Embark on a Journey into the SHEIN Universe at its Inaugural Pop-Up Event in Malaysia, Uniting Fashion Enthusiasts from Diverse Backgrounds.

SHEIN, the global marketplace offering a wide array of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, is eagerly gearing up for its much-awaited inaugural SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up Event right in the heart of Malaysia! This event promises an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, and it's all set to unfold from 27th September to 2nd October at the Central Town, Ground Floor of MyTOWN Shopping Centre.A lineup of esteemed Malaysian personalities, influencers, and fashion icons, including Amelia Henderson, Scha Elinnea, Yaya Zahir, Sairiya Murugiah, Dior Yaw, and Farrah Khairina, will grace this event, each bringing their unique style and adding to the fashion extravaganza.The Pop-Up Event kicked off with a spectacular SHEIN Fashion Show, meticulously curated and styled by some of Malaysia's prominent influencers: Ash Edward, Khainina Khalil, Isha Norsham, Ashley Chin, and Ikhmal Nour. This fashion spectacle showcased a diverse lineup of male and female models, embodying SHEIN's dedication to embracing diversity and individuality, as they confidently presented SHEIN's stunning range of styles on the runway.Encompassing over 1,000 fashion and accessory products catering to women, men, and kids, the event was thoughtfully organized around four captivating themes: Party Styles, Office Styles, Active and Swim Styles, and Summer & Street Styles. In order to cater to various moods, occasions, and personalities, these themes featured carefully curated selections by SHEINfluencers, accentuating the latest trends.The SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up Event underscores that clothing is more than mere attire; it's an avenue to discover one's distinct style and embrace individuality.At the heart of SHEIN’s Pop-Up Event is the celebration of diversity, prominently showcased through its Curve+ Plus series offering sizes up to 4XL. This initiative firmly conveys that fashion is inclusive, resonating with the belief that style has no confines and there's a perfect fit for everyone. SHEIN elevates this notion by presenting a daily-refreshed array of fashion styles, ensuring visitors experience an unending display of the latest trends in women’s, men’s, and kids' fashion. Each day brings forth new fashion pieces, fresh inspirations, and innovative ways to express personal style.Moreover, the Pop-Up Event hosts an exclusive SHEGLAM Beauty Counter, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of cosmetics featuring an affordable range of SHEGLAM beauty products.Established in 2019, SHEGLAM has remained devoted to delivering an exceptional beauty journey to makeup enthusiasts worldwide.Simultaneously, the Home & Living Zone at the SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up Event offers a glimpse into stylish living spaces. This comprehensive approach to fashion underlines SHEIN's dedication to delivering a holistic lifestyle shopping experience.But there's more! SHEIN has curated daily giveaways of exclusive SHEIN gifts and arranged special appearances by top fashion influencers in Malaysia, further enriching the visitors' fashion journey.Qiu Tianyi, Head of Branding, SHEIN Southeast Asia, expressed, 'At SHEIN, we firmly believe that the beauty of fashion should be within reach for all. Fashion transcends fabrics and trending styles; it represents a transformative journey and a potent tool for self-expression. Recognizing how Malaysian fashion enthusiasts embrace trends while infusing their unique touch, we anticipate that this pop-up showcase will empower more Malaysians to explore and freely express their style.'*The SHEIN Pop-Up Event is not just a celebration; it is a groundbreaking milestone that unites fashion enthusiasts with Malaysia’s top influencers, marking the inaugural SHEINfluencer Day in Malaysia.Going beyond mere style, SHEIN has ventured into the realm of empowerment with the introduction of the #beSHEINmodels Community Programme in Malaysia. With a membership tally exceeding 7,000, this initiative underscores that fashion isn't just about looking fabulous; it's about feeling fabulous too. Exclusive perks and rewards awaited those who embraced this fashion movement.Additionally, the SHEIN Malaysia Pop-Up event marks the inaugural SHEINfluencer Day in Malaysia. This special day honors the brand’s #SHEINfluencer community, celebrating its successful partnerships with esteemed and popular influencers in Malaysia.* AFORadio Announcer - @Joanne Kam* AFORadio Announcer - @, why wait? From now until 2nd October, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in a realm of style featuring the latest trends, captivating outfits, and accessories that will ignite your inner fashionista.Date: 27 September – 2 October 2023 (Wednesday – Monday)Time: 10am – 10pmVenue: Central Town, Ground Floor @ MyTOWN Shopping CentreFor more details about the SHEIN Pop-Up Event in Malaysia, visit the official SHEIN website HERE.

Sacoor Blue Unveils Its Newest Collection: An Exploration of Youthful Inspirations. Sacoor Brothers Embrace Contemporary Comfort in Their Latest Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

Sacoor Brothers, the esteemed Portuguese fashion brand,introduces its Autumn Winter 2023 collection—a fusion of timeless style and contemporary leisure. The collection, deeply ingrained in the philosophy of 'reset & care', is meticulously designed in Portugal, showcasing a celebration of creativity and inclusivity, suitable for wear throughout the week.Guided by a culture of care, this collection embodies an approach that encourages a mindful journey, akin to the art of slow travel. Each piece, crafted with precision, reflects a commitment to longevity and enduring quality, transcending fleeting trends and emphasizing the brand's dedication to care.By selecting garments from this collection, you aren't merely making a fashion statement; you're embracing a culture that values durability. It's a celebration of the care culture, inviting you to cherish both the beauty of the present moment and the lasting appeal of your wardrobe choices.Sacoor Brothers' Autumn Winter 2023 collection celebrates pastel shades, like those in a countryside cottage. Soft blush, lavender, and mint colors come together in a harmonious palette. Perfect for a serene wardrobe. Great for transitioning between seasons. Ideal for outdoor connection. Clean lines for a sporty chic look. Floral patterns and cozy sweaters inspired by flowers. Dresses with floral motifs bring charm to urban life.The new collection is versatile, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. It suits various occasions—be it for work, a city stroll, or a night out. You'll find a range of bold and classic all-black garments, essential for your wardrobe. From sleek suits to elegant outerwear, these selections blend craftsmanship and modern twists for a polished look at any event. Sacoor Brothers offers satin shirts, stylish statement pants, refined cardigans, and flattering jeans, providing a comprehensive range of versatile choices. This collection embodies a culture valuing connection and inclusivity, catering to diverse style preferences and needs.The Indigo Soul collection by Sacoor Brothers for Autumn Winter 2023 is a standout segment that reimagines denim and cotton concepts, resulting in a unique range perfect for those who favor deeper hues. These garments seamlessly merge durability with contemporary style, making them essential wardrobe pieces throughout the year. Explore the Indigo Soul collection to find a carefully curated selection of modern, intricately designed pieces in winter's dark shades. From jackets with subtle detailing to finely tailored blazers, these clothes embody the brand's commitment to creating timeless apparel with a distinct air of sophistication. Indigo Soul provides the perfect clothing to enhance your style, blending practicality with a forward-thinking fashion aesthetic.The latest arrivals from Sacoor Brothers introduce the Everlasting Capsule, a fresh collection for enduring style. This versatile line, crafted from soft, breathable fabrics, focuses on office-ready basics. The pieces are designed to transcend seasonal shifts and fashion trends, available in neutral shades for endless mix-and-match options. Dressing well has never been easier, whether it's a chic dress or a tailored jacket.The new collection is available in all Sacoor Brothers stores in Malaysia, including Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, The Gardens Mall, Bangsar Village 2, IOI City Mall Putrajaya, LaLaport BBCC, and Gurney Plaza Penang.Sacoor Blue, a brand deeply committed to sustainable living, is excited to introduce its latest collection, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of youth and creativity. This new line will transport shoppers through three unique themes: 'Digital Daydream,' 'Lunch Break,' and 'Homeland.''Digital Daydream' takes inspiration from the gaming world, featuring a dynamic collection of tees and sweaters that seamlessly blend retro illustrations from the mid-80s and mid-90s. These pieces are all about embracing gaming culture and paying homage to the joy and excitement that these iconic games brought into our lives. Sporting these styles is like a journey back in time, immersing you in an era dominated by Walkmans and arcade gaming. Recall the pure joy of listening to music on a CD player or the excitement of caring for your Tamagotchi pet? "Digital Daydream" encapsulates the essence of those cherished moments. Regardless of whether you prefer physical or online gaming, these outfits are designed for the comfort required during intense gaming sessions or for simply relaxing on your couch.'Lunch Break' transports us to those cherished moments with friends post-school, reviving memories of carefree laughter and shared meals. This collection pays tribute to the 1950s aesthetic, infusing vibrant sportive colors. Tailored for the youthful and young at heart, it flawlessly combines varsity sportswear elements with academic-inspired pieces, offering a contemporary twist on the preppy style.In a fast-paced world, "Lunch Break" emphasizes the importance of taking breaks, not only for our physical well-being but also for our mental health. It prompts us to pause, step away from our daily routines, and recharge by spending time with friends who truly understand us.'Homeland' celebrates heartwarming reunions in a peaceful setting. Comfy jackets and knitwear embody coziness. Escape daily stress, embrace the outdoors, and let creativity flourish.Rustic botanical prints, florals, and folkloric patterns adorn this collection. Encourages a nomadic, nature-connected lifestyle. Pieces mirror nature's beauty, promoting purposeful living.Sacoor Blue's latest collection, crafted in Portugal, captivates youthful spirits. Each piece narrates a story of youthful adventures. It's a blend of fashion, meaningful connections, and well-being promotion.The new collection is available in all Sacoor Blue stores in Malaysia, including Pavilion KL, IOI City Mall Putrajaya, LaLaport BBCC, and MyTOWN Shopping Centre.Connect with Sacoor Brothers : Website | Instagram | FacebookConnect with Sacoor Blue : Website | Instagram | Facebook

