Up and coming Balinese singer/songwriter, Assia Keva, channelled her emotions of pain, sadness, loneliness, and disappointment into her latest single, "Cool Me Down". The song, released today is the third single by the songstress so far. 

The 18-year-old musician shares, the story behind "Cool Me Down" is about an individual who feels like an outsider and doesn't fit in with their surroundings. The song speaks to the feeling of being the odd one out, like an "ugly duckling."

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"The person in the story is actually myself," shared Assia Keva. "Cool Me Down’ is a very personal and intimate reflection of my own experiences. I believe that my pursuit of music represents my rebellious spirit, and I could genuinely see it in their eyes that it is
something they don’t want me to pursue, yet here I am writing a song about it," she added.

The single "Cool Me Down" stands apart from Assia Keva's previously released tracks, "Goodbye" (July 2022) and "Only You" (September 2022), in terms of sound and beats. In collaboration with her producers Kanhaiya and Bam George, Assia Keva ventured into exploring the different sides of R&B music while still staying within its bounds.

"With this single, I aim to showcase a different side of myself, something that is more sensitive and vulnerable. At the same time, I wanted to embrace elements of my Indian heritage into the music. That is why I had infused traditional Indian instruments like the sitar and the gamaka which are an integral part of Indian music," said Keva.

Assia Keva described working with Kanhaiya and Bam George as a very pleasant experience.

"Collaborating with Kanhaiya and Bam George doesn't feel like working. They are like my second family as well as my mentors in this music industry. Both producers were incredibly patient and supportive while I worked on my debut album, even when there were setbacks that caused delays in the recording process," she said.

Following the release of "Cool Me Down," Assia Keva will turn her attention back to completing her first mini-album, set to be released in mid-2023. She hopes that her music will resonate with listeners and provide a sense of comfort, letting them know that they are not alone in their experiences and emotions.

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