On changing the band's name, frontman Paddy Ong explains:

"It felt like a good time to do so, with the new music we have, a change in band line-up and it being a while since our last release. The new name feels like it fits us for who we are now and the music that we will be playing moving forward; a marker for the next chapter of our musical journey."

Known for their lush electronic textures, eclectic dance grooves merged with the pop sensibilities of guitar-driven indie music, Singapore's indie-pop sensation Club Mild (formerly known as M1LDL1FE) has consistently pushed the boundaries and continues to redefine their musical identity. In the midst of major shifts, the band emerges stronger than ever as they unveil their latest single, "Sun Gazer", released via indie label Where Are The Fruits. The track delves deep into the universal themes of regret and the overwhelming sensation of facing one's own mortality. Listen here: 

Titled "Sun Gazer", the dynamic track explores Nietzschean existentialism, weaving a tapestry of introspection that resonates on multiple levels. This indie pop anthem combines vivid lyrical metaphors with funk guitars and pulsating electronic beats - a musical ode to facing mortality, embracing meaninglessness, and the overwhelming power of being the author of your own life.

With a chorus that beckons, "I wanna go back and undo the things I’ve done", the song captures the sentiment of being paralyzed by the weight of past mistakes. But amidst this introspection lies a spark of hope, a yearning to transcend the confines of regret and find forgiveness within. Just when you think you've unravelled the song's intricate layers, "Sun Gazer'' undergoes metamorphosis, transporting the listener to a dancefloor where electronic pulses and textures mirror the heartbeat of existential contemplation.

The group has undergone significant changes to their sound and lineup, including the rebranding of its name from M1LDL1FE and bidding farewell to one of its members, Jeryl. The band is now a trio with bassist David Siow, guitarist Tan Peng Sing and Paddy Ong as their front-man. These transformations signify a new chapter in their musical journey, with "Sun Gazer" serving as the first instalment of what's to come.

Of the new track, Paddy shares, "The working title for this song was actually “Jeryl’s House”, so it feels like a nice send-off for him as we part ways."

It's evident that Club Mild doesn't shy away from exploring and bending genres while staying true to their own signature sound. Peng Sing explains, "A lot of the lead lines in the second half of the song were inspired by house and techno music, so it was just a matter of translating that into our own sound. We had a lot of fun layering and making my guitar sound like a synthesizer."

David elaborates, "When we envisioned playing this song live, we envisioned taking the audience on a journey with us - first to feel good dancing to the song whilst contemplating bad life choices, then getting down and dirty with us in the second half of the song and truly letting loose."

The band has had numerous successes throughout their career. From their debut EP 'PAIRS' to their hit singles "In Your Arms" and "Ariel" which were followed by their sophomore EP 'M1LDL1FE', they have continued to win over new fans and music critics alike. They've garnered praise from media across Asia and even in the UK from DORK and Clash Magazine.

They've performed on stages across Southeast Asia, China, and Spain and have opened for international acts like Last Dinosaurs, Ginger Root and Death Cab for Cutie.

Club Mild are set to release their debut album in the fourth quarter of 2024, with their sights set on touring and collaborating internationally. Stay tuned for more updates.


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