First in Malaysia: Come and experience the Line Friends x New Jeans pop-up store, now open at 1 Utama!

Prepare for an exciting adventure into the Hallyu world as 1 Utama Shopping Centre proudly announces the official arrival and grand opening of the 【PLAY: LINE FRIENDS X NewJeans POP-UP STORE in MALAYSIA】.*POP-UP store main entrances**Bunini symbol IP from LINE FRIENDS*Marking its premiere in Malaysia exclusively at 1 Utama, alongside Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, this unique global pop-up will have a limited run of 3 months from 21st September 2023 to 21st December 2023. Don't miss out, be "SUPERSHY" and make sure to mark your calendar for a visit to 1 Utama during these dates!Covering an area of 2,900 sq ft, fans can eagerly look forward to immersing themselves in the realm of NewJeans, discovering a diverse collection of over 400 limited edition must-have items. This includes irresistibly cute plushies, accessories, t-shirts, caps, bags, and a plethora of other delightful memorabilia, featuring the captivating "Bunini." Bunini is a thrilling fusion of New Jeans' adored bunny symbol (Tokki) and the popular "minini" IP from LINE FRIENDS, which made a surprise appearance in NewJeans' latest music video "ASAP."*Pouch Cusions**TOTE BAGS AND T-SHIRTS**NEW JEANS T-shirts*NewJeans accessories**Powerpuff girls collectionsExplore a vibrant array of charming collections inspired by The Powerpuff Girls, featuring phone grips, keychains, stickers, and more for fans to indulge in. Immerse yourself in the lively pinks and soothing baby blues throughout the store, adorned with dazzling decorations and aesthetics reminiscent of the trendy styles of K-pop girl groups.Make a purchase of RM200 or more, share on IG/TikTok (tag @1Utama and hashtag #1Utama #NewJeans), and receive a Powerpuff Girls paper doll (valid from 21st to 30th September 2023).Spend RM400 and claim a Powerpuff Girls mini fan (available from 21st September onwards).Spend RM150 and receive a Bunini photo card (available from 1st October onwards).Shoppers at the recently opened LINE FRIENDS POP-UP STORE can look forward to receiving these promotional gifts with their purchase, subject to availability.*PhotoboothVisitors can seize the moment for some photo opportunities. The venue offers a variety of Instagram-worthy spots for Malaysian bunnies to craft special memories, including:NewJeans Photo Booth (strike a pose and take home a set of photo printouts)LED Animated Baby Wall (Dance along to your favorite music videos and hit song tracks)Line Friends Baby Wall (Say Hi to Mini Brown and Friends)NewJeans Manga Display (Discover anime-inspired avatars modeled after BlueJeans members here)Bunini Photowall (Be greeted by these adorable cuddly mascots and let your affection shine)*AFO ANNOUNCER - @AGNES*AFO ANNOUNCER - @MAG*Guests informations and Guidelines*

阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会 :因疫情而延迟,终于再度回来开唱!

历经磨难,阿牛(ANiu)再次回归!因疫情被迫延迟的《阿牛 2020 云顶演唱会》终于即将开唱即将在云星剧场举办一场盛大的演唱会。由 GME Malaysia、SunStrong Entertainment 晟创娱乐与 Sunny Side Up 光尚娱乐联合主办的《阿牛 2023 云顶世界演唱会》将于 2023 年 12 月 2 日下午 6 點,在云星剧场 Arena ofStars 震撼登场。阿牛,陈庆祥,以其轻松自然的音乐风格赢得众多歌迷。他曾以歌手、制作人、演员和导演多重身份活跃于乐坛。自 1996 年赢得“第二届 LEE COOPER 海螺新韵奖”后,他以代表作《城市蓝天》和红遍全亚洲的《对面的女孩看过来》铸就成功之路。《对面的女孩看过来》官方MV阿牛的音乐才华不仅在音乐界有目共睹,在电视综艺和电影领域同样有卓越表现。他的多重才华使得他成为众多观众心中的音乐偶像。这次演唱会不仅将带来阿牛的经典曲目,还会为乐迷们奉上崭新创作,为音乐之夜添上一抹独特的色彩。此次演唱会将以精心设计的舞台布置和令人难忘的音乐呈现,为观众带来一个难以忘怀的夜晚。欲购买门票者,可浏览 和 查询购票详情。门票将于2023 年 9 月 25 日起在 上进行销售,票价分为 VIP – RM588、PS1 – RM388、PS2 – RM288、PS3 – RM188、PS4 - RM108(需另加 RM4 处理费)。这是音乐爱好者们难得的机会,将近距离感受阿牛的音乐魅力。无论是阿牛的忠实歌迷,还是热爱音乐的观众,都不容错过这场音乐盛宴。立即锁定日期,抢购门票,和我们一同见证阿牛的音乐狂潮!

GoPro Unveils HERO12 Black: Longer Runtimes, Stunning HDR Video, Wireless Audio Support, and More!"

