lost spaces Releases Follow-Up Focus Single Titled “DOMO (dancing on my own)”

Fresh off playing at Sunnydays Festival 2022 to supporting Ramengvrl on the Kuala Lumpur leg of her Asia Tour, and rocking out with the Midnight Fusic boys at their recent sold out showcase, lost spaces has properly announced his return and is back with a UK House inspired indie synth-pop banger titled “DOMO (dancing on my own)”. Following up his first single “daydream”, which achieved 130,000 streams in the first month of its release, “DOMO (dancing on my own)” is a fresh but familiar sound lost spaces fans have come to expect from the indie-pop artist.

From working record winning producers like The Chief, Kuszanagi from Breaking Music, R&B songstress JAIE in his first record “no-vacancy” lost spaces has grown into a solid producer on his own, fully producing and writing the next few projects. With “DOMO (dancing on my own)” Sam Lopez; his actual given name, teams up with long time friend Kuszanagi to create this ‘dancey’ track which will get you tapping your feet and dancing in no time.

DOMO (dancing on my own) was a song written from a place of losing the person that Sam saw at the time as the love of his life to circumstance and distance. “I really zoned in on the feeling of hurt and loss with this one & put it into a piece of art” explained Sam while talking about the song. From singing about his past lover with fondness and warmth in the verses and then progresses to the lines “this tragedy, our love the casualty, how do I ever let you go”, Sam takes you on a journey of joy, sadness and loneliness in the full 3 minutes of the song.

The hook “I’m dancing on my own, chasing sunsets all alone” alludes to how Sam’s way to cope is to create a track that captures the best of the relationship but at the same time telling the story of despair and loss of that happiness & the loneliness that follows.

The composition & production of the track was purposefully written upbeat to juxtapose the sad nature of the lyrics. “I got my mate Kuszanagi on board to add some lil’ cool layers, textures & harmonies that really elevated the song, especially in the chorus and bridge! That guy is a production wizard for sure.” explained Sam.

“This track was definitely influenced by sounds from UK House, Garage & Synth Chill Wave this indie-pop centred track was built on electronic sounds with band fundamentals. I was listening to alot of Kaytranada, Disclosure and Tourist at the time while writing the song, I think it shows in the track with me putting a band- styled spin to that sound which emerged as my own. I’m very proud of that.” shared Sam about the production process of the song. The track emerges as a dancy sad bop with heartfelt emotions, making you wanna cry, dance and cry while having the song repeat on song again & again.

DOMO (dancing on my own)


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