1 Utama's Green Innovation: From Digital Recycling Rewards to ForestONE's Virtual Reforestation

1 Utama Shopping Centre, Malaysia's inaugural Green Mall, has consistently invested in cutting-edge green technology and embraced industry-leading practices for energy and water conservation since its establishment in 1995. In its commitment to environmental stewardship, the mall has introduced green lease partnerships for retail tenants, encouraging the incorporation of eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable materials in fit-out and operations. This is a pivotal step in 1 Utama's greenprint journey, aspiring to become a net-zero mall by the year 2050. Recognizing its exceptional green building features, 1 Utama proudly holds the prestigious GreenRE Platinum certification, marking it as the first mall in Malaysia to achieve this highest rating under GreenRE.

Building upon the success of the recently launched 1RECYCLING CENTRE (1RC), a comprehensive recycling hub that rewards shoppers with digital Green Points via a QR system on the 1 Utama SuperApp, the mall continues to innovate with digital solutions. The latest initiative is ForestONE, an innovative mobile app game developed by the mall – the first of its kind in Malaysia. ForestONE gamifies tree planting, allowing users to convert their earned Green Points from recycling at 1RC into virtual water through the app. This virtual water is then used to nurture and grow a virtual tree until it reaches maturity. For each in-game achievement, players receive an e-Tree Certificate, and in a remarkable commitment to sustainability, 1 Utama pledges to match and plant a real tree for every virtual tree cultivated. The introduction of ForestONE exemplifies 1 Utama's dedication to leveraging digitalization for both environmental consciousness and engaging shopper experiences.

*Officiated by YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability, the ForestONE launch event was attended by 1 Utama Director Tan Sri Teo Chiang Kok together with ForestONE sustainability advisor GreenRE and Zero Waste Malaysia where all representatives engaged in a symbolic tree planting ceremony.

*YB Nik Nazmi, accompanied by Tan Sri Teo, also officiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of 1RECYCLING CENTRE, marking the official opening of 1 Utama's innovative one-stop recycling hub. The hub seamlessly integrates technology, sustainability, and rewards into a singular recycling solution, empowering shoppers to actively champion zero-waste lifestyles.


*Dr. Francis Ng, the renowned consultant botanist for 1 Utama, meticulously curated the tree selection in ForestONE based on their capacity to absorb increased carbon from the air. In addition to monitoring the cumulative amount of CO2 sequestered per tree within the game, players can visit their adopted trees, identified by their name and e-Tree Certificate number, at various locations, including the Arboretum, Central Park, and throughout Bandar Utama.


ForestONE presents an array of captivating features that empower players to design their personalized forest, complete with diverse themes and landscapes. Moreover, players can embark on missions to earn bonus water, nurturing their friends' trees in a friendly leaderboard to enhance overall tree growth. The game also introduces Surprise Trees for redeeming in-app gifts.

  • Craft Your Dream Forest: Customize ForestONE with different themes and landscapes to build your ideal forest.
  • Discover Surprise Trees: Keep an eye out for Surprise Trees released under 'Tree Selection' for planting.
  • Redeem In-App Rewards: Enjoy the benefits of in-app redemption, including Eco-gifts and shopping E-vouchers.
  • Unlock Missions: Earn free water and boost tree growth by completing missions within the game.
  • Daily Check-ins: Receive extra bonus water by checking in daily for 7 consecutive days.
  • Invite Friends: Enhance the gaming experience by inviting friends to play and mutually water each other's trees.

"Keep your gardening game strong with ForestONE."


1. Download and Log In:

  • Get started by downloading the latest version of 1 Utama's mobile SuperApp.
  • Log in with an active ONECARD account.
  • Tap on the 'Green' icon and select 'ForestONE Game' to begin your gaming experience.

 2. Initiate Tree Planting:

  • Embark on your tree planting journey by choosing a seedling from a selection of rare indigenous Malaysian Trees.

3. Virtual Watering and Nurturing:

  • Fill up your watering can with virtual water, converted from Green Points.
  • Use the water to nurture and care for your seedling until it matures into a full-grown tree.

4. Completion of Growth Stages:

  • Successfully complete all growth stages, progressing from Level 1 to Level 4.

Earn an e-Tree Certificate under 'My Forest,' and 1 Utama will plant a real tree on your behalf to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Track Progress and Achievements:

  • Monitor the amount of CO2 sequestered and the number of trees planted in your 'Profile' section.
  • The more you engage with the game, the more trees you can cultivate, allowing you to achieve your environmental goals. 


1 Utama leads in sustainability with its Platinum GreenRE Green Building provisional certification, awarded in December 2023. Key initiatives include:

  • Pioneering Ice and Chilled Water Storage Systems to save 30% electricity.
  • Building Automation System optimizing energy use for lights, escalators, and more.
  • On-site Solar Photovoltaic and BIPV panels generating sustainable energy.
  • Rainwater Harvesting System reducing treated water demand by 30%.

Other efforts involve LED lights, 1RECYCLING CENTRE for diverse recyclables, and digitalizing the SuperApp with a CO2 Tracker and Green Points Rewards System. W.I.S.E manages 4,000kg of daily food waste into organic fertilizer.

1 Utama provides Electric Charging Stations, pedestrian bridges to BU MRT Station, and green tourism attractions like a 4-storey Rainforest enclave and The Secret Garden – Southeast Asia's largest rooftop garden with 1,600 tonnes of biochar soil for carbon sequestration.