KL Wellness City – Healthcare Developer in Malaysia Advocates for a Healthy and Fun Festive Celebration

In line with KL Wellness City’s corporate philosophy of redefining wellness; KL Wellness City (KLWC) recognises the importance of cultivating a community that prioritises well-being, especially among the younger generation. KLWC, as a healthcare developer is thrilled to announce the launch of SongkranMY 2023, a water-splashing festival inspired by Thailand’s Songkran festival. This event is KLWC’s  first participation in bringing this international festivity locally, and by adding local performances to the festivities, KLWC aims to promote the local entertainment industry, providing opportunities for the youth to showcase their talents, and fostering a sense of pride in the international’s festivity locally.

“As a healthcare developer, we recognise the importance of fostering healthy habits among young people. By providing opportunities for them to participate in wellness activities, we hope to instill healthy practices that will benefit them for years to come. We believe that a healthy community is a happy community, and we remain committed to advocating for activities that promote wellness and a balanced lifestyle.” said Dato’ Sri Vincent Tiew, Executive Director of KL Wellness City.

The Nobel Healthcare Park, is the first-of-its-kind medical and wellness hub that will revolutionize the way medical professionals operate and manage their practices, as well as the way people live and reside, incorporating longevity and wellness in their daily lives. The ultimate goal is to make Malaysia the top destination for medical tourism and to set a new standard for hospitality, living and medical care through KLWC, as stated by Tiew.

As a community that is dedicated to promoting healthy and fun festivities by bringing the spirit and the essence of the activity to Malaysia, SongkranMy will be held right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at the KL Wellness City, Bukit Jalil on 15th April 2023. The event organised by Ebakz Sports is in collaboration with KL Wellness City, Gear UP and Kbox, who share the same vision and objective of promoting wellness and activities for youngsters and youths in Malaysia by providing a stage for these talented people to showcase themselves. It is with honor to have Mr. Shahrin Mokhtar, the Director, Package Development Division, Tourism Malaysia and Mohd Hedzri Mohd Sobbri, the Senior Tourism Officer, Package Development Division, Tourism Malaysia representing the Director General of Tourism joining for the media launch. 

This is the first year adopting this festivity where we will add scenes of local performances to promote local entertainment industry especially the youngsters and youth. Believe in wellness activities are key in to a healthy lifestyle and we wish to provide our future stars to start young. Water activities will be a good icebreaker and bonding platform for them to enjoy a good lifestyle weekend therefore KL Wellness City in Bukit Jalil will be the place to be.

The Event will have 3 Zones which is the Wet Zone, Party Zone and Feed Zone. 

Wet Zone is where all the games and activities where you will get wet and wild. Have fun, have laughter but have mercy on young children and senior citizens. Remember, safety is the best priority to having good fun. 

Party Zone is the place where all performances will be held. There will be plenty of performances to keep you moving to the beat. Impress your friends with your dance move. 

Feed Zone is where you can feed your stomach, feed your soul and replenish or upgrade your weapons and enjoy some shopping spree with lucrative discounts and promotions. 

SongkranMy will comprise of 2 sessions, Fun Hour from 10am to 2pm and Party Hour will start from 6pm until 10pm. Ticket will be sold at RM 150 for adults and RM 80 for students (processing fee excluded). Both category ticket holders are entitled to entry pass for both Fun Hour session & Party Hour session.

Hypergear, Vanilla Crepe, Wondrous, Vsing, DaLongYi Hotpot, Bangkok to Buriram, Nice-Style are some of the partners that will be promoting their prestigious brands and products while you get wet and enjoying yourselves. The strategy partner Champion Group and supporting partners MRCA Youth, BNC, SME Malaysia and World Gourmet also jumped in the band wagon to strengthen the vision and objective. 

Please visit Ticket2U HERE to purchase your ticket.

For more info on the SongkranMY, please do not hesitate to contact Sabrina at 016-2613166