Vanessa Reynauld Release Her Latest Single, Official Soundtrack (OST) For The Drama Andai Itu Takdirnya.

Vanessa Reynauld, a young vocalist, is no stranger to Malaysia’s entertainment industry. This 23-year-old singer has a powerful voice and her own class in singing. Vanessa recently released her latest track, Andai Itu Takdirnya, which is great news for all her fans. According to Vanessa, she started liking the song upon listening to the demo, even though at that time the finishing touches had not been worked out perfectly."As soon as I heard the melody, the song was easy to remember and it was pleasant to listen to, therefore I accepted the offer to sing this song. For me, the lyrical verses of the song will be able to touch listeners' emotions, as I myself admire the sorrowful and painful components that are attempting to be conveyed in the song's writing."One of the song's merits is that it was chosen as the official soundtrack music for a new drama titled Andai Itu Takdirnya. Therefore, listeners will be able to understand and appreciate this song as a result of the perspective portrayed in the drama, both in terms of the plot and so on," she stated. The 23rd Music Industry Awards (AIM23) Best New Artist winner has also shared her interpretation of the story in the song Andai Itu Takdirnya, according to Vanessa, she stated that the song is not restricted to a specific life situation."I interpreted the story of this song as someone who loves their partner but can't be together. Even though they dearly love each other, they must let go of their partner. It is something that may happen in real life, sometimes we have to let go of our lover for variety of reasons, such as the fact that relationship are not ideal after some period of time. "Those who are going through a breakup can deeply connect to this song when the listen to it. Apart from that, the story of the song may also be interpreted as the story of losing our loved one, such as family members or even strangers," she stated.The song Andai Itu Takdirnya was written by Siti Rosmizah and composed by Ejai and Kelana. Vanessa admitted that she felt thrilled while being involved in the process of recording the song."The process of working with them was really simple, I received a demo sung by Ejai. After agreeing to take on the song, I went into the studio with Kelana to record the song, and he assisted me with the melody and delivery. I have also taken some time to study the song before going into the studio to make the recording process smoother."I have never personally met the lyricist, Siti Rosmizah, but I love the way she writes in Andai itu Takdirnya. I have also never met the composer, Ejai, but the process of creating this song went really well. Furthermore, the studio recording with Kelana was a breeze as it only took us around three to four hours to finish," she said.Lastly, Vanessa expressed her enthusiasm regarding the song Andai Itu Takdirnya, which she sang with all her heart. At the same time, the singer, who is represented by Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia, did not fail to devote special remarks to all of the fans who have tremendously shown unwavering support every time she releases new songs. "I hope my singing in this song represent what I’m trying to convey. I also wish for the quick recovery of all the broken-hearted folks out there. I also hope that my dearest fans respond well to this song."Thank you to everyone who has always supported me and to those who have been waiting patiently for my work throughout my journey in the music industry. I hope this song succeed in having people enjoy listening to it, since I myself also am fond of the song Andai Itu Takdirnya," she stated.Andai Itu Takdirnya sung by Vanessa, Siti Rosmizah as the lyricist, and composed by Ejai and Kelana and is available for purchase on iTunes and may be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.Connect with Vanessa Reynauld’s Social Media Accounts :  Instagram  |  TikTok |  YouTube 


