Makan-Makan Adventure with Resorts World Genting

For over 6 months AFO Radio has collaborated with Resorts World Genting to bring you What's Up Resorts World Genting, a short and sweet segment where we highlight all the interesting attractions, activities, food and places to check out when you're at the Resorts World Genting.

To take things up a notch, this month, in conjunction with their ongoing Food Fiesta, Resorts World Genting hosted 3 of AFO Radio's announcers, namely MAG, Agnes and David who host the segments in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu to a 2 day eating adventure... and boy, what an adventure it was.

Did you know that the Resorts World Genting is a food paradise? Come follow us for a Makan Makan Adventure at the Resorts World Genting!

So here's what MAG, Agnes and David got up to during the Makan-Makan Adventure with Resorts World Genting. 

1. The Bakery 

@Agnes Wang 

If you're looking for a quick bite, then grab a sandwich, a pastry or a danish from the bakery! A must try has to be their homemade chicken pie and their hot chocolate which was so pretty to the eyes!

Baked to perfection using traditional recipes, it's always satisfying when you bite into our oven-fresh pastries and cakes. Their best-selling croissants are moist and fluffy, and our sandwiches make a perfect light meal for any time of the day.

Don't forget to try our popular homemade Genting Chicken Pie, too!

📍Lobby Level, Genting Grand

2. Burger & Lobster

Venture up to SkyAvenue, the world's highest Burger & Lobster, and get ready for a truly unforgettable dining experience. 

If you're looking for something more exclusive for lunch, head on out to Burger and Lobster and try the exclusively available only at the Burger and Lobster Resorts World Genting are the Spicy Lobster with a side of Brioche, the Durian Tempura and the Time Traveller! Catered to the taste pallet of Malaysians, the spicy lobster will leave you wanting more while the whole experience will leave a lasting impression on your pallets!

As Burger & Lobster's first Southeast Asia outlet, you can also enjoy the exclusive Chilli Lobster - available only at Resorts World Genting.

Sharing an identical theme and menu to Burger & Lobster in London, expect the same high standards and treatment as you would at the original outlet. Lobsters are imported from Nova Scotia, Canada, and The Burger is made with supreme halal-grade beef from Stanbroke, Australia.

📍  SkyAvenue Level 1. 

3. Medan Selera - Largest Halal Dining Space

For a more food court kindda vibe, check out the Medan Selera, halal food court that offers you local delites such as the briyani with kari kambing, authentic nyonya laksa and many more! I had the cheese naan, with the kari kambing and a cup of hot teh tarik and it was pretty impressive! Medan Selera offers a tempting selection of rice , dishes, noodles , snacks, and cuisine inspired by Western , Asian , and Middle - Eastern cooking.@David Low

If you are on-the-go, drop by to pick up some freshly-made curry puffs, samosas, or an assortment of traditional kuih. Value-for-money breakfast sets are available for a complete meal to start your day.

📍 Level G, SkyAvenue (below Bona Cinemas)

Daily: 9am -11am

Day Menu
Monday-Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday-Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday: 9am -10pm

4. The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden

Knock back a lager or two with good food and even greater company at this casual English pub and restaurant.Expect everything in a great British pub right here including the wholesome Sunday roast, bangers and mash, and all of Harry Ramsden’s favourite fresh catch.

Their sizeable food menu is matched by an extensive drinks list that include beers and ciders from the tap, gin and tonics, cocktails and mocktails, wine and spirit, and the unforgettable Laughing Fish signature lemonades.

📍Level 4, SkyAvenue

5. Taiko Ramen 

Experience the distinct flavours of ramen from different regions of Japan. From the noodles to the broths, each region presents an iconic style of ramen preparation to relish the unique appetite. Whether it’s the milky pork bone broth of Kyushu; the hearty, rich flavours of Hokkaido ramen; or even the increasingly popular no-broth mazemen, you are sure to find your perfect bowl of ramen goodness at Taiko Ramen.

📍 Level 1, First World Plaza

6. Wolfgang's SteakHouse Lounge

When tea time comes along, delight in the hi tea treats at the Wolfgang's Steakhouse Lounge and indulge in their Eiffel TowerHi-Tea Set and the Wolfgang’s Hi-Tea Set that comes in the form of a bird cage. The red velvet, the macarons, the eclairs and the scones were so delightful, but my personal favourite has to be the carrot cupcake and a spot of peppermint tea.

Cosmopolitan treats and the best view await at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Lounge, one of the best placesin the bustling dining and retail complex for an otherworldly hi-tea, afternoon soiree, or pre-dinner drinks.

The lounge's appeal has now doubled as it has become the entry point of one of the feathers in Resorts World Genting’s cap of new F&B acquisitions, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, which is adjacent to Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Lounge.


