Heerraa - Balancing Life As A Student and An Award Winning Artiste

On The Daily MAG Show this morning, MAG crosses over to the United States to speak to Malaysian sweetheart, Heerraa Ravindran. 

On her US Tour at the moment, Heerraa shares with us how she balances life between being an Award-Winning International Singer-Songwriter & Performer, the Co-Founder of Ascendance, an International Youth Organization, and a Harvard student all while touring and managing her music at the same time.

With a whole list of awards under her belt and having accomplished so much at a young age, Heerraa shows us that nothing can stand in your way to achieving success if you are driven by passion and determination. For as long as you set your mind and heart to achieving the goals you set out to achieve, couple that with lots of hard work, you will see the results of your labour of love. 

Tune in for lots of inspiring moments with Heerraa on The Daily MAG Show, this morning