After A 7-Year Hiatus, Malaysia-Born International Singer-Songwriter Finally Releases Much-Awaited Malay SongThe Malay proverb “sirih pulang ke gagang” best describes Malaysia-born international artist, Yuna, on her much-awaited Malay song after a 7-year hiatus. She returns with a heartfelt number entitled ‘MENANTI’, fully-written and composed by Yuna, with Kenny J Macartney, a half-Malaysian and Berlin-based singer-songwriter, rapper and also music producer, and produced by Yuna Music.“Gosh, I’ve lost track of time! It’s been 7 years since my last Malay-language single. As a music-maker, my inspiration comes in slowly and that’s something that can’t be forced upon. In the last 7 years, I’ve been putting a lot of my time in making my past albums such as ‘Chapters’, then it was ‘Rouge’, and my latest offering, ‘Y5’, in which for each album I had to prepare to go on promotional tours, and then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, it’s a lot,” explained Yuna, whose real name is Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, 36.Yuna’s home away from home, Los Angeles, America is where she is settled currently prefers to take things slow and steady before working on the next project, and now she has her sights on her latest Malay single and her upcoming Malay EP that will be launched soon."Apart from producing the single and EP, I too want to focus on being with family and can't wait to celebrate Eid together. After the pandemic ended, in August 2021, my husband and I returned to Los Angeles after about 18 months being in Malaysia, and we went to a place called Joshua Tree to write some songs and that’s how MENANTI first started."At that time, MENANTI wasn’t wholly produced yet and just the melody, fast-forward to 2023, as I was going through some old files, I came across the melody and began writing the lyrics, at first I wanted to write something in English but what came out was in Malay, so as a result MENANTI was born.The single is a love song about longing for someone who is far away, someone who is already gone but will always be a part of your life and will stay in your heart forever, a vow to always wait for this person whom you love very much."This one for me is personal, as I was writing the lyrics, I couldn’t think of anybody else but my late cousin Amy whom I was very close with, she was my bestie, and her untimely passing still saddens me. My world crumbles whenever I think about the fact that she is no longer around. So naturally, that sadness was poured into it, and when I presented the song to my friends, they told me they felt a sense of sadness upon hearing it although it’s a love song,” Yuna explained.For Yunationals (Yuna's fans), this is the answer they have been waiting for from Yuna, she said, "It's hard to make promises to fans in Malaysia every year because of my commitments in LA, after all I want to produce something I’m proud of for them, rather than putting something out there just for the sake for it, you know, and it wouldn’t be fair as well. It’s very hard to do well in both countries at the same time, and I don’t believe in multi-tasking as it was a mistake I’ve made in the past. Now I realized when I have a focus I get to achieve a lot of things such as receiving the ‘Gold Record’ form RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for ‘Crush’ featuring Usher, and also the opportunity to work with other artists like Tyler The Creator, G-Eazy and Pink Sweats.At first listen, the 3:05-minute song clearly reminds us of Yuna's one-of-a-kind signature sound, but there is something different in the music arrangement that feels current with a modern ‘Malaysianize’ element, in-line with her status as an international singer.Yuna shares about the making of her soon-to-be-released Malay single and upcoming Malay EP, "It took me 2 months to produce the song and it was done at home in LA, I have a home studio, so it's quite easy for me.As an artist who has been abroad for a long time, she has gone through it all thus those life-changing experiences have shaped her into becoming the person she is today, Yuna shared, “I think I’m more certain of myself as a person now than ever, before, I used to take things way too seriously, but now I’m more relaxed. I’ve achieved things that were beyond my expectations, despite the challenges and criticisms I faced. "I am proud of myself for pursuing my dreams rather than to impress people, I used to be a workaholic which turned out bad for me, so now I'm more focused on doing work that matters, and then take a break to focus on what’s most important which are my health, family and life.Who would have thought that the song ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ is 15 years old today, Yuna is back with her latest single and a Malay EP that will be released towards the end of April this year.“I hope this song will remind you of a loved one when you listen to it, and don’t forget to check out my EP dropping in very soon with a mixture of folk and R&B, so please watch this space!” Yuna ended gleefully.‘MENANTI’ is available for download on iTunes and as a caller ringtone from all major telecommunication service providers, and could easily be streamed and enjoyed 24/7 through various music-streaming portals such as Joox, KKBox, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and also YouTube Music.

香港天團MIRROR首發英文單曲〈RUMOURS〉 重量級宣傳遍佈海外 更登上紐約時代廣場 邁向國際「鏡」化效應持續全球發酵中

香港12人流行組合MIRROR繼過去一個星期在社交平台逐一公佈成員照片及新歌的宣傳影片後,全新單曲〈RUMOURS〉。作為橫掃香港廣東歌流行榜的超新星組合,這次是他們首次推出全英文單曲,更與全球最大唱片公司之一 Sony Music合作, 將MIRROR的音樂推向國際。〈RUMOURS〉超洗腦的副歌加上貫穿全曲的EDM旋律,輕易吸引樂迷的注意。歌曲以搶耳的重低音加上鼓點開場,慢慢帶動聽眾進入歌曲的節奏。成員各自的獨唱展示出多樣化的聲線,與副歌合唱的激昂形成對比,加上中段的rap solo,讓世界看到MIRROR的各種可能性。這首單曲由國際重量級音樂班底製作,由曾與SUPER JUNIOR、SHINee等著名K-pop團體合作的Chris Meyer和Alex Ludwig Lindell創作歌曲,亦邀得與EXO、2PM、TVXQ、EXILE合作的 Andrew Choi為聲樂指導。曾為Kanye West、Eminem、fun. 等操刀等的格林美獎提名混音工程師Ken Lewis負責此曲的混音,並由著名的Sterling Sound Studio負責mastering。這次〈RUMOURS〉的全球發行將有不同的宣傳為新歌造勢,在美國東岸時間3月17日的中午12時,在紐約時代廣場將有Spotify告示牌宣傳,這將是首次有香港藝人的國際單曲宣傳登上這個標誌性的的廣告牌!除了在銅鑼灣的電車站宣傳外,海外的其他廣告亦將陸續推出,邀請海外的歌迷一同慶祝MIRROR邁向一個新的里程碑!事實上,MIRROR 12子為了這次英語單曲的宣傳,接受了大量海外傳媒訪問,當中更不乏國際著名的音樂媒體,敬請歌迷期待,並攜手將MIRROR的熱潮推得更廣更遠!關於MIRROR香港男子組合MIRROR由12名成員:陳瑞輝 (Frankie)、王智德 (Alton)、楊樂文 (Lokman)、邱士縉 (Stanley)、江𤒹生 (Anson Kong)、柳應廷 (Jer)、陳卓賢 (Ian)、盧瀚霆 (Anson Lo)、李駿傑 (Jeremy)、呂爵安 (Edan)、姜濤和邱傲然 (Tiger) 組成,為2018年ViuTV選秀節目《Good Night Show 全民造星》的參賽者。比賽結束後,十二子宣佈成團,並以單曲〈一秒間〉正式出道,並在出道49天後舉辦首個演唱會,創下香港歌手團體最快舉行演唱會的記錄。MIRROR的歌曲長期稱霸音樂平台的排行榜,組合的YouTube頻道至今累積超過4.8億觀看次數,成員以個人名義推出的單曲亦成績斐然,在各大頒獎禮上都獲得佳績。

Turning Sorrow Into art, lullaboy Sings About Unrequited Love Through His Latest Single “van gogh”.

