez, the official video for “That’s Not How This Works”, also stars singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter as Puth’s love interest.  Through a series of flashbacks, we see the pair navigate the high and lows of a young toxic relationship. The new track follows the release of Puth’s third studio album CHARLIE, his most personal album yet.  Even before its highly anticipated release, CHARLIE surpassed two billion global streams with the releases of “I Don’t Think That I Like Her,” “Smells Like Me,” “That’s Hilarious,” “Light Switch” and “Left and Right” (feat. Jung Kook of BTS) which has garnered over one billion streams alone and stands as Puth’s most successful chart debut to date. Puth will take his latest album along with his greatest hits on the road later this year with his recently announced ‘THE CHARLIE LIVE EXPERIENCE TOUR’ kicking off this spring. Produced by Live Nation, the tour will feature 34 dates across North America.  For a complete list of tour dates and tickets visit with Charlie Puth:Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music


RIMON has returned with her new single "I Choose U" featuring RINI with Samuel Kareem on production. Fusing R&B, Neo-Soul and Pop, RIMON never fails, and on "I Choose U" she leaves her "Build Me A House" phase behind and enters her fictional love era by painting a romantic story about having eyes for one particular individual.Global R&B sensation RINI (Filipino-Australian, now based in Los Angeles) delivers a floaty verse that transports you to the beautiful seaside without care. Accompanied by a video with so much love it would melt the toughest of hearts, they captured couples from all walks of life on the streets of New York blissfully in love. For the video, she reconnected with director Yavez Anthonio - who RIMON started her visual journey with back in 2018.RIMON's journey is a poetic tale of an individual who finds calm in the chaos and thrives in an ever-changing environment, redefining the meaning of home. Unintentionally that is precisely what the Ethiopian-Eritrean-born, Amsterdam-raised singer has done over her life. Living across various continents and countless cities, she lives to the fullest, following her dream anywhere it takes her. After dropping out of school at 17, RIMON spent most of her childhood moving from one place to another and formed her unique musical family, meeting longtime producer Samuel Kareem and the ALLE$ collective.2022 saw RIMON’s single "Build Me A House" take on a life of its own through TikTok, becoming one of her most popular singles following its debut on COLORS, RIMON’s second performance on the platform. Supporting on the second leg of the Giveon world tour in May, after a successful North America run end of last year, nothing can dilute her gift. There aren't many singers in 2023 with RIMON'S level of artistry. She never misses a beat from her voice to her music videos and style, RIMON’s music makes you laugh, think, cry, dance, and so much more. Her debut album will release at the end of 2023.Check out RIMON - I Choose U ( official video)  ft . RINI Follow RIMON: Facebook  |Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Vanessa Reynauld Release Her Latest Single, Official Soundtrack (OST) For The Drama Andai Itu Takdirnya.

Vanessa Reynauld, a young vocalist, is no stranger to Malaysia’s entertainment industry. This 23-year-old singer has a powerful voice and her own class in singing. Vanessa recently released her latest track, Andai Itu Takdirnya, which is great news for all her fans. According to Vanessa, she started liking the song upon listening to the demo, even though at that time the finishing touches had not been worked out perfectly."As soon as I heard the melody, the song was easy to remember and it was pleasant to listen to, therefore I accepted the offer to sing this song. For me, the lyrical verses of the song will be able to touch listeners' emotions, as I myself admire the sorrowful and painful components that are attempting to be conveyed in the song's writing."One of the song's merits is that it was chosen as the official soundtrack music for a new drama titled Andai Itu Takdirnya. Therefore, listeners will be able to understand and appreciate this song as a result of the perspective portrayed in the drama, both in terms of the plot and so on," she stated. The 23rd Music Industry Awards (AIM23) Best New Artist winner has also shared her interpretation of the story in the song Andai Itu Takdirnya, according to Vanessa, she stated that the song is not restricted to a specific life situation."I interpreted the story of this song as someone who loves their partner but can't be together. Even though they dearly love each other, they must let go of their partner. It is something that may happen in real life, sometimes we have to let go of our lover for variety of reasons, such as the fact that relationship are not ideal after some period of time. "Those who are going through a breakup can deeply connect to this song when the listen to it. Apart from that, the story of the song may also be interpreted as the story of losing our loved one, such as family members or even strangers," she stated.The song Andai Itu Takdirnya was written by Siti Rosmizah and composed by Ejai and Kelana. Vanessa admitted that she felt thrilled while being involved in the process of recording the song."The process of working with them was really simple, I received a demo sung by Ejai. After agreeing to take on the song, I went into the studio with Kelana to record the song, and he assisted me with the melody and delivery. I have also taken some time to study the song before going into the studio to make the recording process smoother."I have never personally met the lyricist, Siti Rosmizah, but I love the way she writes in Andai itu Takdirnya. I have also never met the composer, Ejai, but the process of creating this song went really well. Furthermore, the studio recording with Kelana was a breeze as it only took us around three to four hours to finish," she said.Lastly, Vanessa expressed her enthusiasm regarding the song Andai Itu Takdirnya, which she sang with all her heart. At the same time, the singer, who is represented by Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia, did not fail to devote special remarks to all of the fans who have tremendously shown unwavering support every time she releases new songs. "I hope my singing in this song represent what I’m trying to convey. I also wish for the quick recovery of all the broken-hearted folks out there. I also hope that my dearest fans respond well to this song."Thank you to everyone who has always supported me and to those who have been waiting patiently for my work throughout my journey in the music industry. I hope this song succeed in having people enjoy listening to it, since I myself also am fond of the song Andai Itu Takdirnya," she stated.Andai Itu Takdirnya sung by Vanessa, Siti Rosmizah as the lyricist, and composed by Ejai and Kelana and is available for purchase on iTunes and may be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.Connect with Vanessa Reynauld’s Social Media Accounts :  Instagram  |  TikTok |  YouTube 


