Tayangan BMW Shorties Film Festival on AFO LIVE

Over 13 years, the BMW Shorties has been inspiring, discovering and supporting emerging creative talents across the nation. The programme has assisted in discovering over 900 emerging creative visionaries from Malaysia since 2006, achieving successes which led to original pieces such as Shanjey Kumar’s ‘Jagat’, Tan Seng Kiat’s ‘Shuttle Life’ and ‘One Fine Day’, as well as Quek Shio Chuan’s ‘Guang’ and most recently, Zahir Omar’s ‘Fly By Night’ – all of which have had success locally and abroad and will be in the hallmarks of Malaysian history for the years to come.

This year as part of the BMW Shorties programme for 2019, BMW Group Malaysia will be hosting Tayangan BMW Shorties in conjunction with Urbanscapes 2019, bringing films and visual art back once again to the iconic Rex Cinema along Petaling Street in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Tayangan BMW Shorties will be a week-long celebration of Southeast Asian films by notable directors from the region, culminating with the highly-anticipated BMW Shorties Awards Night 2019.

On Friday MAG speaks to Sashi Ambi, the Head of Corporate Communications for BMW Group Malaysia and Nadira Ilana, the Programmer in charge of Tayangan BMW Shorties Film Festival.