Come Together! A Live Tribute To The Beatles

More than just a band, The Beatles are a musical phenomenon considered to be a cornerstone of global pop culture and have been the soundtrack of the past millennium 

Exclusively at TGV Cinemas this July 5th, 6th and 7th, experience a larger-than-life concert tribute featuring genre-bending re-imaginings of the Beatles favourites featuring the musical stylings of  ARJUNA, Muzza, Gerard Singh, Joy Victor and Elvira Arul in Lakefront Xperience's pioneering live surround sound technology. 

Delve into the workings that bring together the worlds of live music performances, crystal-clear digital projection technology and the stunning capabilities of cinema surround sound, to create a concert-going atmosphere unlike any other.

Come Together! A Live Tribute To The Beatles is going to be an experience that you'll never forget to head to to get your tickets today! 

On Friday MAG speaks to Kabir Arif Sultan, the General Manager of Marketing and Operations of TGV Cinemas and Gerard Singh, singer-songwriter and one of the performers at the Come Together! A Live Tribute To The Beatles. 

Don't forget to Listen LIVE!