Suzanne Low brand new single - [Endlessly]

Suzanne Low (born 17, May 1997) is 24 years old this year. She was born in Penang and started her singing career since 17 years old by performing in live gigs and show case.

Suzanne is a Soul-R&B singer, influenced by a few legendary singer such as Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Dato’ Sheila Majid, she loves music at a very young age. Her vocal tone is unique, luscious and warm that makes her stands out among others. She has released 2 singles in Taiwan back in 2019 - “Old Sofa” and “Letters on Sand”. She has also made it to Top 10 finalist of “Sing! China” & “The Voice Malaysia” Competition in 2018.

In 2020, Suzanne left her hometown of Penang and moved to Kuala Lumpur in order to get closer to her dream of singing. However, in the second month of the move, the city was locked down due to the pandemic, which also disrupted the plan to release a record. This year, she is well prepared and going to release an EP consists of 6 songs.

The first single is trilingual (Malay, English & Mandarin version) to be released simultaneously in conjunction with the coming Valentine’s Day.

Malaysia's First Trilingual R&B Single(Malay, English & Mandarin Versions)11th Feb Launched Simultaneously Worldwide. The melody, lyrics, music arrangement and production of this song are all tailor-made for Suzanne, to let her fully express the emotions with her superb soulful voice. The song was composed by Yu Heng (Award Winning Singer-songwriter), Malay lyrics by SlenFadzil (Award Winning Lyricist and Former Entertainment Editor of NSTP & ASTRO), English lyric by JJ Neo while Mandarin lyric by San San. 

The song is produced by Yu Heng and JimBo. In order to complete the recording, Suzanne went into the studio to record songs during the day, and continued to perform in live house at night. Since Suzannehas been exposed to music in various languages since she was a child, it is not difficult to challenge three languages, but different languages have different ways of expressing emotions. The same song was eventually recorded and sung no less than a hundred times, but she was dedicated and did not feel exhausted at all. The song progresses layer by layer with the rich arrangement, and under the powerful and warm interpretation of Suzanne, it is detailed and profound, and it is heartwarming. This Valentine's Day, let’s loop this single – “Endlessly” together!

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