Diana Chan, MasterChef Australia Season 9 Winner on AFO LIVE

Picture from Food4BetterHealth

MasterChef Australia Season 9 crowned its winner last week, and she was none other than Malaysian born and raised, Diana Chan. 

Diana, 29, is the youngest of three children. Diana grew up in Johor Bahru with her parents who cooked traditional home meals, and also experimented with other cuisines. Diana appreciated and loved food growing up in Malaysia, but it was when she moved to Australia at the age of 19 that her passion grew. 

Falling in love with the produce of her local Melbourne food markets, Diana says she never knew food could look so beautiful, and fresh, organic, sustainable food so readily available. It’s that love of food she hopes to parlay into her dream of opening a fresh and casual dining restaurant, inspired by Sweetgreen and Dig Inn, venues she found and fell in love with while travelling through New York City. 

On Monday, join MAG as she speaks to Diana Chan about her journey on MasterChef Australia on AFO LIVE at 12noon