International Women's Day with Cheryl Ann Fernando on AFO LIVE

It's International Women's Day on the 8th March and this Wednesday MAG celebrates it with an outstanding woman, Cheryl Ann Fernando. 

City girl Cheryl Ann Fernando, was once a PR consultant and one day discovered that she loved teaching more than doing PR and so, in 2013, she joined Teach for Malaysia, a non-profit NGO that sources and trains volunteer teachers who will then be based at rural and/or underperforming schools under a two-year contract.

Under Teach for Malaysia, she was trained for eight weeks with many different teaching strategies such as how to engage with the students, how to plan and how to make things interesting... and those became her tactics to deploy in her classroom.

After her training, she was then sent to SMK Pinang Tunggal, Kedah. There she was challenged with illiteracy and poverty, but Cheryl persevered through it all, helping the children to form a choral speaking team  which went on to become a top qualifier at a district-level choral speaking competition.

Cheryl's story caught the attention of film director and producer, Eric Ong and Jason Chong and they made a movie of her journey and on Wednesday MAG speaks to Cheryl about her experiences and celebrates her as a female icon!