Not a stranger to the SEA-Pop industry, Indonesian-Singaporean artist Bernard Dinata, known as lullaboy, marks his return with another single under his artistic belt, titled “van gogh”.Not one to shy away from his emotions either, lullaboy pens down his frustrations in a sonic tale of love, unrequited - a tale as old as time, in “van gogh”. lullaboy’s latest pop ballad gives a nod to the iconic song Starry Night in the intro, before proceeding to paint a picture of an attempt at wooing a disinterested love interest. Working hand-in-hand with producer Nacho Larraza, who produced half of lullaboy’s first album, “van gogh’' depicts the story of someone pining over unrequited love. lullaboy chooses to believe that “love is what drove Van Gogh mad, just like it does to all of us. If he was a musician instead of a painter, this is a song he could have written”, he says. With heart-breaking revelations in his lyrics, juxtaposed against a summery guitar-driven RnB arrangement of the song, lullaboy manages to capture the feeling of delusion, romanticized and packaged perfectly into a pop song. As for the living inspiration for the track, lullaboy sings this song as one final attempt to win over the girl who brought color into his life. “The girl in the song is the inspiration for my art, my muse, and it's about trying our best to win her over even though the love might be unrequited”, he confesses and ultimately admits that finishing the song was no easy feat, with it being two years in the making. “This song was the toughest to create. It went through over ten revisions over two years before we finally felt fully proud of it. I am so attached to this song now”, he adds. lullaboy hopes that listeners understand that it’s okay to want love and to want to be loved. Even if it can sometimes be a losing game, saying that “We can all be suckers for love and that’s okay. Sometimes we just have to vibe and enjoy the ride, but if you meet someone who brings color to your life, fight for them, and don’t let them go”, he states. 'van gogh' also marks his second single release under RedRecords following his success with 'Shortcut To Heaven', available now for downloads on iTunes and streaming websites such as Apple Music, Deezer, JOOX music, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music. Check out “van gogh” music video here : Connect with lullaboy: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 


ALT-POP ARTISTA KID NAMED RUFUSRADIATES POSITIVITY IN VIBRANT NEW SINGLE"tryhard"LISTEN HERETransitioning into adulthood is already a hideous process, even under the best of circumstances. For Malaysian-born, queer bedroom-pop performer Rufus Sivaroshan (they/them), who performs as a kid named rufus, leaving home was exponentially more challenging. The now 20-year-old Rufus is thriving at Syracuse University, where they major in music business while simultaneously fostering a burgeoning music career.Out now, a kid named rufus shares their new single “tryhard” via Nettwerk. The jangling, synth-packed track (co-written with Benji Cormack of slenderbodies) came from an impulse to record something bright and joyous. The track is about letting go off the pressures in your life and freeing yourself of responsibilities.Of the new track, a kid named rufus shares: “'tryhard' is a song that came together very quickly, because as someone that struggles with ADD and anxiety, I'm always in my head about every little thing and making sure everything is as perfect as it can be. But sometimes you don't have to do that, sometimes, it's okay to just take a break. I don't think I've ever written a happy song until ‘tryhard,’ and I fully owe it to being in the room with Benji for helping me push my boundaries. He sent over an instrumental and I wrote the lyrics in my dorm room sophomore year. When I flew to Austin, TX to finish the song with him, everything came very naturally.Writing ‘tryhard’ felt like a good resolution to a lot of the stress and pressure I was under moving to the US and getting settled in.”In late January, a kid named rufus proudly made their Nettwerk debut with the single “eighteen ft. Cole Bauer”, a soulful effort centred with youthful optimism, twinkling melodies, and heartfelt alt-pop cadences. The track was released to wide support in Asia from the likes of NYLON Manila, Fly FM (Malaysia), Bandwagon (Asia) and Juice Malaysia, as well as key Spotify playlists Hot Hits Malaysia, Indie Shuffle, ORG and more.Drawing inspiration from a range of influences — from Weezer to Alex G to Mac Demarco and Dayglow — Rufus grew up in Kuala Lumpur, where they taught themself to write, play, and produce music on YouTube. In the fall of 2021, a kid named rufus released their debut EP 'graduation', an assortment of easy listening, loveable indie pop tracks that paint vivid soundscapes of pure bliss which garnered more than 1.5 million Spotify streams.The obstacles in their journey, however, are captured on their open-hearted, ultra-catchy forthcoming debut album out later this year. The new record is a vibrant collection of songs touching on themes of homesickness, adulting, love, lust, culture shock, and much more.Though based halfway across the globe, Rufus has grown a significant fanbase in Asia, with Asian markets now dominating their Top 10 streaming markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.Follow a kid named rufus: TIkTok| Twitter|Instagram


