The Daily MAG Show - Kidz Do Good Carnival & CEO Kids Club

After a successful start to the Kids Do Good Movement, 4 young girls who all had main roles to play during the Kids Do Good Carnival sit with MAG to talk about their experience. What was their experience like? How did they manage challenges? Would they do it all again? Find all that out from Adriel Heng, Alaina Anoop, Natalia Wong & Valentina Wong on The Daily MAG Show. 

Alaina Anoop 

Adriel Heng 

Natalia Wong

Valentina Wong

Valentina, who is also the co-founder of the CEO Kidz CLub shares her side of the story on why she decided to start the club with her mother, Dr Coco to create a positive, safe and condusive space for young boys and girls to grow their passion.