Outdoor Pursuit Youth Holiday Camp on AFO LIVE

The Outdoor Pursuit Youth Holiday Camp (OPYHC) is the first of its kind organised by the Selangor Branch of the Malaysian Outward Bound Youth Association (MOBYA).

Camps are annually organised by a team of trained volunteer instructors who share a passion for the outdoors and reaching out to youths. The number of participants has grown since the first camp which was held in 2002 with a total of 69 participants to almost 200 participants for the year 2008. However the numbers of participants are kept at a maximum number of 150 participants per camp annually in order to maintain quality control and instructor to participant ratio balanced. Locations for the camps would usually vary as there would be repeat participants and to keep things interesting. 

On Friday afternoon, MAG speaks to Song and Andrew, the co-founder, facilitators and instructors for the Outdoor Pursuit Youth Holiday Camp (OPYHC).