Up and coming Balinese singer/songwriter, Assia Keva, channelled her emotions of pain, sadness, loneliness, and disappointment into her latest single, "Cool Me Down". The song, released today is the third single by the songstress so far. The 18-year-old musician shares, the story behind "Cool Me Down" is about an individual who feels like an outsider and doesn't fit in with their surroundings. The song speaks to the feeling of being the odd one out, like an "ugly duckling."* Listen here:"The person in the story is actually myself," shared Assia Keva. "Cool Me Down’ is a very personal and intimate reflection of my own experiences. I believe that my pursuit of music represents my rebellious spirit, and I could genuinely see it in their eyes that it issomething they don’t want me to pursue, yet here I am writing a song about it," she added.The single "Cool Me Down" stands apart from Assia Keva's previously released tracks, "Goodbye" (July 2022) and "Only You" (September 2022), in terms of sound and beats. In collaboration with her producers Kanhaiya and Bam George, Assia Keva ventured into exploring the different sides of R&B music while still staying within its bounds."With this single, I aim to showcase a different side of myself, something that is more sensitive and vulnerable. At the same time, I wanted to embrace elements of my Indian heritage into the music. That is why I had infused traditional Indian instruments like the sitar and the gamaka which are an integral part of Indian music," said Keva.Assia Keva described working with Kanhaiya and Bam George as a very pleasant experience."Collaborating with Kanhaiya and Bam George doesn't feel like working. They are like my second family as well as my mentors in this music industry. Both producers were incredibly patient and supportive while I worked on my debut album, even when there were setbacks that caused delays in the recording process," she said.Following the release of "Cool Me Down," Assia Keva will turn her attention back to completing her first mini-album, set to be released in mid-2023. She hopes that her music will resonate with listeners and provide a sense of comfort, letting them know that they are not alone in their experiences and emotions.or Stream “Cool Me Down” here: Follow Assia Keva: Twitter|Instagram | YouTube| TikTok

Grammy-nominated R&B artist Eric Bellinger Drops New Album

ERIC BELLINGER AND HITMAKA RECRUITED MUNI LONG, CORDAE, TINK AND MORE FOR‘1(800) HIT-EAZY: LINE 2’ ALBUM2x GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger and super producer Hitmaka release their new album ‘1(800) HIT-EAZY: LINE 2’ via All Wins Ent./EMPIRE. The project is accompanied by the official video to the unheard single, “Sum 2 See” featuring buzzing newcomer Blxst.The highly anticipated album, ‘1(800) HIT-EAZY: LINE 2’, follows Eric’s critically acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated album ‘New Light’ and is the second instalment of the ‘1(800) HIT-EAZY’ series from the artist and producer duo. The 14-track project features special appearances from Fabolous, Cordae, Tink, Blxst, Kalan.FrFr, and recent GRAMMY winner Muni Long in addition to previously released hit singles, “Obsession,” “Obsession” Remix ft. Muni Long, the gym anthem “BNB” (Brand New Body) and “Decide.” Speaking about the project, Eric shares, “For the first time in a long time, I stepped outside of talking about my personal relationship & emotions to speak on behalf of the fellas! If you listen to the project from start to finish, you hear a 14-track story filled with love, vulnerability, and betrayal but this time from the male's perspective. We hear a lot about men living double lives, but we never heard the story when the roles are reversed. I took it upon myself to tell the story of the side dude.” Accompanied alongside the album is an official music video for “Sum 2 See” featuring buzzing artist Blxst. The track samples the 1988 popular hit “Piece of My Love” by R&B group Guy and is directed by frequent collaborator Keoni Mars (Ty Dolla $ign, Masego). “Sum 2 See” visually picks up where “Obsession” left off, as Bellinger’s love interest finally gives him a chance to date. Bellinger is currently on the road for The “Obsession Tour” which is his first solo headlining tour with Trevor Jackson, Kyle Banks and more as openers. No stranger to the industry, Bellinger’s music has garnered over 2 billion streams across various streaming platforms WORLDWIDE🌎 . He received recognition for his work when he won a Grammy in the Best R&B Album category for his contributions to Chris Brown's 'F.A.M.E.' which included the hit songs "She Ain't You" and "Say It with Me". In addition to that, he has co-written songs for Usher, Brandy and Justin Bieber.Stream ‘1(800)HIT-EAZY: LINE 2’ here: * Watch the official video of “Sum 2 See” here: 


