Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One introduce their latest stores, infusing MyTOWN Shopping Centre with a blend of conscious living and fashion-forward elegance.

Under the umbrella of the Sacoor Group, Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One have triumphantly inaugurated their fourth and third stores respectively in Malaysia, situated within MyTOWN Shopping Centre. These openings are integral to the group's ambitious expansion strategy across Southeast Asia. The adjacent stores unveil an ingenious shop-in-shop concept, affording patrons a seamless avenue to explore the rich spectrum of offerings from both labels.

This innovative approach harmoniously merges the unique assortments of each brand, culminating in an unparalleled shopping journey. Hugo Carriço, the Chief Executive Officer of Sacoor Group, shared, "The introduction of the shop-in-shop concept marks a trailblazing method to showcase both brands in tandem. This fluid arrangement empowers customers to navigate between Sacoor Blue's adaptable casual ensembles and Sacoor One's polished formal wear. Both brands cater to an array of preferences, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive shopping encounter under one roof."

While the stores share a physical connection, the distinct philosophies, apparel selections, and interior designs of each brand shine through, providing a glimpse into the unique Sacoor universe. Take Sacoor Blue, for instance, which strives to resonate with individuals who champion eco-conscious causes and mindful consumption. Through its collection of enduring, premium essentials, the brand not only promotes lasting quality but also inspires patrons to embrace sustainable decisions and adopt a more dynamic way of life.

On a different note, Sacoor One is tailored to individuals in search of daring fashion and cutting-edge ensembles, fostering uniqueness and self-assertion. The brand takes immense pride in offering an extensive array of both casual and formal attire, enabling patrons to discover their ideal match, the epitome of "the One," that harmonizes flawlessly with their distinctive preferences and aspirations.

The occasion witnessed a harmonious convergence of these two vibrant and youthful brands, orchestrating an immersive affair featuring numerous engaging stations for guests' delight, all carefully imbued with eco-conscious sensibilities. This mirrors the brands' unwavering dedication to hosting more youthful and interactive events and initiatives in the times to come.

Sacoor Blue: Embrace Nature, Embrace Simplicity

Sacoor Blue draws its inspiration from the tranquil vistas of South Portugal and the surging trend of individuals yearning for a more uncomplicated and harmonious way of existence. The brand's ethos urges consumers to rediscover their connection with nature and adopt a more laid-back lifestyle.

Stepping into the store's interior, one is greeted by the influences of rustic countryside abodes, exuding a soothing ambiance. Enriched with wooden accents, lively green foliage, and inviting rattan chairs, the store elements exude an earthy sensibility, offering a shopping experience that's both grounded and picture-perfect for social media.

Engineered to facilitate effortless living, Sacoor Blue's clothing line employs premium materials, perfectly suited for everyday wear and effortless mix-and-match versatility. Among the adaptable pieces on offer are cozy loungewear, playful T-shirts, and impeccably tailored suits — all meticulously crafted in Portugal with a keen eye on environmental mindfulness.

Sacoor One: Your Style, Your Statement

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant lifestyle of a young urbanite in the heart of New York City, Sacoor One embodies a men's clothing line that pulsates with metropolitan flair. Guided by the conviction that every individual should radiate audacity, uniqueness, and an unwavering penchant for standing out, Sacoor One emboldens patrons to liberate themselves from conventional norms and use their attire as a medium for self-expression.

The Sacoor One store experience acts as a bridge between refined formality and carefree leisure, manifesting as a haven for those who relish the art of embracing life to the fullest. Its interior design, reminiscent of a Soho loft envisioned by a young man's aspirations, features walls adorned with a basketball hoop, skateboards, and surfboards, generating a visually captivating backdrop that's both Instagram-worthy and fosters an atmosphere of adventure and playfulness suitable for the contemporary gentleman.

Centered on innovative essentials and sleek, tailored designs, Sacoor One empowers its wearers to exude their distinctiveness with unwavering confidence. Whether for a formal affair or a laid-back escapade, Sacoor One seamlessly infuses effortless elegance, etching itself as the quintessential go-to menswear brand for the modern man. From stylish polos to vibrant suits to trendy sportswear, this curated collection, meticulously crafted in Portugal, caters to every conceivable need.

Explore the latest offerings of Sacoor Blue and Sacoor One, now accessible on the Ground Floor, at Lot 040 & 041, within MyTOWN Shopping Centre.