The Daily MAG Show - Kidz Do Good Movement

With a mission to help her daughter and other children face bullies, Dr Coco initiated the "Antibullying in Schools" campaign. Today, with her 2nd daughter, Dr Coco is about to launch the "CEO Kids Club" equipped with entrepreneurial training to help children build their self esteem and their mindsets. The programme hopes to create a positive environment where they can guide children to follow their passion and work towards achieving success in anything they set their minds out to achieve.

On The Daily MAG Show today, MAG speaks to Dr Coco Wong, the CEO of CEO Kids International and the Initiator of the Kidz Do Good Movement. 

The CEO Kids Club will be launch at the upcoming Kidz Do Good Carnival. A fun filled day with a host of activities and programmes that create, inspire and connect children with real life experiences, Dr. Coco Wong will walk us through the many amazing things the movement has achieved and hopes to accomplish through inspiring our future generation.