  • Eiffel TowerHi-Tea Set
  • Wolfgang’s Hi-Tea Set

📍Level M, SkyAvenue

7. New York’s iconic Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Now, Resorts World Genting takes pride in bringing New York’s iconic Wolfgang’s Steakhouse to Genting and it's definitely A MUST VISIT place when you're at the Resorts World Genting!

At 3,500 sq. feet, Resorts World Genting’s Wolfgang’s Steakhouse overlooks some of the most picturesque parts of the Genting Skyworlds Theme Park, wth private rooms and a cocktail bar that will transport you to the original Park Avenue space.
Experience Wolfgang Steakhouse’s signature dry aged porterhouse, that will melt in your mouth, with the well thought of sides of mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach and mushrooms which were intentionally kept simple to complement the meat. Wolfgang's light and fluffy cheesecake was the cherry on top at the end of dinner and you can rest assure that dining at the Wolfgang's Steakhouse is an experience like no other!

📍 Level M , SkyAvenue

8. Live Band: High Line Roof Top Market

Set on the rooftop of SkyAvenue, the High Line Roof Top Market offers outdoor dining in the cool and fresh air.

Wrap up the day with a night cap at the High Line Roof Top Market and enjoy a cocktail or a mocktail with a seafood side or some chips accompanied with good music.

With an original variety of food and drinks to satisfy everyone, this dining street market sets the pinnacle experience of casual dining in Malaysia.

📍 Level 4, SkyAvenue

9. Malaysian Food Street - Authentic local hawker fare

Get a good  headstart with our classic malaysian breakfast and where better to have that than at the Malaysian Food Street that offers a variety of stalls with all malaysian favourites from dim sum to toast bread, chicken rice, char kueh teow, and so much more.

20 established hawkers from different parts of the country, such as Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, Penang, Melaka, Ipoh and Kuching - so you don't need to travel anywhere else for the best, authentic fare. A true celebration of local flavours, you are in for a remarkable Malaysian treat!

📍Level 4 SkyAvenue

10. The Olive 

The Olive at Resorts World Genting transforms into a destination for modern Malaysian cuisine. 

Alternatively you can check out the Olive, a beautiful restaurant tha exudes everything Malaysian. From it's batik designed fabric motives, to drawings that depict Malaysia, the Olive will serve you a host of delectable dishes and local comfort food that has been elevated just for you!

The Olive, at Genting Grand Hotel, Resorts World Genting, has been reinvented into a destination for modern Malaysian cuisine, offering a variety of delectable Malaysian dishes from across the culinary traditions of the country. The Olive champions authentic representations of dishes drawn from the Malay cultures.

The extensive offerings on the menu draws from local comfort food like roti canai, roti telur and roti sardine (all flat breads cooked on a griddle, served either plain, or containing egg or mashed sardines); and the quintessential breakfast of two half-boiled eggs, toast with butter and kaya, accompanied by steaming cups of either teh or kopi tarik, known as the Hainan Set.

Also available through the day is a selection of Malaysian tapas, which include kuih cara, a Malay wheat cake stuffed with minced chicken and topped with serunding, which is a dried, shredded traditional Malay style of chicken jerky; a selection of local crisps known as kudapan (fried tapioca coated with sweet and spicy sauce, spiced rice flour crackers with fried anchovies and ground nuts, and salty banana crackers, as well as lemang and rendang Tok (a combination of glutinous rice cooked in bamboo, served with a slow-cooked, flavourful dry beef accompaniment).

A selection of zesty appetizers include a traditional Javanese ‘salad’ called Pecel, which combines lightly steamed vegetables with rice cubes, tossed in a hearty peanut sauce. Also to be enjoyed are three variants of kerabu, or local salad: pucuk paku (tender fiddlehead fern salad), mangga ikan tenggiri (raw mango shredded with mackerel and spices), and a seafood salad dressed with a lime juice, sugar and chilli mixture, with squid, prawns and green mussels.

Beriani rice is also given pride of place on the menu, with The Olive’s version being prepared in a bamboo shaft. The dish comes in three variants, lamb, lobster, and fresh water prawn. Each helping is accompanied by cucumber raita, papadums and curry gravy.

Selections from the Malay Heritage Cuisine section will take diners back to the days where slow food was the only kind of cooking known, with dishes such as gulai ayam kampung nangka (braised free-range chicken with coconut cream, curry spices and herbs with young jackfruit), daging opor (slow-cooked beef, spices and coconut cream with bamboo shoots), and ikan keli bakar masak lemak cili padi (grilled catfish slow-cooked with spicy coconut cream).

As a nod to the tradition of Malay barbecue, The Olive offers a delectable selection of grilled seafoods and meats including honey-marinated oxtail, tiger prawns in Portuguese marinade, and jumbo squid.

Meals end with a sweet selection of old-fashioned desserts whose authenticity is strictly adhered to. These range from cendol, bubur cha, Som Som (sticky rice flour pudding with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup and a sprinkle of jaggery powder). There is also a selection of traditional drinks to choose from, ranging from rose syrup with lychees, herbed soda and pandan-infused milk with longans. Specially crafted mocktails drawing from the rich taste traditions of Malay cuisine are also available.