After A 7-Year Hiatus, Malaysia-Born International Singer-Songwriter Finally Releases Much-Awaited Malay SongThe Malay proverb “sirih pulang ke gagang” best describes Malaysia-born international artist, Yuna, on her much-awaited Malay song after a 7-year hiatus. She returns with a heartfelt number entitled ‘MENANTI’, fully-written and composed by Yuna, with Kenny J Macartney, a half-Malaysian and Berlin-based singer-songwriter, rapper and also music producer, and produced by Yuna Music.“Gosh, I’ve lost track of time! It’s been 7 years since my last Malay-language single. As a music-maker, my inspiration comes in slowly and that’s something that can’t be forced upon. In the last 7 years, I’ve been putting a lot of my time in making my past albums such as ‘Chapters’, then it was ‘Rouge’, and my latest offering, ‘Y5’, in which for each album I had to prepare to go on promotional tours, and then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, it’s a lot,” explained Yuna, whose real name is Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, 36.Yuna’s home away from home, Los Angeles, America is where she is settled currently prefers to take things slow and steady before working on the next project, and now she has her sights on her latest Malay single and her upcoming Malay EP that will be launched soon."Apart from producing the single and EP, I too want to focus on being with family and can't wait to celebrate Eid together. After the pandemic ended, in August 2021, my husband and I returned to Los Angeles after about 18 months being in Malaysia, and we went to a place called Joshua Tree to write some songs and that’s how MENANTI first started."At that time, MENANTI wasn’t wholly produced yet and just the melody, fast-forward to 2023, as I was going through some old files, I came across the melody and began writing the lyrics, at first I wanted to write something in English but what came out was in Malay, so as a result MENANTI was born.The single is a love song about longing for someone who is far away, someone who is already gone but will always be a part of your life and will stay in your heart forever, a vow to always wait for this person whom you love very much."This one for me is personal, as I was writing the lyrics, I couldn’t think of anybody else but my late cousin Amy whom I was very close with, she was my bestie, and her untimely passing still saddens me. My world crumbles whenever I think about the fact that she is no longer around. So naturally, that sadness was poured into it, and when I presented the song to my friends, they told me they felt a sense of sadness upon hearing it although it’s a love song,” Yuna explained.For Yunationals (Yuna's fans), this is the answer they have been waiting for from Yuna, she said, "It's hard to make promises to fans in Malaysia every year because of my commitments in LA, after all I want to produce something I’m proud of for them, rather than putting something out there just for the sake for it, you know, and it wouldn’t be fair as well. It’s very hard to do well in both countries at the same time, and I don’t believe in multi-tasking as it was a mistake I’ve made in the past. Now I realized when I have a focus I get to achieve a lot of things such as receiving the ‘Gold Record’ form RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for ‘Crush’ featuring Usher, and also the opportunity to work with other artists like Tyler The Creator, G-Eazy and Pink Sweats.At first listen, the 3:05-minute song clearly reminds us of Yuna's one-of-a-kind signature sound, but there is something different in the music arrangement that feels current with a modern ‘Malaysianize’ element, in-line with her status as an international singer.Yuna shares about the making of her soon-to-be-released Malay single and upcoming Malay EP, "It took me 2 months to produce the song and it was done at home in LA, I have a home studio, so it's quite easy for me.As an artist who has been abroad for a long time, she has gone through it all thus those life-changing experiences have shaped her into becoming the person she is today, Yuna shared, “I think I’m more certain of myself as a person now than ever, before, I used to take things way too seriously, but now I’m more relaxed. I’ve achieved things that were beyond my expectations, despite the challenges and criticisms I faced. "I am proud of myself for pursuing my dreams rather than to impress people, I used to be a workaholic which turned out bad for me, so now I'm more focused on doing work that matters, and then take a break to focus on what’s most important which are my health, family and life.Who would have thought that the song ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ is 15 years old today, Yuna is back with her latest single and a Malay EP that will be released towards the end of April this year.“I hope this song will remind you of a loved one when you listen to it, and don’t forget to check out my EP dropping in very soon with a mixture of folk and R&B, so please watch this space!” Yuna ended gleefully.‘MENANTI’ is available for download on iTunes and as a caller ringtone from all major telecommunication service providers, and could easily be streamed and enjoyed 24/7 through various music-streaming portals such as Joox, KKBox, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and also YouTube Music.

