lullaboy Blazes a Trail For Misfits In His Latest Single “cool”.

Indonesian-Singaporean hitmaker lullaboy, returns to the scene with a hymn for the nonconforming, titled “cool” - his second single of 2023.

Not a stranger to SEA-Pop, this Berklee College of Music alumni has garnered over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has toured over multiple countries across Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia). His success in the SEA-Pop industry has reached heights far beyond his humble beginnings as a YouTube bedroom-cover artist, where he nurtured a burgeoning community of adoring listeners.

A coming-of-age story, ‘cool’ is the zenith of lullaboy’s beliefs and life values. Hiding brutally honest lyrics in a poised and effortless, synth-ridden cruise of a track, lullaboy creates an anthem for anyone tired of trying to “fit in” just to be accepted by the world. lullaboy lyrically enumerates characteristics of the played-out bravado of the self-sabotaging, peer-pleasing, and carnage-romanticizing youth - the antithesis of what he stands for. He leads the track with a message that shines a light on anyone lost on the path to appeal to the idea of being “cool”. An encouraging message for the misfits, he beckons them to remain grounded in their path, to not be swayed by the pressure of changing themselves, and to stay true to who they are.

“The more my career and journey evolves, the more I’ve begun to realise that nothing is more important than following your heart and staying true to who you are,” he says.“cool” was produced by Jacob Attwooll (who’s other credits include Dua Lipa, NCT127, TXT, Enhypen) and co-writer Ricky Manning (who's credits include Carlie Hanson, Lennon Stella, and Why Don't We) and it serves as a reminder that in a society where we’re supposed to be something, just be yourself.

“With more young adults now struggling to find themselves, I hope this song empowers listeners to embrace their uniqueness and love themselves”, he concludes.“cool” also marks his third single release under RedRecords following his success with “Shortcut To Heaven” and “van gogh”, available now for downloads on iTunes and streaming websites such as Apple Music, Deezer, JOOX music, KKBox, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.