Max Lens Mod 2.0 Accessory for HERO12 Black Enables the Best in Class, Widest-Ever 177° Field of View at Market-Leading 4K60 Resolution. New Timecode Sync Makes It Easy for Professionals to Synchronize Multiple HERO12 Black Cameras, New GP-Log with available Look Up Tables (LUTs) Enable Pro-Level Color GradingGoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) has introduced the HERO12 Black camera, once again setting new standards for their renowned small, rugged, and ultra-versatile cameras.The latest flagship camera from GoPro is priced at RM1,999.00 and takes the groundbreaking performance of its predecessor to the next level. It achieves up to 2x longer runtimes through a redesigned power management system, captures stunning high dynamic range (HDR) video in market-leading 5.3K and 4K resolutions, supports Bluetooth® audio devices like Apple AirPods, and offers improved HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilization. Additionally, it boasts a range of powerful new camera features catering to both newcomers and professionals.The HERO12 Black introduces exciting capabilities, including the new Max Lens Mod 2.0 accessory, offering an industry-leading 177° field of view at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.With Max Lens Mod 2.0, you can choose from three field-of-view settings: Max Wide, Max SuperView, and the brand-new Max HyperView. This takes full advantage of HERO12 Black's large 8:7 sensor, providing perspectives that are 36% wider in widescreen video and 48% taller in vertical video compared to the standard lens.These wide-angle views are perfect for capturing first-person perspectives of sports and activities or creating dream-like immersion in natural settings when exploring with friends and family.Max Lens Mod 2.0 also boasts 2x more scratch-resistant glass than its predecessor and features a durable hydrophobic lens coating that repels water drops.GoPro CEO and Founder Nicholas Woodman remarks, "HERO12 Black sets a new standard for immersive life-capture. It represents the culmination of GoPro's 21 years of experience and our commitment to helping you capture and share life's moments in a vivid and immersive way, making you and your audience feel like you're right there, reliving your favorite experiences."The HERO12 Black comes equipped with a range of new, professional-grade features that are also designed for the ease and convenience of casual users:Enjoy wireless audio support for Apple AirPods and various Bluetooth® audio devices such as earbuds, headphones, and microphones. This is perfect for vlogging, narrating scenes, and issuing voice commands to control your HERO12 Black from a distance.Explore the GP-Log feature with available LUTs, offering greater control and enhanced color grading options during post-production.Experience wireless timecode synchronization, allowing an unlimited number of HERO12 Black cameras to sync effortlessly for seamless multi-camera editing with popular software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.Benefit from optimized encoding that delivers smaller file sizes without compromising image quality, ensuring efficient storage and easier sharing of your content.Furthermore, casual users seeking a balance of convenience and control will appreciate the HERO12 Black's revamped user interface. It features streamlined controls and introduces a new Vertical Capture Mode, allowing the camera to capture vertical 9:16 aspect ratio video even when mounted horizontally. This is ideal for effortless sharing on vertically-oriented social platforms.Introducing the HERO12 Black: Versatile, Feature-Rich, and All About Fun!This cutting-edge HERO camera, HERO12 Black, takes GoPro's renowned and sturdy design and enhances it with a host of performance and usability upgrades, making it the most capable and user-friendly HERO camera to date:1. Extended Runtimes: A significantly improved power management system delivers an impressive 70 minutes of continuous recording at 5.3K60 (the highest performance setting), over 95 minutes at 5.3K30, and a whopping 155 minutes at 1080p30, all while maintaining HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilization.2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo + Video: Experience eye-catching HDR photos and 5.3K+ 4K video for stunning visuals.3. Leading-Edge 5.3K Resolution + 8x Slo-Mo: Capture 5.3K video with 91% more resolution than 4K and a remarkable 665% more than 1080p. Slow down your footage up to 8x in up to 2.7K resolution. Additionally, get high-quality 24.7-megapixel frame grabs and 27-megapixel photos. Enjoy 4K video at up to 120 frames per second for 4x slo-mo.4. Exceptional Wide-Angle Perspectives with Max Lens Mod 2.0 Accessory: Benefit from a 36% wider field of view for widescreen video and a 48% taller field of view for vertical video. The lens is now 2x more scratch-resistant and features a hydrophobic coating to repel water drops.5. GP-Log + LUTs: For professional users, GP-Log with available Look Up Tables (LUTs) provides enhanced post-production editing and color grading capabilities.6. Wireless Audio Support: Record audio directly to the HERO12 Black from Bluetooth® devices like Apple AirPods, earbuds, headphones, and microphones—an excellent choice for vlogging, scene narration, and remote camera control via voice commands.7. Emmy Award-Winning Stabilization with 360° Horizon Lock: HyperSmooth 6.0 includes AutoBoost for adaptive video stabilization and minimal cropping. It also enables horizon leveling, even with full 360° camera rotation.8. Versatile 8:7 Aspect Ratio: The 1/1.9" sensor offers unmatched versatility, supporting various aspect ratios, including vertical 9:16, widescreen 16:9, traditional 4:3, and full-frame 8:7.9.Exclusive HyperView Ultra-Wide Angle Lens Setting: Experience immersive, wide-angle video with HERO12 Black's HyperView digital lens. Max Lens Mod 2.0 takes it even wider.10. Vertical Capture Mode: Capture vertical video while the camera is horizontally mounted—ideal for sharing on vertically-oriented social platforms.11. Simplified Camera Controls: Choose between "Easy Controls" for maximum convenience and "Pro Controls" for advanced users seeking precise control and efficiency.12. Night Effects with Still Images: Easily capture stunning light painting, vehicle light trails, and star trails with push-button ease.13. New Power Tools: Interval Photo joins a suite of Power Tools designed to enhance your video and photo capture. It enables photo capture at fixed intervals, ranging from every 0.5 seconds to every 120 seconds.14. Timecode Sync: Synchronize an unlimited number of HERO12 Black cameras for effortless multi-camera editing. Compatible with leading editing apps like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.15. 1/4-20 Mounting: HERO12 Black's mounting fingers now feature 1/4-20 mounting threads, ensuring compatibility with standard camera mounts and accessories.16. Rugged, Versatile, Reliable: HERO12 Black is waterproof up to 33 feet without requiring additional housing and is built to withstand the toughest conditions.Get ready for unparalleled adventure and creativity with the HERO12 Black!Also, Introducing the NEW Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote!GoPro is introducing a brand-new extension pole measuring 48 inches in length, which conveniently collapses down to just 10 inches. It's specially designed to seamlessly work with the 1/4-20 mounting threads of the HERO12 Black, with included mounting fingers to ensure compatibility across all GoPro camera models.The extension pole also comes complete with a detachable, wearable, and waterproof Bluetooth® shutter remote. This feature allows for effortless control of the HERO12 Black's shutter, even when the pole is fully extended. The versatility of this remote extends to other compatible models as well, including the HERO12 Black, HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini, and HERO10 Black.Look out for the all-new Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote, set to launch in October 2023. For more details, visit in Malaysia:HERO12 Black (RM1,999.00) and Max Lens Mod 2.0 (RM519.00) will hit the shelves at select retailers across Malaysia starting from September 13. Additionally, the HERO12 Black Creator Edition will be available for RM2,999.00.For comprehensive details on the GoPro HERO12 Black, kindly visit for more information.

Exploring IOI City Mall Putrajaya: Marks & Spencer's Arrival Adds to the Excitement