香港天團MIRROR首發英文單曲〈RUMOURS〉 重量級宣傳遍佈海外 更登上紐約時代廣場 邁向國際「鏡」化效應持續全球發酵中

香港12人流行組合MIRROR繼過去一個星期在社交平台逐一公佈成員照片及新歌的宣傳影片後,全新單曲〈RUMOURS〉。作為橫掃香港廣東歌流行榜的超新星組合,這次是他們首次推出全英文單曲,更與全球最大唱片公司之一 Sony Music合作, 將MIRROR的音樂推向國際。〈RUMOURS〉超洗腦的副歌加上貫穿全曲的EDM旋律,輕易吸引樂迷的注意。歌曲以搶耳的重低音加上鼓點開場,慢慢帶動聽眾進入歌曲的節奏。成員各自的獨唱展示出多樣化的聲線,與副歌合唱的激昂形成對比,加上中段的rap solo,讓世界看到MIRROR的各種可能性。這首單曲由國際重量級音樂班底製作,由曾與SUPER JUNIOR、SHINee等著名K-pop團體合作的Chris Meyer和Alex Ludwig Lindell創作歌曲,亦邀得與EXO、2PM、TVXQ、EXILE合作的 Andrew Choi為聲樂指導。曾為Kanye West、Eminem、fun. 等操刀等的格林美獎提名混音工程師Ken Lewis負責此曲的混音,並由著名的Sterling Sound Studio負責mastering。這次〈RUMOURS〉的全球發行將有不同的宣傳為新歌造勢,在美國東岸時間3月17日的中午12時,在紐約時代廣場將有Spotify告示牌宣傳,這將是首次有香港藝人的國際單曲宣傳登上這個標誌性的的廣告牌!除了在銅鑼灣的電車站宣傳外,海外的其他廣告亦將陸續推出,邀請海外的歌迷一同慶祝MIRROR邁向一個新的里程碑!事實上,MIRROR 12子為了這次英語單曲的宣傳,接受了大量海外傳媒訪問,當中更不乏國際著名的音樂媒體,敬請歌迷期待,並攜手將MIRROR的熱潮推得更廣更遠!關於MIRROR香港男子組合MIRROR由12名成員:陳瑞輝 (Frankie)、王智德 (Alton)、楊樂文 (Lokman)、邱士縉 (Stanley)、江𤒹生 (Anson Kong)、柳應廷 (Jer)、陳卓賢 (Ian)、盧瀚霆 (Anson Lo)、李駿傑 (Jeremy)、呂爵安 (Edan)、姜濤和邱傲然 (Tiger) 組成,為2018年ViuTV選秀節目《Good Night Show 全民造星》的參賽者。比賽結束後,十二子宣佈成團,並以單曲〈一秒間〉正式出道,並在出道49天後舉辦首個演唱會,創下香港歌手團體最快舉行演唱會的記錄。MIRROR的歌曲長期稱霸音樂平台的排行榜,組合的YouTube頻道至今累積超過4.8億觀看次數,成員以個人名義推出的單曲亦成績斐然,在各大頒獎禮上都獲得佳績。