R&B songstress Nadhira speaks about her latest single Kau Selalu Ada on AFO LIVE

2018 was a rather silent year for Nadhira. However, in this time of silence, she realigned, refined and redefined what it meant to be an artiste in the industry here in Malaysia. 

Almost a year later, the solitude gave birth to ‘Kau Selalu Ada’, a dual-language neo-soul track fused a taste of the Nusantara sound. The track features a 16-bar breakdown where popular rapper, B-Heart, a protégé to the legendary ‘Malique of Too Phat’ can be heard ‘spittin’ bars’ as how the hip-hop community would call it.

‘I wanted to write a song that depicts what I truly seek for in love; a two-way love affair, sung mainly in my mother tongue. I wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect it to my art, in both language because I’ve never done anything like this before. This is the me now. I really love hip-hop and R&B so the way this came together perfectly really represents who I am right now’, says Nadhira.

On Friday, MAG speaks to Nadhira about her latest single on Friday. So come listen in LIVE!