Marks & Spencer (M&S), the iconic British retailer operated by the Al-Futtaim Group, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its latest store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, marking a significant milestone in the brand's regional presence.With a spacious layout spanning more than 6,000 square feet, this store boasts fresh and modern interior design that enhances the shopping experience. It features dedicated sections for womenswear, menswear, lingerie, beauty products, and even a food hall, positioning Marks & Spencer as the ultimate destination for fashion and lifestyle choices in the area.*M&S Men's Section* M&S Women's Section*M&S Apothecary* M&S Food Section Ryan Dsouza, General Manager of Marks & Spencer Singapore & Malaysia, Al-Futtaim Retail and Wilfred Wong, Assistant General Manager of IOI City Mall, Putrajaya officiated the new store in Putrajaya. The event commenced with a lively ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by a captivating performance by accomplished percussionists, infusing the store's opening with an unforgettable rhythm. Esteemed business partners, local influencers, tastemakers, and members of the media were welcomed into the new store to witness this momentous occasion."We’re excited to continue our expansion journey into Malaysia’s largest shopping mall,” said Ryan Dsouza. “As the global leader in quality fashion and food products, Marks & Spencer strives to be the top choice for shoppers in Putrajaya to come and discover the latest fashion trends and timeless classics. We are equally excited to offer an array of delicious food choices in our newly launched M&S Food Hall. We can't wait to welcome everyone for this weekend of festivities.”A Weekend of FestivitiesOn September 9th and 10th, Marks & Spencer has a thrilling lineup of in-store activities for shoppers to enjoy. From the moment shoppers enter the store, they'll embark on an unforgettable journey, starting with an instant photo booth to capture precious moments. Armed with their photos, shoppers can then explore the newly launched M&S Food Hall, where they can savor global delights.Throughout the weekend, at 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm, Malaysian food enthusiasts will have the opportunity to delight their taste buds with a variety of signature British treats. The new store will also come to life with lively beats as surprise live performances hit the stage at 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Visitors who are fortunate enough to catch these performances will leave Marks & Spencer with a cherished memento. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!Exclusive Marks & Spencer Opening SpecialFor this weekend's grand opening, both existing and new BLUE Rewards members have some exciting perks in store. The first 300 redemptions will receive a complimentary water tumbler, and when you spend a minimum of RM200 in-store, you'll enjoy a RM10 discount. Please note that the RM10 discount is valid exclusively at the IOI City Mall location, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity early and enhance your shopping experience with Marks & Spencer!The new Marks & Spencer store is located at LG 278 & 279, Lower Ground Floor, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. BLUE Rewards ProgrammeDiscover a world of rewards and exclusive perks through BLUE, the loyalty program crafted to appreciate shoppers while they shop. To begin, simply download the BLUE app from either Google Play or the App Store, and complete the registration using your mobile number. This will grant you access to a wide array of exciting benefits. Explore My BLUE Rewards HERE to learn more.Connect with M&SWebsite | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

Ah Bob 林盛斌《The Bobfather 2023》:笑声不断,圆满结束的温馨之夜

香港著名喜剧演员 Ah Bob 林盛斌昨晚的《The Bobfather 2023》栋笃笑演出掀起了一场笑声狂潮,现场观众全情投入,度过了一个充满欢乐、感动和启发的夜晚。这场精彩的演出拥有满座的观众,吸引了大批人前来共襄盛举,会场充满了笑声和掌声,成为了一个难忘的夜晚。众多香港艺人也出席支持,包括黃浩然、Inez 梁诺妍、刘浩龙等等,展现了对 Ah Bob 的强烈支持。*情侣观众意外的婚礼仪式*演出一开始,Ah Bob 林盛斌在金牌媒人的环节中现场挑选了一对情侣观众,带来一场意外的婚礼仪式。这对情侣观众重新装扮后再次登场,上台合卺交杯,全场观众热情祝酒,见证了他们的 “幸福时刻”。*佛牌环节*在一个佛牌的环节中,Ah Bob 林盛斌分享了一个幽默的信仰故事,说带了他的样子的佛牌会保佑你平安,喝完酒都舒服没事。观众被问及愿意出多少价格购买这样的佛牌,竟然有观众回答一百万,引起现场观众一阵爆笑和掌声。AhBob 随后与这位观众互动,做出一些滑稽的佛牌念经动作,让现场气氛更加欢愉。节目中的互动元素不断升温,Ah Bob 林盛斌与观众进行了一场名为“日落西山下”的游戏,观众的答案让他哭笑不得,现场爆笑不断,掌声如潮。他还特别关心观众,不仅以幽默和机智回应他们,还送上温馨的小礼物,让现场观众享受了一个充满互动*和惊喜的夜晚。*特邀嘉宾:西拉*在一个动人的时刻,Ah Bob 林盛斌表达了对激励歌曲"This is Me" 的喜爱,然而,当观众以为他唱时,神秘嘉宾-茜拉出场,献上了动听的演唱。茜拉的歌声感动了全场,Ah Bob 林盛斌上台献花并送上祝福语,让这一刻变得更加特别。Ah Bob 林盛斌强调了家庭的重要性,并表现出对家人的深厚情感。他分享了自己的生活信仰,鼓励大家在面对负面情况时保持乐观,这一观念赢得了现场观众的共鸣。演出中提到,他的女儿和儿子经常参与他的互动,为演出增添了更多的温馨和搞笑。此外,他还分享了自己的特别习惯,他制作了两件特殊的 T恤,每天早上在镜子前穿著其中一件,字却被左右掉转了。他解释说,这样可以让他在每一天出门前,照镜子时听到这样的自我肯定:“Today is a good day今天是美好的一天”、“You are the best of the best 你是最好最好的”。这个习惯让他每一天都过得很快乐,并且希望每个人都能明白,无论面对多麽负面的事情,都可以转化为正面。最后,Ah Bob 林盛斌以呼吁观众要勇敢和勇猛地面对生活中的挑战,并感谢大家对他的支持。这场《The Bobfather 2023》栋笃笑演出不仅为观众带来了欢乐,还传递了正面的生活态度。他用幽默、感动和家庭的故事启发了在场观众,为大家带来了一个难忘的夜晚。

重返舞台,笑匠AH BOB林盛斌再度惊艳马来西亚!《THE BOB FATHER 2023》盛事9月2日即将引爆笑声狂潮!

在距离上一次的相聚已有七年的时光荏苒,我们翘首以待的AH BOB林盛斌终于再次驾临,为即将9月2日盛大上演的活动 - 《THE BOB FATHER 2023》大肆招势。这个令人难忘的时刻,标志着这位颇具传奇色彩的笑匠再度回归马来西亚,为了这里的粉丝们准备了精彩又富有笑料的栋笃笑。BOB深情地分享,与七年前那场名为《BOB'S UP》的演出相比,此次的栋笃笑将呈现独具魅力的全新内容。曾以BOB的成长历程为题材的《BOB'S UP》,而如今,他为观众带来了更高级、更精彩的栋笃笑系列 -《THE BOB FATHER》,融合了《教父》经典电影中的金句和元素,以全新姿态经验登场。在记者会上,AH BOB林盛斌毫不保留地与大家分享了一系列即将在内地上演的精彩栋笃笑演出,包括9月16日的中山站及10月28日的广州站,而其中更添一抹精彩的色彩,是他即将掀起的欧洲栋笃笑巡演。继上次东莞站献上的难得一见的特别嘉宾陈山聪之后,BOB也透露,他将邀请马来西亚备受瞩目的重量级特别嘉宾,为这一次的大马站演出锦上添花。精彩将于这个星期六,也就是9月2日,在吉隆坡MEGA STAR ARENA上演,正是BOB林盛斌 《THE BOB FATHER 2023》的时刻。让我们怀着无比的期待,共同见证AH BOB林盛斌幽默美丽的绽放,感受他即将呈现的栋笃笑精彩演出,期待您的莅临,与我们共同享受这场难得的盛宴。观看《THE BOB FATHER 2023》预告片

Explore the Cerruti 1881 Timepieces collection, featuring both men's and women's selections.

