Say hello to Supalapa Festival - Elevating Malaysian Music Scene with International Stars Tiësto, The Kid Laroi, EAJ, and More at Resorts World Awana Genting

The Malaysian music scene is about to witness an unprecedented spectacle as Prodigy 1 Nation, in collaboration with Maestro Productions, proudly presents the first-ever Supalapa Festival. 

This two-day musical extravaganza is set to redefine the standards of music festivals in Malaysia by bringing together over 40 international artists alongside local stars from various music genres.

Dates and Venue: The inaugural Supalapa Festival is scheduled to take place from March 2nd to 3rd, 2024, at Resorts World Awana, Genting Highlands. This picturesque location, known for its cool mountain air and lush greenery, will provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Star-studded Lineup: Prepare to be mesmerized as the festival boasts a lineup that spans across EDM, Pop, and K-pop genres. International sensations like Tiësto, The Kid Laroi, EAJ, Somi, XG, Ali Gatie, Armani White, Tones and I, Paul Van Dyk, and many more will grace the stages alongside local powerhouses such as Yuna, Saixse, Kidd Santhe, and Talitha.

Unique Musical Experience: Supalapa Festival goes beyond being just a music event; it promises a unique and unparalleled experience for attendees. The festival will feature three distinct stages - "Live Stage," "EDM Stage," and "Pool Stage" - each dedicated to a specific music genre, ensuring that every festival-goer finds something to suit their musical taste.

Beyond Music: Supalapa Festival aims to provide more than just a musical journey. The introduction of the RFID payment system enhances convenience for visitors, while additional attractions such as the "Wrestling Ring," "Bali Swing," "Carnival Games," and "Silent Cinema" promise a diverse range of entertainment options.

The Vision of Supalapa Festival: Parthiban Murugaiya, Chairman of Maestro Production And Prodigy 1 Nation, envisions Supalapa Festival as a benchmark for Malaysian festivals. He emphasizes that the event is not just about entertainment but also a platform to showcase Malaysia's name on the global stage.

"We want Supalapa to be a global brand for music festivals around the world," Parthiban explained, highlighting the potential of the festival to become an international entertainment hub.

Resorts World Awana - A Perfect Setting: Spencer Lee, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & MICE Resorts World Genting, expressed excitement about hosting the festival at Resorts World Awana. He emphasized the location's transformation into a world-class leisure destination, offering a unique blend of nature-themed adventures and family-friendly experiences.

Unlimited Fun and Global Aspirations: Supalapa Festival isn't just a local event; it's a gateway to unlimited fun and global recognition. Festival Director Addam Al Maleq promises an extraordinary experience filled with excitement, making this festival unlike any other.

Ticket Information: For those eager to be part of this historic event, tickets and additional information are available on the festival's official website:

Mark your calendars for March 2nd and 3rd, 2024, as Supalapa Festival promises an unparalleled musical journey and a celebration of diverse global sounds amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Resorts World Awana, Genting Highlands.


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