Los Angeles-based indie pop duo, Fly By Midnight launched the year with the release of their latest single titled “Why My Love (Ain’t Enough)”.  * Listen here: band wrote & produced this nostalgic/dreamy number this past year through the perspective of their younger selves. The song reflects on their emotions towards someone and the difficulties of feeling inadequate. With sultry vocals and an infectious melody, the single is definitely attention-grabbing from its first note and throughout the song. The upbeat and energetic composition, paired with a catchy chorus, makes for a true earworm experience.“We approached writing "Why My Love (Ain't Enough”) through the lens of our younger selves first exploring feelings for someone and not feeling adequate enough. It's one of our favourite storytelling songs we've ever released and feels like the perfect last single before the full-length record comes out,” the duo shared.Their previous single “What If I Wasn’t Done Loving You” debuted at #1 on KKBOX’s Top 10 Debut Singles chart and reached the top 10 on iTunes Singapore's All Genre chart, while "In The Night" has secured a top 10 spot on the iTunes Singapore Pop chart.Fly By Midnight is an independent, self-distributed pop and visual collective duo consisting of singer-songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/singer-songwriter Slavo. Over the past couple years, they’ve collaborated with artists including; Betty Who, Shoffy, Clara Mae, Cailin Russo, ELLIANA, Jake Miller and Zaeden, and their music has been featured on various streaming platforms. With over330k subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Fly By Midnight has been praised by tastemakers such as Billboard, Buzzfeed, Nylon, Huffington Post, and MTV, for their ability to pair unique visual concepts with each one of their releases.Within the past two years, they’ve rapidly built a dedicated following domestically and internationally. Fly By Midnight's top 20 streaming countries worldwide includes the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. With this impressive following in Asia, the band aims to further expand their reach and connect with more fans across the region.*Check out the WHY MY LOVE (AIN’T ENOUGH)" MV below : Follow Fly By Midnight :Facebook |Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |Website

Alt-Rock Band Unknown Mortal Orchestra Shares New Single & Announces Double Album

ANNOUNCES NEW DOUBLE ALBUMNEW SINGLE + VIDEO "LAYLA" OUT NOWUnknown Mortal Orchestra (UMO) announces the release of the previously-teased forthcoming double album ‘V’, due March 17th via Jagjaguwar. Fans can check out their new single "Layla" here: in Palm Springs, California between the dry freeways and the lush coastline of Hilo, Hawaii, ‘V’ is led by Hawaiian-New Zealand musician Ruban Nielson and draws from the rich traditions of West Coast AOR, classic hits, weirdo pop and Hawaiian Hapa-haole music. Watch the accompanying cinematic video, directed by Vira-Lata, that serves as part one of a two-part series documenting the adventures of two young women, here. In October of 2022, the group set the stage for the album with the first taste of ‘V’ -- "I Killed Captain Cook" -- with a video featuring Nielson's mother, Deedee Aipolani Nielson, Miss Aloha Hula 1973.With ‘V’, UMO's first double album, Nielson reframes and enriches the road that led him to this moment. During the pandemic’s early days, Nielson’s brother Kody flew from New Zealand to Palm Springs to help him with his recordings. One of their Hawaiian uncles began displaying health issues, and Nielson realized he was facing a sharper and more acute sense of mortality. To be with him, he put aside his recordings and helped his mother and another of her brothers move from New Zealand and Portland, respectively, to Hawai'i. He reunited with his brother at his cousin's wedding in Hawai'i and together they travelled back to Palm Springs, where the fourteen singalong anthems, cinematic instrumentals, and mischievous pop songs in ‘V’ were brought together with the help of his father, Chris Nielson (saxophone/flute), and longstanding UMO member Jake Portrait.‘V’ evokes blue skies, beachside cocktail bars, hotel pools and the darkness that lurks below perfect, pristine surfaces. The desert resort city’s palm tree-lined streets reminded Ruban of a childhood spent playing by hotel swimming pools with his siblings while their entertainer parents performed in showbands across the Pacific and East Asia, and he became aware of the glamorized hedonism he’d internalized since childhood and the darker side of his parents' lifestyle when they were working as entertainers.“In Hawaii, everything shifted off of me and my music,” Nielson said. “Suddenly, I was spending more time figuring out what others need and what my role is within my family. I also learned that things I thought were true of myself are bigger than I thought. My way of making mischief - that’s not just me - that’s my whole Polynesian side. I thought I was walking away from music to focus on family, but the two ended up connecting.”A primary goal of ‘V’ for Nielson was to make music and art that transcends notions of clout and cultural currency while also aiming to inject having fun back into the process of creating music. For Nielson, ‘V’ is about having fun while making music and art and by doing so, he reclaims taste as a personal part of selfhood, propelling UMO to new creative heights.Having performed numerous shows in Asia, UMO has a steady following on this side of the world and intends to continue their presence across the region. The band has garnered more than 3 million streams in Indonesia and more than 1 million streams in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. ‘V’ tracklisting:1. The Garden2. Guilty Pleasures3. Meshuggah4. The Widow5. In The Rear View6. That Life7. Layla8. Shin Ramyun9. Weekend Run10. The Beach11. Nadja12. Keaukaha13. I Killed Captain Cook14. DragStream "Layla" here: or check out the music video below : Follow Unknown Mortal Orchestra Socials : InstagramTwitterWebsite