Established in 1967 in Paris by Nino Cerruti, Cerruti 1881 stands as a celebrated fashion label. Renowned as an embodiment of contemporary elegance tailored to the modern man, the brand adeptly captures the spirit of the era. Merging audacious nonchalance with the sophistication of Parisian aesthetics, Cerruti 1881 has garnered worldwide admiration and recognition. This very ethos and style find embodiment in Cerruti 1881 Timepieces, a range of watches that mirror the brand's essence.Cerruti 1881 Timepieces epitomize a fusion of innovation, artisanal skill, and boundless imagination. By challenging conventional sartorial norms and embracing the concept of "gentle masculinity," Cerruti 1881 has initiated a revolution in the realm of haute couture.Presenting the Cerruti 1881 Molveno, appropriately titled after the Italian town of Molveno, situated northwest of Trento. Renowned for its captivating backdrop amidst the breathtaking allure of the Italian Alps' rugged natural beauty, this watch collection draws inspiration from the region's masculine aesthetics, reflecting quintessential Italian design traits infused with remarkable character.Cerruti 1881 Timepieces – Molveno MenCurrently, the collection is available in two series, primarily differentiated by variations in the dials. Cerruti 1881 Timepieces can be found at Cerruti 1881 Timepieces boutiques, Solar Time boutiques,, and exclusive high-end watch retailers throughout the country. The retail prices range from RM1,759 to RM1,859.Cerruti 1881 introduces the bold and distinctive Positano timepiece. Exuding undeniable masculine energy, this watch draws inspiration from the ambiance of the charming village on the picturesque Italian Amalfi Coast that shares its name. Evoking the essence of adventurous journeys and carefree living, the Positano collection currently comprises two models, each subtly distinct in their color  schemes to offer a unique sensation when adorned. The retail price for this product is RM 1,499.CIWGF2224502•Colours – Burgundy bezel and design elements, rose-gold accents and gun-metal case.• Matching burgundy stitched leather strap for sporty appeal.CIWGF2224503• Colours – Black bezel and design elements, rose-gold accents and rose-gold case.•Matching brown stitched leather strap for sporty appeal.Cerruti 1881 Timepieces – Ruscello MenCerruti 1881's commitment to creating products of exceptional quality imbued with character and allure is vividly showcased in its newest release: the Ruscello Men's watch collection.This collection is currently presented in two primary series, each distinguished by its unique design and specifications.The watches share similar functions and specifications. However, the key distinction between the two series lies in the subdial arrangement, with the former adopting a 3-6-9 configuration and the latter featuring a 6-9-12 layout.The case blends flat brushed angles with a prominent round bezel, lending the watch a distinctive appearance. Complementing this masculine style, the prominent pushers and crown not only enhance the watch's aesthetics but also facilitate easy operation.Both series maintain uniform dimensions, boasting a 48mm diameter. They also share key features like date, hour, minute, and second indicators, alongside chronograph functionality. These functions are accurately and reliably driven by a quartz movement housed within the watch.Cerruti has ensured the stainless-steel case's durability, affording the watch a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters. Additionally, a robust ion plating process safeguards the vivid case details and colors, ensuring long-lasting appeal.The integrated strap, harmonizing with the dial and case, completes the watch, allowing the Ruscello to rest comfortably on the wrist despite its bold size. Paired with the practicality of its silicone construction, the Ruscello seamlessly accommodates everyday activities, whether in the office or during weekend outings. The retail price for this product varies between RM1,499 and RM1,759.Cerruti 1881 Timepieces – Velletri Men Multi-functionBorn from Cerruti 1881's unwavering commitment to producing exceptional items infused with uniqueness and charm, the Velletri Men's Multi-function watch collection emerges. The Velletri case's timeless circular form encapsulates the finest aspects of the watch's industrial design elements. Abounding with intricate features to behold, the multi-layered skeletonized dial's craftsmanship unveils the inner mechanical intricacies of the timepiece.The watch boasts a daring 45mm diameter, making a bold statement. Staying true to the watch's avant-garde theme, the lugs, along with various other components, are also skeletonized. Adding to the appeal, the generously sized knurled crown offers a satisfying touch when adjusting the time.A precise Japanese quartz movement drives the watch, indicating the time of day and facilitating the 24-hour and day sub-dials. It also powers the visible date wheel on the dial. Both the hour and minute hands are skeletonized and equipped with luminescence. The chapter ring features a prominent Arabic numeral at the 12 o'clock position and five-minute increments.Currently, the Cerruti 1881 Velletri Men’s collection presents an array of color options: black/burgundy/rose gold, blue/black/rose gold, grey/black, blue/black/grey, and black/silver. Straps are fashioned from a stylish blend of silicone and stitched, embossed leather. The retail price for this product varies between RM1,759 and RM1,959.Within Cerruti 1881's women's collection, you'll find a range of options including CERRISI_CIWLH2205503, CERRISI_CIWLH2205502, SERRETA_CIWLG2207303, and SERRETA_CIWLG2207304.You can find the entire range of Cerruti 1881 Timepieces at Cerruti 1881 Timepieces boutiques, Solar Time boutiques,, and chosen watch retailers across the country.

开启全新沉浸式驚慄体验:《THE CONJURING UNIVERSE TOUR》之旅正式登陆马来西亚

《厉阴宅》正入口各位恐怖迷以及《厉阴宅》宇宙(The Conjuring Universe)的粉丝注意啦!《厉阴宅》之旅(The Conjuring Universe Tour)已于今日在位于八大灵再也珍珠白沙罗的 The Curve 正式掀开序幕!首次于东南亚亮相的《厉阴宅》之旅将在 8 月 26 日(星期六)至 11 月 19 日(星期日)进驻 The Curve。昨日舉行的剪彩仪式正式啟動这趟令人毛骨悚然的恐怖之旅!这趟令人心跳加速的體驗以新线影业(New Line Cinema)广受欢迎的《厉阴宅》宇宙為藍本,再现影史上最成功的恐怖系列电影包括三部《厉阴宅》系列电影、三部《安娜贝尔》系列电影以及《鬼修女》中的标志性场景。华纳兄弟探索全球主题娱乐(Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment)、光尚娱乐(Sunny Side Up)以及 Incubate Studio 制作,与 AM PM (香港)和 Ace Media Network 合作的《厉阴宅》之旅,将让参与者们化身为电影主角,跟隨超自然现象调查员的足迹,踏上一趟沉浸式的导览之旅。整个展场占地逾 15,000平方英尺,参与者将探访 20 个令人骨寒毛竖的区域。 这些区域將呈現电影中的标志性场景和情节,让参与者们时刻投入其中。Incubase Studio 董事经理叶宜昌(Sion Yip)在开幕仪式上表示:“我们很开心可以推出《厉阴宅》之旅,它将会是一项有别于普通鬼屋的全新体验。这趟旅途蕴含了很多不同元素,令参与者以前所未有的方式體驗《厉阴宅》宇宙。”在这趟恐怖之旅中,專家导览员将全程带领超自然现象爱好者步入经过精心策划的路线,参与者们将在这段难忘的导览途中直面那些令人不寒而栗的恐怖存在。克尔察修道院(The Abbey of St. Carta)玩偶工房(The Workshop)华伦收藏室(The Warren's Artifact Room)随着更为深入的探索,参与者们也将切身体验电影中的经典情节:《鬼修女》中的克尔察修道院(The Abbey of St. Carta),那里正重新上演祭祀仪式;《安娜贝尔:造孽》中制作出被附身的安娜贝尔的玩偶工房(The Workshop);《厉阴宅:是恶魔逼我的》中装饰着神秘符号的祭坛正等待着访客们前来与它进行互动。當然不能錯過最標誌性的华伦收藏室(The Warren's Artifact Room),那里布满了被诅咒的物品和在众多诡异案件中所收集到的遗物。在《厉阴宅》之旅登陆大马的同时,风靡全球的《鬼修女 2》也将于 9 月 7 日(星期四)在全马上映。主办方与 GSC 电影院合作,為想拥有更全面的恐怖体验的恐怖迷,推出电影票套票折扣優惠觀看最新《鬼修女 2》電影和體驗厲陰宅之旅。有兴趣的大众可在 We Tix 或 Keepsake上购票。如有意购买《厉阴宅》之旅的标准门票,可浏览官网,门票也将在KLOOK、InCuTix 以及 We Tix 上发售。*所有门票均无法退款或取消。*参观者也可在现场购买泡泡玛特(POP MART)推出的华纳兄弟《厉阴宅》宇宙系列盲盒,该系列一共有 13 个以剧中角色为原型的手办。现场也将出售极具收藏价值、40 寸高的安娜贝尔公仔以及 T 恤、手提包、钥匙圈、雨伞等周边商品。有鉴于《厉阴宅》之旅的主题和体验均涉及惊吓内容,主办方强烈建议 15 岁以下的参观者在成人陪同下入场。监护人不仅能在体验途中陪伴该参观者,也可在这趟旅途中照顾该参观者并全权为他们的行为负责,因为当你身处于《厉阴宅》宇宙的中,与你同行的伙伴们也许正自顾不暇!*AFO电台主持人@Agnes Wang*欢迎在社交媒体上分享你的体验,并在社交平台上使用#TheConjuringTourMy 的主题标签,与其他人一起分享自己在这趟旅途中的经历。别忘了在Facebook和 Instagram上关注@theconjuringtour 以获取更多有关《厉阴宅》之旅的资讯。各位恐怖爱好者们,赶快预定门票,一起加入这趟令人毛骨悚然的旅程吧! 点击此链接观看《历阴宅》冒险之旅视频。

Unveiling a Fresh Horror Adventure: The Arrival of The Conjuring Universe Tour in Malaysia.

