The Daily MAG Show - Getting To Know KL Wellness City

At the forefront of wellness and healthcare, KL Wellness City will be the first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare.

Pioneering a comprehensive ecosystem embodying healthcare and wellness living, KL Wellness City’s concept is uniquely modelled by its declaration to redefining, strengthening, and broadening our experience of health and quality of life.

Sharing in this vision of building a 360-degree wellness hub, the KL Wellness City community will boast an International Tertiary Hospital, medical specialist suites, innovation laboratories, clinical R&D facilities, healthcare company office towers, retirement resort, healthcare hub, wellness-centric serviced apartments, fitness-based central park, and more. Serving as a healthcare nexus, these pivotal elements collectively render KL Wellness City the ultimate one-stop oasis for the body and the mind

On The Daily MAG Show today, MAG speaks to Dato Dr Colin Lee, the Managing Director of KL Wellness City Sdn Bhd about how they came to be, their goals and their role to be a comprehensive, synergistic health and wellness hub in the country and subsequently the region and the world.