We had the dimsum set, the olive set and the nasi lemak lobster which was surprisingly so delisccious! Who would have thought that lobster rendang was a thing right? But they nailed it and it was scrumptious!

The Olive is a pork-free restaurant.

📍Lobby Level, Genting Grand

11. Awana Garden- A whole new steamboat experience.

Source , Soups & Sustainability 

For lunch, we headed out to Ayu Awana! Just a mere 10 mins away, we hopped on to the Awana Skyway gondola car from the Sky Avenue Station at the peak to the Awana Station midhill. Then we took a shuttle to Awana Garden where we indulged in a beautiful hot pot spread that featured a nice serving of seafood, meat and vegetable and 4 types of broth.

Mix and Match Flavors. 

Awana Garden has designed a selection of out-of-the-norm soups which will serve as the base to its hot pot meals.

The Awana Gear Box Special, a nod to a local Malay favorites, is a hearty, meaty soup which utilizes beef marrow bones simmered for hours to extract flavor. 

The “Malat” soup is a deep-red soup base with aroma of Szechuan paste, Szechuan pepper, dried red chilies, cili padi, star anise, cinnamon and the Chinese root, Chou Gor. Expect a fiery, earthy soup which helps with the strengthening of the lungs and respiratory tract.

The Collagen Essence soup base is made by simmering chicken feet and chicken carcasses for a minimum of six hours in order to extract the collagen, before the addition of locally bred sturgeon fish bones. This provides the highest level of collagen available from a marine source. 

The Oriental Herb Medley is a Chinese soup derived from slow-cooked chicken infused with the medicinal herbs’ yok chok and tong sum, together with wolfberries, red dates and Genting wild tea. This preparation helps in the cleansing of blood, and the balancing of energy or qi.

Part of the refurbishment and uplift of the much-loved golfer’s destination, Awana Garden is a beautiful addition to the resort’s restaurants, with its luxe neutrals, jute, rattan and wicker accents, and clean Scandinavian design ethic. Natural light floods the atrium-like setting, while the cool mountain air is warmed by delicious whiffs of steam rising from gently bubbling hot pots 

Awana Garden offers the entire steamboat experience, only on a much-elevated level. In keeping with their premise of serving the best, the menu offers seafood and meat platters designed to give diners a sampling of the most tender morsels of meat, as well as the freshest seafood. Their in-house made pastes are also noteworthy, being produced with high meat content to ensure they are infused with the luxuriant taste and texture of fish, squid and prawn.

Diners can choose to have a single, twin or quarter pot of soup bases, allowing them to mix and match flavors and taste profiles. For RM3, diners can also avail themselves to a free flow of the many condiments available at the restaurant, which include kung po sauce, sesame, seafood, wasabi and fine soy sauce. 

From -to -table Concept 

While most hot pot restaurants use vegetables as bulk for their hot pot meals, at Awana Garden, the vegetables take centerstage, as they are sourced from the Atrium Greenhouse within the resort itself. Resorts World is the first Malaysian hospitality group to consider sustainability and the shortening of their food-chain as they design new F&B concepts. 

📍 Lobby Floor, Resorts World Awana

12. Ayu Awana & Cheeky Grind

Located in the cool, lush ancient rainforests of Genting Highlands, 3100 feet above sea level at Resorts World Awana, AYU Awana makes its Malaysian debut. Whether you're in search of art, music, nature or wellness, look no further as a weekend with us is nourishment for your mind, body, and soul.

The new restaurant and poolside lounge showcases a special smokehouse & grill menu, regional dishes, healthy delights, and an extensive cocktail list for both sun-kissed afternoons and moonlit dinners.

Conceived in the ancient rainforests of Malaysia's premier eco-lifestyle destination of Genting Highlands, the Cheeky Grind blooms. 

Inspired by the fun-loving resident gibbons at the rainforests of Genting Highlands, enjoy small-batch, artisanal blended coffee and pastries to taste at the newly revamped Resorts World Awana. Coffee aficionados would love the distinct fragrances and exceptional flavour profiles of our craft coffee. 

When the sun sets, Cheeky Grind ups the ante and transforms from a bright coffee shop into an evening destination surely worth visiting.

📍Lobby, Resorts World Awana

By the time we were done with the steamboat, we were all stuffed from all the amazing food we had over our 2 day stay at the Resorts World Genting, but no meal is ever complete without desserts. And that's when we headed to the Ayu Awana & Cheeky Grind for a taste of the most amazing victoria sandwich and cheesecake that was so light and airy, it was perfect! What an end to a makan makan adventure! So the next time you're at the Resorts World Genting, don't forget to explore the amazing eateries available all throughout the resort and have your very own makan makan adventure! Bonapetit!

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