The inaugural of The Conjuring Universe Tour in Southeast Asia has commenced its operations from 26 August, until 19 November at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. *The Conjuring Experience Tour EntranceThe heart-pounding walkthrough encounter showcases meticulously crafted replicas of memorable settings from the highly successful horror franchise, New Line Cinema’s renowned The Conjuring Universe. This includes faithful representations of scenes from all three The Conjuring movies, the entire Annabelle trilogy, and The Nun. Developed in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, Sunny Side Up, Incubase Studio, AM PM (HK), and Ace Media Network, The Conjuring Universe Tour places participants at the center of the narrative, allowing them to tread the path of paranormal investigators. Within this immersive guided journey, guests will traverse 20 chilling zones that span an expansive 15,000 square feet. These zones faithfully reconstruct scenes and pivotal moments from the movies, ensuring an engaging and suspenseful experience for all visitors.*Billy Hodgson’s Room“We are thrilled to launch The Conjuring Universe Tour, a completely new experience that is everything but a regular haunted house. What lies within will reshape the way people see The Conjuring Universe like never before,” says Sion Yip, Managing Director of Incubase Studio, after officiating the opening ceremony.As guests embark on the tour of terror, expert guides will take paranormal fans from beginning to end on a curated path that brings them face-to-face with terrifying entities through an unforgettable guided journey.*The Workshop*The AltarDelving further into the experience, enthusiasts will encounter legendary junctures: Venturing into The Abbey of St. Carta, featured in The Nun, invites exploration into the reenactment of sacrificial rituals. The Workshop, depicted in Annabelle: Creation, emerges as the birthplace of the possessed doll Annabelle. The Altar, showcased in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, stands adorned with occult symbols and poses an interactive challenge for daring visitors. And of course, one mustn't overlook the iconic Artifact Room – a chamber that encapsulates nightmares, housing cursed objects and relics from some of the most spine-chilling cases.*The Abbey of St. CartaCoinciding with the debut of The Conjuring Universe Tour, The Nun II, the follow-up to the immensely successful film The Nun, is set to premiere in Malaysian theaters on September 7. Immerse yourself in The Conjuring Universe by catching the newest installment and take advantage of a special offer to explore The Conjuring Universe Tour at a reduced rate! In collaboration with Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), Movie Ticket Bundles can be acquired through WeTix and Keepsake by GSC.Standard Tickets to The Conjuring Universe Tour are available via the official website at, KLOOK, IncuTix, and major e-wallet via WeTix.Standard TicketDaytime Ticket (11am-6pm)Evening Ticket (6pm-10pm)Weekday: RM80Weekday: RM95Weekend & Public Holiday: RM95Weekend Public Holiday: RM110POP MART blind box bundleRM170ONE Flexi Tour Ticket with ONE POP MART The Conjuring Universe Tour blind box figurine (Blind box figurine redeemable at The Conjuring Universe Tour pop-up store by ticket’s QR code)Private Group Ticket (up to 12 pax per group)RM1,050A private group tour is available by request in 14 days in advance of the entry date.GSC Movie Ticket Bundle (available on WeTix and Keepsake by GSC) ONE standard Tour ticket and ONE The Nun II standard movie ticketWeekday:RM96Weekday:RM111Weekend & Public Holiday: RM111Weekend & Public Holiday: RM126*All tickets are non-refundable and cannot be refunded or cancelled.Visitors also have the opportunity to bring home the sought-after POP MART Warner Bros. The Conjuring Universe Series figurines, featuring 13 distinct characters. Additionally, there's the chance to acquire the collectible 40-inch Annabelle figure, along with a range of keepsakes like t-shirts, tote bags, keychains, umbrellas, and more.Considering the depth of themes and encounters presented,  strongly recommend that individuals under the age of 15 be accompanied by an adult. This guardian will not only provide reassurance but will also assume full responsibility for your well-being and behavior throughout the tour. * AFO Announcer - @Agnes WangConnect with @theconjuringtour on both  Facebook and Instagram for more up to date with additional details and the most recent developments regarding the tour. #TheConjuringTourMY 

Kwai Chai Hong’s Mid-Autumn Installation, The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 Installation rekindles the spirit of Unity, Peace and Harmony

Kwai Chai Hong returns for Mid-Autumn celebrations this year with a breathtaking installation inspired by a captivating medley of Chinese mythology and folklore, the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 that combines cultural themes of the dragon and the full moon.The monumental realm of the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝, features an immersive public art installation nestled in a hidden back alley of Petaling Street’s Kwai Chai Hong, known by many as a cultural hub of KL Chinatown. The installation this year is held in partnership with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 | Flip5, with its enormous centerpiece fronted by local young artist Kaiyi Wong from Unreality Studio.According to Zeen Chang, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management, Kwai Chai Hong’s mid-autumn installation theme this year is inspired by the values and teachings of Chinese folklore inculcated since birth and how they became a part of our daily lives.From left: Terrence Liew, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management;Luke Au, Head of Product Marketing, Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; Coco Lew, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management; Kaiyi Wong, Artist of Moonlit Dragon Art Installation; Zeen Chang, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management; Wee Ho, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management; and Javier Chor, Managing Partner of Bai Chuan Management.“Kwai Chai Hong is always at the forefront of showcasing installations with themes surrounding Chinese culture presented in fresh and oftentimes thought-provoking manner to tease our visitors, particularly the younger generation. It is our way of preserving Chinese tradition through modernity.Drawing inspiration from the rich culture of Chinese traditions, Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 exudes a magical ambiance that will leave visitors spellbound. With meticulous attention to architectural detail, the exhibit combines various branches of Chinese culture, folklore, and symbolism to create an amalgamation of Strength and Beauty. This year's theme transcends the boundaries of traditional mid-autumn celebrations and reconceptualises the meaning of Strength in Unity in giant proportion.”The Legend of the DragonThe theme, Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 narrates the legendary tale of the protective Chinese dragon – a powerful symbol of unity, peace, and prosperity. The legend which inspires The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙 輝 tells a story of ancient times, during a period of turmoil and conflict, when the children of different villages in China envisioned a mythical creature that could unite all tribes and foster harmony. Thus, the caricature of the dragon was born, a creature embodying the swift movements of a serpent, the strength of a tiger, the grace of an eagle, amongst many other representations. This awe-inspiring creature still remains a timeless emblem of peace in Chinese culture.Zeen added, “Much like the legend of the dragon, which was a guardian spirit creatively imagined by a group of young children, and eventually became a heritage of our values and traditions, we too embrace the spirit of imaginative and creative endearment in the expression of our artform.The dragon represents strength, grace, and protection, while the moon represents unity and completeness. The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 is the reflection of the heart and spirit of Malaysians, who share a history of being united in strength, regardless of our backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, and how we choose to protect them.”* Photo Credit IG @heartpatrick* Photo Credit IG @heartpatrickSamsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 is also collaborating with Kwai Chai Hong to bring Flip Town to Malaysians, where they can experience the fusion of ancient traditions and modern tech with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. Discover Gen Z trends while snapping selfies at the Galaxy Space Hub and jump aboard the Flex360 Bus to flex every side in the 360 Photo Booth. Show that local pride for the Flip Town murals, by a homegrown artist and unleash your creativity at the craft workshops available.Visitors can also register at the Galaxy Space Hub at Kaffe 16 to get their Mission Card to start their journey. Complete all missions at these stations to redeem a free coffee at Bubble Bee Café and exclusive brand collaboration merchandise.The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝In collaboration with local artist Kaiyi Wong, a young designer and digital artist known for bold and enthralling art creations that challenge the paradigms of architecture and art, each part and component of the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 represent an awe-inspiring dragon of colossal proportions coming to life through meticulously crafted wooden frames adorned with a mesmerising lattice of translucent plastic plates, aligned to look like ancient Chinese coins strung together by a red string.Commenting on the creative inspiration, Wong said, "The Mid-Autumn Festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. The 'Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝' aims to transport visitors to a realm of wonder, where the mythical dragon and the moon come together in harmony.The captivating interplay of light and shadow creates a breathtaking scene, as if the dragon's spirit in dynamic flight, puncturing through the building's façade—an extraordinary spectacle that merges art and architecture.The artwork serves to guide us as an integral thread woven into the intricate tapestry of our cherished Chinese lineage, as the Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 connects the past and the present, igniting a sense of belonging and reverence, honoring the footsteps of those who came before."Kwai Chai Hong will be open to the public daily from 9AM to 12AM. The Moonlit Dragon 龍月雙輝 will be available from 25 August 2023 to 8 October 2023. Come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Kwai Chai Hong with your loved ones and be sure to check out the 10 amazing eateries in the area!For regular updates, please visit Kwai Chai Hong’s Social :Website| Instagram | Facebook 

Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One introduce their latest stores, infusing MyTOWN Shopping Centre with a blend of conscious living and fashion-forward elegance.

Under the umbrella of the Sacoor Group, Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One have triumphantly inaugurated their fourth and third stores respectively in Malaysia, situated within MyTOWN Shopping Centre. These openings are integral to the group's ambitious expansion strategy across Southeast Asia. The adjacent stores unveil an ingenious shop-in-shop concept, affording patrons a seamless avenue to explore the rich spectrum of offerings from both labels.This innovative approach harmoniously merges the unique assortments of each brand, culminating in an unparalleled shopping journey. Hugo Carriço, the Chief Executive Officer of Sacoor Group, shared, "The introduction of the shop-in-shop concept marks a trailblazing method to showcase both brands in tandem. This fluid arrangement empowers customers to navigate between Sacoor Blue's adaptable casual ensembles and Sacoor One's polished formal wear. Both brands cater to an array of preferences, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive shopping encounter under one roof."While the stores share a physical connection, the distinct philosophies, apparel selections, and interior designs of each brand shine through, providing a glimpse into the unique Sacoor universe. Take Sacoor Blue, for instance, which strives to resonate with individuals who champion eco-conscious causes and mindful consumption. Through its collection of enduring, premium essentials, the brand not only promotes lasting quality but also inspires patrons to embrace sustainable decisions and adopt a more dynamic way of life.On a different note, Sacoor One is tailored to individuals in search of daring fashion and cutting-edge ensembles, fostering uniqueness and self-assertion. The brand takes immense pride in offering an extensive array of both casual and formal attire, enabling patrons to discover their ideal match, the epitome of "the One," that harmonizes flawlessly with their distinctive preferences and aspirations.The occasion witnessed a harmonious convergence of these two vibrant and youthful brands, orchestrating an immersive affair featuring numerous engaging stations for guests' delight, all carefully imbued with eco-conscious sensibilities. This mirrors the brands' unwavering dedication to hosting more youthful and interactive events and initiatives in the times to come.Sacoor Blue: Embrace Nature, Embrace SimplicitySacoor Blue draws its inspiration from the tranquil vistas of South Portugal and the surging trend of individuals yearning for a more uncomplicated and harmonious way of existence. The brand's ethos urges consumers to rediscover their connection with nature and adopt a more laid-back lifestyle.Stepping into the store's interior, one is greeted by the influences of rustic countryside abodes, exuding a soothing ambiance. Enriched with wooden accents, lively green foliage, and inviting rattan chairs, the store elements exude an earthy sensibility, offering a shopping experience that's both grounded and picture-perfect for social media.Engineered to facilitate effortless living, Sacoor Blue's clothing line employs premium materials, perfectly suited for everyday wear and effortless mix-and-match versatility. Among the adaptable pieces on offer are cozy loungewear, playful T-shirts, and impeccably tailored suits — all meticulously crafted in Portugal with a keen eye on environmental mindfulness.Sacoor One: Your Style, Your StatementDrawing inspiration from the vibrant lifestyle of a young urbanite in the heart of New York City, Sacoor One embodies a men's clothing line that pulsates with metropolitan flair. Guided by the conviction that every individual should radiate audacity, uniqueness, and an unwavering penchant for standing out, Sacoor One emboldens patrons to liberate themselves from conventional norms and use their attire as a medium for self-expression.The Sacoor One store experience acts as a bridge between refined formality and carefree leisure, manifesting as a haven for those who relish the art of embracing life to the fullest. Its interior design, reminiscent of a Soho loft envisioned by a young man's aspirations, features walls adorned with a basketball hoop, skateboards, and surfboards, generating a visually captivating backdrop that's both Instagram-worthy and fosters an atmosphere of adventure and playfulness suitable for the contemporary gentleman.Centered on innovative essentials and sleek, tailored designs, Sacoor One empowers its wearers to exude their distinctiveness with unwavering confidence. Whether for a formal affair or a laid-back escapade, Sacoor One seamlessly infuses effortless elegance, etching itself as the quintessential go-to menswear brand for the modern man. From stylish polos to vibrant suits to trendy sportswear, this curated collection, meticulously crafted in Portugal, caters to every conceivable need.Explore the latest offerings of Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One, now accessible on the Ground Floor, at Lot 040 & 041, within MyTOWN Shopping Centre.

SHIGA 连诗雅首次吉隆坡粉丝见面会圆满成功

SHIGA 连诗雅于 8 月 12 日在 ZEPP KL 成功举办了她的首次吉隆坡粉丝见面会, 由 GME Malaysia 与晟创娱乐联合主办。这场粉丝见面会成为了一个充满互动、感动和欢乐的音乐盛宴。连诗雅的首次粉丝见面会吸引了众多热情粉丝的到场, 现场氛围热烈而温馨。在观众们的翘首以盼下,连诗雅带着灿烂的笑容登上了舞台, 掀开了这个音乐之夜的序幕。连诗雅在见面会上与粉丝们展开了紧密互动,将观众们融入到她的音乐世界中。问答环节成为了与粉丝们深入交流的平台, 她不仅亲切地回答了观众们的问题, 还分享了自己的音乐心路历程。在现场的歌曲表演中, 她的歌声充满了感染力, 每一首歌曲都勾起了粉丝们的回忆和情感。特别的游戏环节增添了见面会的趣味性。连诗雅与观众们进行了快問快答游戏,现场气氛达到了高潮。兩位位幸运的粉丝获得了与连诗雅合照和亲笔签名海报的机会,幸福洋溢在他们的脸上。这个互动的环节不仅拉近了歌手与粉丝之间的距离, 也让现场的气氛更加热烈。在歌曲演唱环节, 连诗雅带着动人的歌声演唱了一系列经典曲目, 包括《喜爱夜蒲》插曲《I'm still loving you》, 以及她在 TVB 剧集中的代表作品《那些我爱过的人》中的歌曲。粉丝们跟随歌声合唱,共同营造了美妙的音乐氛围。在接近尾声的时候,连诗雅抽取十位幸运儿, 有机会上台与她亲密互动, 并有机会获得她的签名海报以及周边产品。这个突如其来的惊喜立刻引起了现场观众的热烈欢呼。幸运儿们一个接一个登上了舞台, 与连诗雅面对面地交流。在她的关怀和鼓励下, 幸运儿们纷纷深情告白, 表达了对连诗雅的崇敬之情和感谢之意。连诗雅则用温暖的微笑和鼓励的眼神, 与每位幸运儿进行亲切的交流,这些珍贵的时刻将成为粉丝们永久的回忆。除了深情告白, 每位幸运儿还获得了连诗雅的签名海报, 以及其他周边产品,这些珍贵的纪念品将成为他们与偶像深厚情感的象征。更难得的是, 他们还有机会与连诗雅近距离合影, 这个让人激动不已的机会让每位粉丝的心愿得以实现。然而,最大的惊喜出现在整个见面会的高潮时刻。在连诗雅演唱最后一曲《只要和你在一起》时,舞台背后的屏幕上突然出现了大量 SHIGA 本人与粉丝、亲朋好友的照片。这个突如其来的惊喜引发了现场观众的欢呼和惊叹,连诗雅也在这一刻才注意到这个精心准备的惊喜。这份感人的举动拉近了她与粉丝们之间的情感纽带, 让整个见面会达到了高潮。连诗雅在这场粉丝见面会中呈现了一个无与伦比的音乐盛宴, 为歌迷们创造了一个难忘的体验。观众们的热情参与和积极反应也使得整个见面会充满了活力。连诗雅的首次吉隆坡粉丝见面会将成为她音乐旅程中珍贵的一页, 也为未来更多精彩的演出铺平了道路。