Filipino-Australian indie singer-songwriter grentperez reveals his latest single "Old With You", out now everywhere via AWAL and Fast Friends. A true love song at its core, the latest single from the multi-media artist, singer-songwriter, and producer pairs sweet and intimate lyrics with a sparkling alchemy of DIY-pop, R&B, soul and jazz in true grentperez style.“Old With You is a song of love and experience between lovers, friends, or even family, to live a life that retains its youthful days even after the test of time," grentperez explains. “'If I ever grow old' is a funny line to me, as growing up is inevitable, but it conveys the message of always having that youthful mentality. Either way, if you were to ever grow old, at least you’ve got someone by your side.”Sydney-based multi-media artist, singer-songwriter and producer grentperez’s handcrafted DIY pop instantly soothes on a series of releases that have helped endear him to rapidly growing audiences at home in Australia as well as further afield in South East Asia, North America and Europe.Grant's debut single "Cherry Wine", released in September 2021 shot up the Spotify viral charts across the globe, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and sweeping up the #1 spot in Singapore soon after its release. In less than two years, grentperez’s catalog has seen over 200 million streams to date, and over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, with hundreds of new fans discovering him daily.Recently supporting mxmtoon on her run of Australian and New Zealand shows amongst his own sold-out headline tour, 2023 is gearing up to be a huge year for Grant who will be touring with Australia’s Wine Machine Festival before returning to play a slew of sold out headline shows for his rescheduled US tour. Additionally, grentperez also announced this week he will join Cavetown as a special guest on their upcoming tour, alongside mxmtoon and Ricky Montgomery.Born in Australia, grentperez grew up as the youngest of three kids in a Filipino family. Raised on a diet of The Eagles,The Beatles, and Queen thanks to his dad before moving onto the likes of Musiq Soulchild. As soon as he received his first nylon string acoustic, he taught himself Jeremy Passion’s “Lemonade”, learning chords, shapes, and plucking patterns. At the end of 2013, he launched his YouTube channel which currently sits at over half a MILLION subscribers.Check out his his latest single "Old With You" MV here : 

lost spaces Releases Follow-Up Focus Single Titled “DOMO (dancing on my own)”

Fresh off playing at Sunnydays Festival 2022 to supporting Ramengvrl on the Kuala Lumpur leg of her Asia Tour, and rocking out with the Midnight Fusic boys at their recent sold out showcase, lost spaces has properly announced his return and is back with a UK House inspired indie synth-pop banger titled “DOMO (dancing on my own)”. Following up his first single “daydream”, which achieved 130,000 streams in the first month of its release, “DOMO (dancing on my own)” is a fresh but familiar sound lost spaces fans have come to expect from the indie-pop artist.From working record winning producers like The Chief, Kuszanagi from Breaking Music, R&B songstress JAIE in his first record “no-vacancy” lost spaces has grown into a solid producer on his own, fully producing and writing the next few projects. With “DOMO (dancing on my own)” Sam Lopez; his actual given name, teams up with long time friend Kuszanagi to create this ‘dancey’ track which will get you tapping your feet and dancing in no time.DOMO (dancing on my own) was a song written from a place of losing the person that Sam saw at the time as the love of his life to circumstance and distance. “I really zoned in on the feeling of hurt and loss with this one & put it into a piece of art” explained Sam while talking about the song. From singing about his past lover with fondness and warmth in the verses and then progresses to the lines “this tragedy, our love the casualty, how do I ever let you go”, Sam takes you on a journey of joy, sadness and loneliness in the full 3 minutes of the song.The hook “I’m dancing on my own, chasing sunsets all alone” alludes to how Sam’s way to cope is to create a track that captures the best of the relationship but at the same time telling the story of despair and loss of that happiness & the loneliness that follows.The composition & production of the track was purposefully written upbeat to juxtapose the sad nature of the lyrics. “I got my mate Kuszanagi on board to add some lil’ cool layers, textures & harmonies that really elevated the song, especially in the chorus and bridge! That guy is a production wizard for sure.” explained Sam.“This track was definitely influenced by sounds from UK House, Garage & Synth Chill Wave this indie-pop centred track was built on electronic sounds with band fundamentals. I was listening to alot of Kaytranada, Disclosure and Tourist at the time while writing the song, I think it shows in the track with me putting a band- styled spin to that sound which emerged as my own. I’m very proud of that.” shared Sam about the production process of the song. The track emerges as a dancy sad bop with heartfelt emotions, making you wanna cry, dance and cry while having the song repeat on song again & again.DOMO (dancing on my own)LISTEN HEREFollow lost spacesFacebookInstagramSpotifyYouTubeTikTok

Raconteur, liesl-mae, unfurls an open-letter to depression – her latest single titled ‘Raincloud’

Singer-songwriter, liesl-mae, reflects on her struggles with mental health in a compelling new single, “Raincloud”. Addressing the cyclical nature of depression and its damning effects, the inspiring young artist hopes to engage in a discussion to dismantle the social stigmas surrounding mental health. The song is slated for release on 28 October, 2022.The song begins with a posed question: “When was the last time you felt happy?” On the surface, it is a seemingly benign enquiry. However, unable to respond, the question initiates an unexpected internal dialogue traversing the uniquely human blight of depression and anxiety. Artfully woven together with vivid metaphor and thoughtful lyricism, liesl-mae puts the feelings of hopelessness into words that creep malignantly into one’s mind – lying restlessly in wake. Her pristine vocals shine brightly through the track’s guitar driven melodies, ambient pads, and pulsating basslines. Gradually building up from an intimate, campfire-esque start to a grandiose conclusion; complete with elaborate orchestral arrangements and ebullient drumming. An old soul at heart, liesl-mae’s deceivingly simple songwriting has captivated the hearts and minds of her rapidly growing constituent of fans, desperate to seek out a voice that speaks to their own experiences.On writing about mental health, a topic the burgeoning songstress handles with the utmost care and consideration, liesl-mae approaches “Raincloud” as if it were an “open letter to depression” itself. Steering clear of accusatory language or being overly critical of herself, the song’s gentle and unassuming approach to storytelling allows it to explore some of life’s most difficult, and oftentimes pertinent, questions in a congenial manner. Despite how life may appear on the outside, the song is in essence about “feeling bad for feeling bad”.The inexplicable nature of depression causes a neurotic downward spiral into self-loathing – “wishing bad things upon myself to make up for feeling bad” explains liesl-mae. “For the first time, I channelled anger into my music… [It’s] an emotion I'm not used to outwardly expressing. Carefully crafting the sonics of the track with Mixed by Wong (engineer), “Jose Ong (producer) was really able to bring those feelings to life with the arrangement of this song. It was a very cathartic experience to be able to let it all out.”Having opened for the Here Comes July pre-listening party for Sinarku on the 27th of August, liesl-mae also made her festival debut at Good Vibes Weekender on 24 September, alongside the likes of Jackson Wang, Pink Sweat$, and beabadoobee, to name a few. Working towards the release of her first full-length EP in the former half of 2023, liesl-mae’s artistic sails have just begun to unfurl.*liesl-mae made her first debut festival performance at Good Vibes Weekender 2022 on 24 Sept as the opening act for the second-day festival!“Raincloud” has been released on 28 October, 2022 with a Lyric Video premiering exclusively on her YouTube channel on the same day at 8.00PM (MYT).Check out her music video here : ABOUT LIESL-MAEliesl-mae is a 24-year old singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Handpicked by Sony Music Entertainment, liesl-mae is the first Malaysian artist to be signed to Sony’s Southeast Asian label OFFMUTE. liesl-mae made her first debut festival performance at Good Vibes Weekender on September 24th as the opening act for Day Two of the festival.Drawing inspiration from artists such as Lizzie Alpine, Dodie, Billie Eilish, Kodaline, and Bruno Major, liesl-mae’s artistry is defined by her distinct voice and vocal style which can best be described as calming and dreamy, with an almost lullaby-like quality to it, and paired with nuanced lyrics that display a marked simplicity and realness.Her past releases “Solace” (2021), “Headspace” (2022) and “The Trip” (2022) have amassed a total of over 1,140,000 streams on all digital streaming platforms.Outside of music, liesl-mae is also a mental health therapist and an advocate for mental health. She hopes to use her platform with OFFMUTE to openly address mental health through her music by inspiring others, as well as to foster understanding around the subject matter – and she does it all with her heart on her sleeve.Driven by an unwavering sense of self in her dedication to her craft, liesl-mae is right on the cusp of going from bedroom singer-songwriter to full-fledged recording artist and performer. Her first original release entitled “Headspace” was released in early 2022. Watch the “Headspace” music video here.Find liesl-mae on:Apple Music | Instagram | Spotify |  TikTok |  YouTube


Singaporean singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono releases new dream pop single “Night After Night,” available across all digital platforms worldwide. The song is a follow-up to the first single “Infinity”(released back on August 12, 2022) of Nathan Hartono’s new music release cycle. Says Nathan, “‘Night After Night’ continues the trend of vulnerability I’ve been trying to keep with this new wave of music. While ‘Infinity’ is cryptic and vague, ‘Night After Night’ drops all the pre-tense and is more confessional. The lyrics ‘Help isn’t on the way, ‘coz I’m hiding it well’ is kind of the inciting line that made me know what this song is going to be about, and how honest I wanted to be. At my worst, I find myself in the middle of sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, contemplating nothing and everything at the same time. And this song is birthed from that feeling.” Working with Canadian producer Peach Luffe (real name Jong Lee) for the first time remotely over Zoom earlier this year, Nathan has intentionally shaped the direction of the track towards a lush and wistful ‘60s dream pop arrangement. “There is something about that dream pop, shoegaze-y sound that evokes a sense of meandering that I tend to feel in these dark times. I think because I wrote a lot of the music and lyrics at the same time, the words kind of informed the sound,” explains Nathan. “I listened to a lot of Peach Luffe’s songs before we met and happened to have the perfect draft song that would be a good jumping off point. I love his throwback sound and I have always wanted to do a song just like this, so it was some sort of kismet that brought us together.” Currently working on more new music, Nathan is on an exploratory sonic journey to develop his sound. Earlier this year in August, Nathan released the indie-pop single “Infinity” and self-directed the accompany music video that is now available on his official YouTube channel here. “Night After Night” is the second single from this new series and more releases can be expected in the coming months.Listen to "Night After Night” here 

Malaysia’s 2022 Satire “ADUHH!!!” Anthem Is Out & Already Making Waves

A collaboration between Def Jam Malaysia alongside Alternate Records presents Douglas Lim and SonaOne in their very first release for “ADUHH!!!”. The song reflects tongue in chic lyrics, catchy melody and a memorable hook that will leave an unintentional memory imprint.  The song stemmed from Douglas’s dream of always wanting to produce a hip-hop inspired song to add onto his ever-growing legacy plus portfolio. Having SonaOne who is not only one of Malaysia’s well-known rapper but is considered as the local hip-hop scene’s most respected producer to put his spin to the collaboration made the dream a reality. “It has always been my dream to record a hip hop song and so when SonaOne agreed to help me out with this, I was over the moon. I practiced and practiced really hard before recording but he made the process fun and exciting.” said Lim. The process of making the song was seamless for both artists when it came to putting the song together as both artists were able to put their best sides together and compliment the meaning behind the song.  “I wanted the song to be upbeat and have a play on being almost uplifting with the sound to match Douglas’s wordplay. Music and comedy have always been able to coexist with the likes of global names like Weird Al Yankovic, Jack Black and even locally from Jin Hackman so I knew this project would be a breeze to make.” said SonaOne. “ADUHH!!!” signifies a story about immense confidence one can emulate in their daily lives. “Think of it as a  guy who's as comfortable and confident in himself that he believes he's so handsome it hurts.” laughed Lim.Check out the music here : 

盧學叡在2月15日生日當天 發佈新單曲《愛走散了》

盧學叡在2月15日生日當天發布了他的新單曲《愛走散了》,這首歌曲也是馬來西亞首部BL網劇《無敵愛上你》的主題曲,同時也在生日當天于在他的IG平台上載主題曲MV。曾參加《超級星光大道》第一屆以第四名好成績受注目的歌手盧學叡,近年也從歌手的身份轉戰主持圈,出道15年,發行過2張專輯、1張EP,還入圍過金鐘獎“益智及實境節目主持人獎”,獲得主持界的肯定。但隨著主持星路的一片光明,盧學叡也不忘初心,對音樂的熱愛不曾減少,近日在收到遠在馬來西亞的好友Monsterz怪獸(編劇導演)的邀請下,義不容辭就答應為馬來西亞首部同志BL網劇《無敵愛上你》演唱主題曲,出一份力的同時,也為這部網劇增添色彩。馬來西亞首部BL網劇《無敵愛上你》是由AMM亞洲心動娛樂出品,AMM亞洲心動娛樂是香港ATV 亞洲電視跨足的網絡電視平台,以OTT方式成立而成,是一個嶄新引領潮流的流動娛樂平台。而AMM亞洲心動娛樂(馬來西亞)向來支持本地作品,這次更決定大膽投資,開拍馬來西亞首部BL網劇《無敵愛上你》。馬來西亞首部同志網劇《無敵愛上你》是一部青春愛情偶像網劇,故事主軸圍繞在一家名為WUDI網紅咖啡館所展開。在海選招募時就掀起一片熱議,看似愛情題材的背後,其實更多要帶出的,是另一層更深沉的意義,那就是以自我探索及性向的一部網劇題材。《無敵愛上你》這部BL網劇,導演Monsterz怪獸更首次大膽選用了很多的新面孔擔任此劇的重要角色,當中除了飾演吳迪的男主角Wardy葉國倫更是以“一個抬頭”的抖音,衝破百萬人次的觀看外,也曾在新加坡追夢,更接拍了不少的戲劇作品。至於其他主要角色,更多是在演員海選招募過程中,發掘了許多有才華的新臉孔及小鮮肉帥哥、並邀請多位彩蛋演員入鏡,讓腐女小編大飽眼福外,相信這也是本劇中最大的亮點之一。然而此次更大的挑戰,來自於這部劇的內心探索與詮釋。導演怪獸希望在這部短劇中,除了帶出咖啡館底下五位互助互愛、個性鮮明的員工相處模式外,還有自我探索性向及身份認知這一塊。其實,人生都是平等的,我們都有愛與被愛的權利,性向不會是阻礙,所以“愛最大”,想愛就要大聲勇敢說出來!馬來西亞首部BL網劇《無敵愛上你》在拍攝手法上跳脫了以往的格式,以豎屏的畫面呈現在觀眾面前。馬來西亞首部BL網劇《無敵愛上你》將在2月14日於AMM亞洲心動娛樂平台全球浪漫上映,分別在馬來西亞、新加坡、中國台灣、中國香港等亞洲市場全面播出,讓全球的觀眾都能線上收看。更多官方消息請留守AMM亞洲心動娛樂(馬來西亞)面子書或《無敵愛上你》官方Instagram賬號@wudiinlove,即可了解最新動態啦!