Art of Speed Malaysia 2023 presented by BRO ASIA "Raikan Beza Mu"

The 12th Annual Art Of Speed (AOS 2023) was held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) from 29 - 30 July 2023. With a stellar crowd attendance of over 65,000 visitors across both days, Malaysia’s premier Old-Skool & Kustom Kulture event shows no sign of slowing down.The showcase of customized vehicles from overseas – which have been a featured attraction of Art Of Speed over the years – is continued at AOS 2023. This year’s featured vehicles include:WILD ROAD CHOPPERS (JAPAN) with their 1941 Harley-Davidson Chopper Show Bike.COSMIC CHOPPER CITY (JAPAN) with their 2020 Harley-Davidson Chopper Show Bike.SIDE YAKOTANI (JAPAN) with his Custom 1959 Volkswagen Type2 Safari.Art Of Speed continues its tradition of inviting international guests which car and bike enthusiasts are given the chance to meet every year. This year’s distinguished guests include:“Sunny” Yano and Hiro “Wildman” Ishii from MOONEYESRough Craft, TaiwanKustomstyle, JapanJoints Custom Show, Japan2 Percenter, JapanVibes magazine, JapanRoller magazine, JapanWeller magazine, JapanOld Coin Company, JapanDino Dalle Carbonare from, GlobalAlexander Iain from, GlobalYa Seat; ThailandMow; AustraliaChoppajoop, SingaporeHisa Artes 66 Paintlab, Indonesia (a collective group of 15 pinstripe artists)Fahmi Freeflow, IndonesiaIrvine Jasta, IndonesiaCherry Bomb Pin-Up Parlour, SingaporeBangkok Hot Rod Show, ThailandKustomfest, IndonesiaBorneo Kustom Show, BruneiBBQ Ride, IndonesiaWicked Wallop, Singapore645 magazine, IndonesiaMill Art, IndonesiaIgnite magazine, ThailandDinggo Company, IndonesiaVon Dutch, Indonesia2023 featured even more Hot Wheels activities than ever before across the event. Taking over Hall B was the 1st Official Hot Wheels Collector Convention in South East Asia, which featured activities such as the Hot Wheels Rare and Collectibles Exhibition, Hot Wheels Skate School, Hot Wheels Swap Buy And Sell, Collector sharing sessions, Hot Wheels Custom Competition and many more. Hot Wheels fans were able to meet and greet famous Hot Wheels designer Matt Gabe from America, and several lucky visitors were able to grab the limited-edition Hot Wheels Official Convention Car.For the first time ever, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour Malaysia was presented “LIVE” at AOS 2023. The outdoor carpark was filled with participants who entered the Official Malaysia competition on Sunday making it difficult for the local and international judges to select a Winner. After a long decision, the panel of judges finally selected Mohd Shahlan Bin Mohd Nasir with his Custom Proton Arena as the Winner to represent Malaysia on the world stage.Also debuting at the show was The Inaugural Miss Art Of Speed 2023, hosted by Cherry Bomb Pin-Up Parlour. A total of 7 lovely ladies participated for the first ever pin-up beauty pageant in Malaysia. The crowning champion of Miss Pin-Up Art Of Speed 2023 was awarded to Ms Fathmanny.Art Of Speed, in collaboration with VANS, released two limited edition shoes and a special hard cover coffee table book to commemorate 10 years of Art Of Speed. There were also other event-exclusive collaborative merchandise with Hikari Riders, IGL Coatings, Skillo, Thread Division and Mooneyes.This year’s Kustom & Koffee Talk was hosted by Danial Malek from and featured overseas panelists Winston Yeh from Rough Craft, Taiwan and Jap Loh from Wicked Wallop, Singapore. The forum discussed the latest trends in the motorcycle industry.Other AOS 2023 activities’s NEAT Fest in Hall C - featuring a collective display of hand selected cars from across Malaysia.Off The Grid camping and outdoors exhibition in Hall C - featuring the latest in outdoor lifestyle products and services.Hail Vintage in Hall D, showcasing a large variety of vintage collectibles, merchandise, and memorabilia.Streetware Con in Hall D - featuring streetwear fashion galore, vendors, and 40 emcees performing over 2 days.Roda Rumble 2023 - Two Wheels Gathering & Outdoor Festival supported by Retro ManiaLa Cultura - Malaysia's Chicano Culture Appreciation Gathering, which includes a fashion display of Cholo and Chicano style, Dance and DJ show, and moreFood Park food vendors and trucks now with sheltered access at the Food and Beverage basement/underground level DGAutomotive Flea MarketProduct launching on stageTest Ride Zone for bikes (Royal Enfield, Vespa, Aprilia, Triumph, and Harley-Davidson)SoundCircus Festival, powered by Harley-Davidson and BRO ASIA, has become a staple attraction alongside AOS and the 2-day music festival attracted a crowd attendance of over 6,000 across both days. The SoundCircus Festival line-up included Superman Is Dead from Bali Indonesia, No Good, Plague of Happiness, MC16, Skudap Skudip, Dum Dum Tak, Krusty, Restraint, Naratu, and Armpunk Sindicate. The Harley-Davidson Battle Of The Band Winner was Chltpdy and will be sponsored by H-D to perform at an overseas festival later this year.This year, visitors were given opportunities for lucky draw giveaways on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the giveaway prize was for ONE (1) ZEUS e-bike, which was awarded to the lucky winner Norilah Mohd Norzri from Johor Bahru. On Sunday, the giveaway prize was for ONE (1) 1979 Toyota Celica fully customized by Art of Speed Malaysia (AOSM), which was awarded to the lucky winner Rizal Bin Azman from Perak. Last but not least, the remaining giveaway prize for ONE (1) Honda e-DAX motorcycle was awarded to the lucky winner Nor Adila Bt Nor Hashimi from Kedah. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!The winners of Best of Show motorcycle and automobile categories will win package trips to the MOONEYES 31st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show this coming December as Guests of Honour.Local e-devices manufacturer, BRO ASIA, served as the Title Presenter for AOS 2023. “We’re very proud and excited to accept AOSM's invitation to be a part of this exciting event and make it a success. It’s in sync and befitting with the direction of our brand that’s suited for fans of Kustom & Counter Culture,” said Mr. Roman Lai, CEO & Founder of BRO ASIA.Instagram: